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Counting Stars Free Author Jordan Deen Love Is A Luxury For The Weak.At Least That S What Madison Nottingfield S Father Always Said Coming From A Long Line Of Old Southern Money, Madison Has Come To Accept The Uncomfortable Job Of Helping Her Father In His Pursuit Of Wealth And Social Status But By The Time She Turns Seventeen, She S Grown Weary Of Being Her Father S Favorite Way To Gain Power And Prestige.After Being Nominated To One Of The Few Debutante Positions In Her Affluent Country Club, Madison Thinks Her Life S About To Hit Easy Street If She Can Learn To Stand On Her Own Two Feet, She Wouldn T Need To Succumb To Her Father S Whims For Once, She Can Do What She S Always Dreamed Of Doing She Can T Wait To Move Forward With Her Secret Plans Of Ditching Her Ballet Slippers To Sing At The Year End Talent Show The Most Important Event Of The Entire Year.All Of Madison S Hard Work Seems To Be Falling In To Place, Until Her Conniving Parents Make A Demand So UnthinkableSo Life ShatteringSo Vile It Almost Completely Stops Madison In Her Tracks Would Their Plans For Her Future Kill The One Thing She Desperately Desires Refusing Her Parents Request Would Mean Losing Everything Family, Friends, And Her Pedigree But, Giving In Would Mean Turning Her Back On The Only Thing She S Ever Truly Wanted.Counting Stars

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    Often I wonder what it would be like to have been born into a wealthy family, but then I read books like Counting Stars and you discover and think how really it isn t all it is cracked up to be and that with having lots of money likewise being on the other end of the scale there are sacrifices that must be made and rules that have to be followed More often than not there are higher expectations for those who come from wealthy families to be the best at everything and to follow the set of rules made exclusively for them like marrying someone in the same or higher league , wearing the right clothes and following correct ettiquette In Counting Stars this is a main theme and even so since this book is set in the South where the world of Debutantes and Junior Leagues and correct manners are huge Madison comes from a family of money and has spent her life bending to her parent s rules especially when it comes to fratenising with her father s clients children When the latest of her father s escapades lands Madison with having to hang out with one of the wrong side of the track guys Mick...

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    Full review and More can be seen at a copy from netgalley for an honest review Some Spoilers This story has so much promise I really loved the concept, even if the female protagonist is a stuck up southern debutant snob It is coming of age story that asks the question Who do you let dictate your life Maddison is the perfect daughter to her parents As the only child she has every monetary thing money could buy Big house, new BMW, lives in luxury, but she still has her little secrets Like her ballet lessons that have evolved to include hip hop and singing She has been raised and taught to live by specific social rules This is her norm her friends, her attire, who she dates and escorts to events is all dictated to her, but her parents then force her into working on a performance piece with the schools most undesirable Rand McDaniel s lives with his older sister and father He works, goes to school and has a little music gig on the side At school he keeps to himself, because he is no legacy No money, no connections, and doesn t care one way or another about any of that, but now...

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    Not sure how I feel about this one.I got something so far from what I expected and usually that s a good thing but in this case it just wasn t I had to put the book down several times it took me weeks to finish it I received an e arc to read and review.

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    Gifted in exchange for my honest review I give this book 2.5 stars out of 5, it was going to be a 3 star, but the author after a slow start Middle in the last 70% of the book had actually started to get me drawn into the story and it made me continue I wanted to know if Madison would finally stand up for what she wanted That she would finally stand up and show her parents and the archaic expectations of the Legacy Clique BUT when the best part would have come next we got An Epilogue And a rushed one at that Where was the Long awaited competition or at least a big humongous showdown and her chance to show both sets of parents that this is the 21st Century and not the 15th Century where daughters are chattels and sold off to the highest bidder.I will state that I was reading an advanced copy which had a few formatting issues and a few sentences that should be looked at But why no Beta readers or Editor didn t think that this ending should have been fleshed out, that to consider that this ending was OK after such a long drawn out start and middle would be happy with a hastily written epilogue Maybe the ending has been fleshed out in the final published version This ...

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    This book caught my attention Been on a kick with these type of books lately This was a very easy read Easy to get sucked into the story and just keep reading I don t like to do any kind if reviews that are very in depth and spoil she fun of reading it yourself I think the author did a great job making this story unique to the type of b...

