The Hourglass Factory

Amid The Drama Of The Suffragette Movement In Edwardian London, The Disappearance Of A Famous Trapeze Artist In The Middle Of Her Act Leads A Young Fleet Street Reporter To An Underworld Of Circus Performers, Fetishists, And Society Columnists.London, 1912.The Suffragette Movement Is Reaching A Fever Pitch, And Inspector Frederick Primrose Is Hunting A Murderer On His Beat Across Town, Fleet Street Reporter Frances Frankie George Is Chasing An Interview With Trapeze Artist Ebony Diamond Frankie Finds Herself Fascinated By The Tightly Laced Acrobat And Follows Her To A Bond Street Corset Shop That Seems To Be Hiding Secrets Of Its Own When Ebony Diamond Mysteriously Disappears In The Middle Of A Performance, Frankie And Primrose Are Both Drawn Into The Shadowy World Of A Secret Society With Ties To Both London S Criminal Underworld And Its Glittering Socialites.How Did Ebony Vanish, Who Was She Afraid Of, And What Goes On Behind The Doors Of The Mysterious Hourglass Factory From Newsrooms To The Drawing Rooms Of High Society, The Investigation Leads Frankie And Primrose To A Murderous Villain With A Plot Deadly Than Anyone Could Have Imagined.The Hourglass Factory

I m a dance and fiction writer based in Edinburgh Many moons ago I studied English at the University of St Andrews, and later Shakespearean Studies at Kings College London and Shakespeare s Globe I then embarked on a strange and waggly career path organising parties at a boutique cinema in London, working for Al Jazeera television network, freelance writing while living in Spain, and later coord

[Ebook] The Hourglass Factory By Lucy Ribchester –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 513 pages
  • The Hourglass Factory
  • Lucy Ribchester
  • English
  • 23 February 2017

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    Wow there have been some good books coming out in 2015 and this one was breathtaking If you like history that is well researched, relatable characters that are complex a believable yet unlikable villain and complex understandings of issues woven together with fast paced plot, only the barest hint of maybe they are just friendsI think Then I heartily recommend this almost perfect book.It will broaden your mind as it takes you through lushly coloured but not tiresomely over explained settings There is some awful stuff in there, the suffragette man getting force fed in gaol made me actually burst into tears even though I was on the bus.That s the other thing, even though the book is about females who talk to females and interact with females and fight for females anyone want to apply a Bechdel test and some of the minor characters are horrid ...

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    This has taken me over a month to read, it was so hard going The worst of it is, though, that there is nothing i can point to to say this was bad , but at the same time, not much i can point to to say this was good It wasn t so exciting or engrossing that i wanted to pick it up to keep reading, but it wasn t so bad that i just wanted to give up altogether I wanted to have read it, i just didn t want to read it And in some ways, that s worse than just disliking a book enough to not finish it.The plot meandered, with the characters fumbling from one clue to the next, not really figuring anything out until it was put right in front of their noses And never actually finding the missing Ebony instead she finds them The end culminates in action packed fashion, but mostly i didn t care, unfortunately.There was just so much to like about th...

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    2 stars might be harsh It s an interesting time period 1914 London and concept murder mystery wrapped in women s suffrage movement but it was unnecessarily long and complicated, filled with characters who were never fully developed So much potential, unrealized.

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    This is historical fiction with a mystery and lots of action I really liked it.Set in 1912 in London Frankie George is an up and coming reporter trying to make her way in a man s world She is tasked with getting a profile of suffragettes, specifically Ebony Diamond a trapeze artist who is causing havoc.She s a bit resentful of this until Ebony goes missing and it all gets a bit dangerous two people have been murdered and Ebony is in danger.With the help of unlikely allies Frankie delves deeper to solve the mystery, torn between a fantastic scoop and telling the truth in the face of adversity.I liked the characters Frankie took a while to warm up to as she is tempestuous and arrogant but we got there and the story moved at an excellent pace I wasn t as keen on the sections from Inspector Primrose but they did add an extra insight to the story...

