Through Glass - Episode Nine (Through Glass #9)

BOOKS Through Glass Episode Nine Through Glass 9 Author Rebecca Ethington Something Is Changing Inside Of Lex, Something Is Shifting And Suddenly The World Looks Different No, The World Is Different Everything That Lex Has Been Warned About Seems To Be Unraveling Around Her, Like A Thread From A Wheel And Try As She Might To Control It, She Is Only Caught In It S Web As She Stands In The Shifting Space Of Her New Reality, She Must Chose Embrace It And Become What The World Has Made Her Or Fight It, And Hopefully Save Everything She Holds Dear Perhaps She Can Even Find Cohen If Only She Knew How Close He Was The Through Glass Novella Series Continues With The Sixth Episode In This Dark And Twisted Tale That Has Been Called Fantastically Dark And Hauntingly Twisted By Dark ReadsThrough Glass - Episode Nine (Through Glass #9)

Rebecca Ethington has been telling stories since she was small First, with writing crude scripts, and then on stage with years of theatrical performances The Imdalind Series is her first stint into the world of literary writing Rebecca is a mother to two, and wife to her best friend of 14 years She was born and raised in the mountains of Salt Lake City, and hasn t found the desire to leave yet

[Reading] ➶ Through Glass - Episode Nine (Through Glass #9)  Author Rebecca Ethington –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 79 pages
  • Through Glass - Episode Nine (Through Glass #9)
  • Rebecca Ethington
  • English
  • 28 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Through Glass - Episode Nine (Through Glass #9)

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    Best one yet, by far I cannot wait for the next one I just hate how sporadically they are released Ahhh I am dying here

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    This is it This book contains the answers I ve been waiting on Through Glass The Rose by Rebecca Ethington was originally published as three separate novellas Episodes 7 9 for those that have previously read the series and I have to admit these are my favorites of the series so far So many of my questions are answered in this book, granted it raises just as many questions as it answers Warning this is an intense read from start to finish Lex and Travis are finally on the move after their brief stay at the creepy kids house But they don t leave unscathed In fact, they leave a bit broken, both physically and spiritually The question now becomes can they make it to Briar Rose before Lex turns and if she turns will Travis kill her I was heartbroken for Travis As the reader we ve seen from Lex s perspective how protective and fearful Travis is of her In this book we find out why All of his suspicions about the Tar are confirmed with these kids Not only was I shocked, I was horrified at the outcome and then suddenly I understood Travis s fear for Lex.she s turning and it won t be long now.As Lex realizes Travis s fears, she begins to question herself Will she become like the boy Will she hurt Travis Where is Cohen Is it too late for him All of these questions bog Lex down in this book She is understandably scared, knowing that it shouldn t be normal for her to crave the dark, to fear the light, and then the whispers she is hearing It s enough...

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    This book for sure keep you up in high tension and alert all the time I think my heart jumped out of my chest several times actually I m even not sure I was able to put it right back on its place last time it did p You can t even read enough quick and sure ...

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    Chilling How could I not give this five stars Its definitely deserving of it Terrifying and bone chilling The monsters Rebecca has created are nothing but horrifying as I imagine them to be in my mind The story and our main character Alexis has evolved and changed and everything has gotten a bit in...

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    Wow this series just gets better and better Twists u don t see coming This author is amazing Can t wait to read what happens next Recommend to all

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    What The story just keeps getting better and better but I m a little confused, but it might just be me Can t wait to continue.

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    I liked the book but I felt as if it kind of dragged on The chase just kept going going I was getting a bit bored I can only stay on the edge so long before I wanna jump off.

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    Another installmentIt is another installment in a series that leaves you wanting to know what is next I am on the way to book 4 thanks to kindle unlimited.

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    EnthrallingThis series is addictive I m kept in suspense entirely, I can t wait for the next book I need to have my questions answered

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    A great readThe relationship of brother and sister, Lex and Travis is refreshing The scifi details all make for a great story.

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