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    Counting Stars by Jordan Deen Review by Katy GrantBorn to parents who believed that the end, gain money and power, justifies the means, Madison Nottingham was a commodity, to be paraded and traded She was also expected to make an advantageous marriage that would merge two well to do families To this end, she was often seen at high society functions on the arm of a young man, whose father was a business associate of hers while, trading sex for favors was simply part of the program She thought college was her only way out but sometimes life has a few surprises Until, her father almost took the life of a young girl in a drunken driving accident, she d only seen Rand McDaniel as a charity case at school In an effort to keep from being charged with almost killing Rand s sister, her father struck up a deal with Mr McDaniel Now Rand and Madison would be performing on stage together in a prestigious variety program She was afraid that to be seen on stage with Rand would not only tarnish her reputation but at the same time ruin her chances of wedded bliss with Liam Liam, the pretty boy, whose family screamed old money and lots of it There was also the thought that if Rand wasn t talented enough this performance could very well put an end to her shot at getting into a good college But, it was his last chance too Rand works for a living in a garage He needs this opportunity If the right people could see what he could do, it might possibly mean a scholarship to a co...

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    Madison Nottingfield seems to lead a carefree, luxurious life she is beautiful, talented and has all the money she could wish for What most can t see is that this perfect lifestyle is maintained at a high cost obeying her father s wishes to a T including going out with anyone she s told to just so that her father can gain an advantage At seventeen, tired of always appeasing her demanding parents Madison hatches a plan that could maybe afford her a measure of freedom from her restrictive life with a planned out future this year she wants to deviate from her usual routine at the end of the year talent show at her prestigious country club Instead of being the perfect ballerina everyone expects she s going to sing her heart out and impress the scouts that will be present at the show.All her plans seem thwarted when her father needs her help to cover up his latest mistake This favor could not only endanger her plans but also her social standing Unfortunately, going against his wishes is not an option he threatens to take away everything she has become accustomed to if she defies him Madison doesn t know it yet but she is at a turning point in her life will she play the role expected of her or can she break free and make her own way While my first impression of Madison was not too good she grew on me fast She is understandably jaded because ...

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    I was given this book for an honest review.2 starsAs I try to read young adult books, I try to figure out what would be good for them to read and what is too much This book had just about everything in it It had a unique twist, or you could say old fashioned twist to it When you think back in the day you remember when you had marriages already picked out for your kids There was a line of heirachy, you couldn t touch this person, they were beneath you and you could only be associated with these types of people I don t know if it still goes on, but I know that its sad that choices were made for those children and love was never a factor It was different to see that type of story play out I think at times it got a little wordy and the story really didn t seem all together there at times, but I did like it to some degree I felt a little rushed and the characters, I felt, weren t developed enough and there was too much going on in the book that didn t make it seem believable I really didn t connect with the characters and that is upsetting for me I really did like background story about the kids trying to get into colleges and how they all wanted to live their dreams It may just not be my type of book, but it was decent book to read.There was a lot going on in this book, so I just want to talk about some of the characters Madison is a strong young lady, her parents have a plan and they fill that is it Madison wants from life, but I see what...

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    Counting Stars by Jordan Deen is a very interesting story Even though I can t relate to Madison I do understand her She comes from money and her parents have high expectations on everything she does She is a ballerina, she has had etiquette classes, and , everything that someone in their lifestyle does to prepare them to be married off to another family that has just as much money or , is better I found it interesting that Madison had to escort sons of wealthy families for parties and events Her parents were only interested in finding the right family, being seen with the right people Because that is what is important in their lifestyle Madison is pretty much trained to always do what her parents want no matter what and when her Dad forces her into a situation with a guy who is not in her crowed of friends at school, it is really hard on her She wants to keep up her appearance she of course is always worried how she looks and not be seen talking to this guy who is not in her class Of course something happens to change that I will say this was a fun and interesting book to read I felt it was a quick read and was all in Madison s POV She is trying to find herself and has stuff to deal with like most 17 year olds Part of me wants to say there needed to be emotional drama but then again, maybe this is how Madison s drama is I am thinking that Madison really isn t capable of drama in her shelter life I think that if there was too ...

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    I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I was intrigued by the concept of this novel The description grabbed me and I was looking forward to reading it The cover art was gorgeous However, I was disappointed I was not at all impressed with this book In many ways, this book had the plotline of a bad teen TV movie The main character, Maddie, came across to me as shallow, vain, and conceited It takes a long time for any positive aspects of her character to emerge Maddie s parents don t appear to care about her beyond what she is able to do to increase their position in society The two major male characters, Liam and Rand, are pretty much one dimensional characters It s pretty obvious from the beginning who Maddie is going to end up with For such a short novel, it takes a long time to really feel like the novel is really going somewhere, which can be contrasted with the ending feeing rushed The entire novel talks about this talent show and how important it is, then it is never shown as part of the novel It shows Maddie getting ready for it the night of, then skips to well after the talent show occurs This novel spends an inordinate amount of time talking about the characters bodies If as much time had been spent on character development as discussing the various aspects of their bodies, this would have be...

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