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    From time to time you come across a book that is a real gem A book that firstly you have a good feeling about and secondly, this good feeling turns out to be right A book where everything fits together perfectly characters, background, plot, writing style And I m happy to report that The Hourglass Factory is such a book It s a debut novel by Lucy Ribchester, and it is an awesome debut, I wouldn t say that it is her first book as it s written in such a confident, clever, sharp writing style And the book landed on my doorstep wrapped in The London Evening Gazette What a lovely, brilliant idea London 1912 A young journalist Frankie George is determined to make a name for herself in a world dominated by men Unfortunately, she s sent again on doing a portrait of Ebony Diamond, a trapeze artist But things don t go according to Frankie s plan When a woman identified as Ebony is found murdered, Frankie sees that it s not Miss Diamond and is determined to find her She follows her to a show in a circus, but Ebony disappears from the scene in the middle of her trapeze performance Frankie is sure that Ebony is in danger and so she sets on finding her again, which leads her to the world of circus, suffragettes, corsets, murders, unexpected new friends and many, many dark secrets Is she going to find Ebony in time And who is really in danger And who is the real murderer The Hourglass Factory is set...

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    We re not long into 2015 but I know this is going to be on my top reads this year My review won t do The Hourglass Factory justice I ve always been interested in the Suffragettes since doing a project on Emmeline Pankhurst at school and The Hourglass Factory gives this life One scene in the dock made an impression on me How archaic it all seems through the eyes of today Travelling around with Frankie on foot gave me plenty of opportunities to visualise society and how it may have been The show at The Coliseum was brilliant and of course the intrigue of Ebony s disappearance I enjoyed the format A third person narrative through the majority of the story switches from Frankie to DI Primrose which kept me engaged and eager to turn the pages I usually finish a reading session at the end of a chapter which was really hard to do with The Hourglass Factory as I scanned the start of the next chapter and then became hooked in and just had to carry on All the leads are fabulous and so are the secondary characters Frankie is impulsive, impetuous and stubborn When she s knocked down she s not deterred but keeps on fighting I loved her ...

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    I honestly adored this book I wasn t sure what to expect going in as I mainly picked it up for its cover, but it was wonderful The Hourglass Factory is set in 1912 London amid the suffragette movement It follows a reporter called Frankie George Frankie is trying her best to impress her boss at the newspaper and get some proper reporting jobs When he asks her to do a portrait on a famous trapeze artist and suffragette called Ebony Diamond, Frankie accepts What she ends up getting involved in is a complex murder mystery involving Ebony, the suffragettes, an exotic snake dancer, a corset maker and a dangerous plot We also see some chapters from the POV of a police officer called Primrose who is working on the suffragette division There are so many parts to this book and so many places the corset shop, the hourglass factory, the exotic clubs, Fleet Street, London pubs, luxurious abodes and less than luxurious ones , the houses of Parl...

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    Alright, by read I mean read halfway through, got really bored and read the last chapter In places, the plot moves quickly in other places, it sludges along like treacle I think my problem was really that I didn t feel any sort of connection to the characters Ebony Diamond meh Frankie meh with a side of irritating Primrose yeah, liked him well enough Pr...

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    Vivid with a strong sense of place

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    Disappointing I was expecting circus antics I enjoyed lots of the characters but the most interesting ones spent most of the book absent or dead.I can t comment on the historic accuracy but the scientific fact checking left a lot to be desired, especially in regards to nitrocellulose To put on my chemist hat for a moment view spoiler Yes there may be nitrocellulose in the ink in a pack of cards but this does not gunpowder make and the number of cards you d need to make a bomb, it s ridiculous Nitrocellulose gun cotton, which is the substance that Frankie suddenly and easily acquired lots of to make the flash for her photos, if they wanted nitrocellulose I f...

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