Unspoken (Heal Me, #1.5)

My First Rule Of Business Never Mix It With Pleasure Ever One Unexpected Encounter With A New Employee And That Fundamental Rule Was Forgotten With A Single Touch, Kara Collins Obliterated The Order Of My Disciplined Life, Forcing Me To Question Everything I Believed In Intuition Told Me I Needed Her, Ensuring I Couldn T Forget My Second Rule Trust My Instincts Always Unspoken Takes Us Back To The First Meeting Between Nate Blake And Kara Collins, Retold From His POV This Short, Sexy Tease Provides Insight Into The Mind Of This Passionate, Powerful And Utterly Addictive Man You Can Discover About Nate In The Full Length Novel Salvation Heal Me Series, Book 1 , Then Prepare For The Thrilling Conclusion To Nate And Kara S Story In Forgiven Heal Me Series Book 2 Release Date TBA Unspoken Can Be Read On Its Own, Or As Part Of The Heal Me Series This Is A Bonus Short Story With No Spoilers FREE To Download From All Major Ebook Retailers Warning This Work Of Fiction Is Intended For Mature Audiences Over The Age Of 18 Due To Explicit Content Parental Reader Discretion Is Advised.Unspoken (Heal Me, #1.5)

Me Series Published Salvation Heal Me, 1 Unspoken A Short Story Heal Me, 1.5 In the Works Forgiven Heal Me, 2 Temptation Heal Me, 3 Untitled Heal Me, 4 Slow Dance a full length standalone

[Ebook] Unspoken (Heal Me, #1.5)  By Stephanie John – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 22 pages
  • Unspoken (Heal Me, #1.5)
  • Stephanie John
  • English
  • 24 March 2017
  • 9780994261441

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest.Unspoken is a short novella from Stephanie John and part of the Heal Me Series it s a fantastic insight into Nate and Kar...

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    Author s copy received in exchange for an honest review.UnspokenNate s thoughts when HE first sees Kara Stephanie John returns to the first glance, the first meeting, the undeniable attraction of these two impenetrable forces This is a very short story, taking a miniature moment from her novel Salvation but nothing about this is small.Nate has always appeared to be almost too good, too perfect to be true Stephanie John s Unspoken allows us to see ...

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    We first meet Nate in Stephanies debut novel Salvation, Unspoken is a short and sweet sexy novella told from Nates pov on how he met Kara and the feelings and desires that she made him feel.Nate is a drop dead gorgeous ,a man that knows what he wants and he wants Kara,I love that we get to be in his head, Stephanie writes his thoughts perfectly strong and determined but with a hint of a softer side you cant help...

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    I yearned for the type of woman who could bring me to my knees then raise me up again, making me stronger than before Unspoken is book 1.5 in the Heal Me series by Author Stephanie Johns It was a quick and fast read introducing us to Nate Blake and his unquenchable thirst for Kara Collins It opened up the door...

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    I ve been in love lust with Nathan Nate Blake since he first appeared in Stephanie John s debut novel, Salvation Book 1 of the Heal Me series , a little less than a year ago He s drop dead gorgeous, bright, driven, successful a pure alpha, sexy as sin, a bit enigmatic and than a little big vulnerable so what s not to love Absolutely nothing If you love alpha billionaires who are as powerful in the bedroom as the boardroom, you ll love Nate Blake, too There are layers to his character that are not immediately apparent, layers that you will only truly appreciate if you read Salvation.Opinions may vary as to whether or not it s better to read Unspoken 1.5 before or after Salvation If you ve already read Salvation, the choice is obvious But if you haven t, I think Unspoken is a perfect prequel that will make you even eager to see what comes next for Nate Kara The male POV is always popular among female romance readers, and following on the heels of Grey, many authors have gone back to their original stories and re drafted them from the hero s POV It s a fun twist because as women, we always try to imagine what our book boyfriends are thinking but the approach isn t always successful Criticism generally centers around the re telling aspect of the sequel some readers find it too repetitive to hold their interest However, Stephanie has given readers just a taste of what s to c...

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    Who hasn t read a story written from the heroine s point of view, and wondered, What was he thinking during all of this What emotions did he experience I think it is pretty safe to say we have all wondered how the hero, or male counterpart of the story, experienced the same situations differently Stephanie John answered those questions brilliantly in this short story, which encompasses the first meeting between Nate and Kara outside of his office, but tells it from Nate s point of view As with Salvation, I was mesmerized by Stephanie s descriptions and use of an obviously extensive vocabulary Reading Nate s experience, and the electric connection he felt to Kara, made me fall even in love with him A great example of this is how he describes the first moment their hands touch, the first skin on skin contact when they shake hands It was cool from her drink, but the blazing heat surging to every nerve ending of my body from her touch, set my soul on fire I mean, really swoon worthy much I absolutely adored Salvation, and this short story follow up is no exception To be honest.I may have even loved it a teensy bit Nate is absolutely irresistible, and hearing...

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    Nate is electrifying Stephanie John s short story just intensified all my feelings I have for this man, and I gained insight It was nice to be in Nate sMIND For anyone that has read Salvation Book1 Unspoken is 1.5 Nate proved to be the sexy, go after what he wants, hot male, in this story, BUT I didn t realize how funny his sense of humor was when thinking about the lovely Kara I found myself laughing how he would jump from one emotion of wanting her, wanting her body, or her lips, then to how he was so protective over her It is only alright for him to have those feelings no other gentleman ahah can we say ALPHA Stephanie teases us with depicting a scene from the male POV and I loved it Nate truly was determined to make contact with Kara, no one was going to stand in his way He not only wants to posses her body, he wants her mind and heart I think this short story is a great read for anyone who has read Salvation and misses Nate, this will hold you...

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    Blurb My first rule of business never mix it with pleasure Ever One unexpected encounter with a new employee and that fundamental rule was forgotten With a single touch, Kara Collins obliterated the order of my disciplined life, forcing me to question everything I believed in Intuition told me I needed her, ensuring I couldn t forget my second rule Trust my instincts Always Unspoken takes us back to the first meeting between Nate Blake and Kara Collins, retold from his POV This short, sexy tease provides insight into the mind of this passionate, powerful and utterly addictive man Unspoken can be read on its own, or as part of the Heal Me Series Review, spoilers Yes yes yes I m in his head Finally Nate s POV He falls haaaaaaaard see what I did for Kara What a sweet read, after reading Heal me 1 I was wondering how Nate felt about meeting Kara And I loved every bit about it.What I didn t like T...

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    Unspoken is perfection in a small beautiful package I loved every bit of the story You don t necessarily have to read Salvation in order to read this short story, but I think you will appreciate the strong attraction between Nate and Kara if you do Either way you will absolutely enjoy this treat Nate Blake is every woman s ...

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    A chance to be inside Nate Blake s head Yes, please, and let s do it again.Stephanie John s short story, Unspoken, gives us unprecedented access into the mind of my favorite book boyfriend of 2015 Told from Nate s POV we view his first meeting with Kara, a member of his staff and a woman who affects him like none other.I am already a fan of Stephanie s debut book, Salvation, where we meet Nate and Kara for the first time I am eternally hooked...

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