Inflamed (Shadow Riders MC, #1)

Their Worlds Collided Like A Pair Of Rocket Ships In Midair Eight Years Ago, Mia Sullivan Was Known In And Around Her Small Town Just Outside Of Crescent Beach, Florida As The Good Girl The Preacher S Kid The One Who Never Stayed Out Late, Always Turned In Her Homework On Time And Never, Ever Said A Word In Front Of Anyone Else That She Couldn T Say In Front Of Her Parent S First She Didn T Drink She Didn T Smoke And Sex Before Marriage Was Completely Off The Table Her World Was Perfect Her Life Plans Were Laid Out In Front Of Her Everything Was Set In Place Until One Night With The Wrong Man Sent A Girl Well On Her Way To The Top Of The Hill, Sinking Straight Down To The Bottom Of The River Like A Stone.Eight Years Ago, Jacob River Hawkins Was Just A Man Looking To Finally Catch A Break In His Life Born Into A World Of Drugs, Booze, Sex And Bikes, He Had Long Ago Given Up On His Dream Of Winning The UFC World Championship Title After Snapping His Opponent S Neck During A Staged Cage Fight As A Result, His Mother Encouraged Him To Finally Become An Official Member Of The Only Family He Ever Knew Growing Up, The Shadow Riders MC A Few Years In Was All It Took Before He Was Made VP And Forced To Help Make Decisions About A Club That While Saving Him From The Streets, Was Also Draining Away Parts Of His Soul Day By Day Parts He Never Thought He D Get Back Until The Morning He Found A Girl Almost Half His Age Beaten, Broken And Laying Half Dead Right Outside His Club Eight Years Ago Changed The Course Of Two Lives Forever, Connecting Two Souls That Never Believed In Needing Someone Else Until They Had A Need For Each Other Neither Of Them Knew Just How Much That Need Would Eventually Turn To Lust, Followed By Love Neither Of Them Knew Just How Much That Kind Of Love Would Almost Destroy Them Both.Inflamed (Shadow Riders MC, #1)

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Inflamed (Shadow Riders MC, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Kiki Leach author readers around the world.

[Epub] ↠ Inflamed (Shadow Riders MC, #1)  Author Kiki Leach –
  • Paperback
  • 744 pages
  • Inflamed (Shadow Riders MC, #1)
  • Kiki Leach
  • English
  • 10 September 2018
  • 9781530647576

10 thoughts on “Inflamed (Shadow Riders MC, #1)

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    EVERYTHING IS AWFULSeriously, what did I just read This is the dumbest shit I ve ever read in my life Mind you, I ve actually read Mein Kampf , and I can unequivocally say that HITLER is a better writer And trust me that he wrote as well as he painted Seriously In this book, EVERYTHING IS AWFUL.This story is an overall hot mess, and for some reason I stuck around until the end Everything in this was breaking in half thanks to our Neanderthal hero This dude broke 2 bottles, 1 plate, 2 shelves, 2 3 door frames, 4 phones, 2 tables, 1 pool table including the legs, the Earth itself, and I know I m missing Even worse, bikers just sounded like Juggalos This group of Juggalos on bikes ARE NOTHING like real MCs Seriously, no one curses like that The cursing was so unnatural and very awkward for normal sentenc...

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    3.5 StarsKiki Leach, the author of this book is kind enough to warn potential readers about the graphic nature of this book and strongly encourages potential readers to read the synopsis This is a hard core MC Story, so there is an excessive amount of foul language used throughout the story as well as graphic violence People die.8 years ago Blue finds the bruised and bloody body of a young black woman, she s been beaten and left for dead at their gate They do the right thing and take her to the hospital with no further contact until Mia again shows up at their gate looking very healthy, sexy and very much alive She survived her attack and so did her unborn baby she was carrying at the time Her ex boyfriend Ricky is the man that left her for dead and he s scheduled to be released from prison in two weeks Mia throws herself upon the mercy of River and the Shadow Riders for safety and in return she has evidence that can help them set the record straight on a house fire that killed adults and children Though no charges were ever filed, the strength of the accusation damaged their reputation and killed off their auto repair business So River sees helping her as an act of redemption and all he has to do is to convince the rest of the Shadow Riders.This story is about w...

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    Nope.I started out thinking I would like this But it went downhill for me and I began to skim.The plot surrounding the main characters became so Byzantine and murky that it just made me tired People monologued to death These are some of the talkingest bikers Jeez Late in the book, River, the hero, gets a frantic phone call from the wife of his President of his club She s sent him several 911 texts It is an emergency, she needs his help Does he rush out Well he does, but first he talks for about 20 some pages I was sure she d be dead by the time he got there.The heroine Mia suffers a really horrific personal trauma at the start of the book There is an eight year time jump so it makes sense that she is physically recovered from it And yet, as the book goes on I couldn t help but feel that the initial trauma was presented mostly for shock value to damsel her There is never any reference to her receiving any real counseling or how she recovered psychologically from it The personal trauma is instead transmuted into an issue of physical safety The villain is after her again and she wants to run away from him, but we are never treated to any insight into Mia s though process about how this is affecting her psychologically, no flashbacks, no PTSD, no nightsweatsnothing Her tormenter is ba...

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    Okay the thing is this this was rough like really really rough to get through and not even because of the content because of the language I am no prude at all and cursing doesn t bother me much at all but I am sure that I read over 3000 curse words with the main one being GD like okay curse a million times fine but did it have to be the repeated GD However though I am annoyed with it, it would be unfair for me to rate it low due to the language when there was a warning in place from the start I think next time the warning should be including over 3000 curse words could have been a less then 3k but felt like it to me Anywho the story line was rather interesting. kept me wanting I was a little shocked that they didn t make things official until 65% thought draws would drop sooner than that actually...

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    I ve left unrated and was a DNF, not my style of writing, even though MC s probably talk like this author portrays it seems to distract you from any storyline, I think it s because to create a good story lots of words needs to be used instead of th...

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    Review to follow

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    Light my fireThis was my first read by this author and I don t typically read the MC genre, but gave this one a try because I liked the sample I really enjoyed it and was glad that it was a longer read The storyline and characters had time to develop It was a good thing that the warning was printed in the beginning of the book because if it hadn t been you would be in for a shocked the amount of times that b h was used I really liked River and ho...

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    Best M.C book Wow, I have to say this was one of the best M.C books I have read I stumbled upon this book while looking in kindle unlimited and am so glad This book is a must read and is wonderfully written I loved how long it was and all the details that make you get los...

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    This is a MC s story that I can tolerate and I easily falling in love while reading it.Although its too long to read it and Im a fan of short read book but this story for me suprisingly didnt feel dragging With dialogues take...

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    RiverThis is a compelling book told by River MC Vice president and Mia who is looking for protection from an old problem Enjoyed the great characters in the book and looking forward to Blue book

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