Aryns Desire (Finding Submission #1)

A BRAND NEW Series Featuring The Bodyguards Of Bold International, Inc The Tour Is Over, Now What Aryn Beck Becker Has Nothing But Time On His Hands And A Strong Lack Of Women In His Bed His Vacant Bed Is By Choice, The Plain And Simple Fact Is, They Re Boring Him Unable To Shake The Nagging Feeling That He S Missing Something In His Life, Dex Decides To Bring Him Along To The Box And Introduce Him To The Kinkier Side Of Sex And Relationships Beck S Heart Is Set, He Ll Find A Great Woman Willing To Be His Submissive, He Ll Train And Hopefully Find Happiness Inside The Club When A Scene Enraptures Him, He S Surprised By His Own Desire And The Top That Can Bring Him To His Knees CONTENT WARNING The Following Book Is An Erotic Romance That Depicts Detailed Scenes Of Sex Between M F, M F M, M M F And M M And Also Contains A BDSM Themed Storyline.Aryns Desire (Finding Submission #1)

Best Selling Erotic, Paranormal and Contemporary Romance author Zoey Derrick comes from Glendale, Arizona Zoey, was a mortgage underwriter by day and is now a romance and erotica novelist full time She writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story Not only does she aim to take

[EPUB] ✼ Aryns Desire (Finding Submission #1)  By Zoey Derrick –
  • ebook
  • 325 pages
  • Aryns Desire (Finding Submission #1)
  • Zoey Derrick
  • English
  • 04 February 2017

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    I m going to go about my review a little differently than normal I just feel that this book warrants this response Zoey, I just finished Aryn s Desire and I have to say it s my favorite book of yours to date I m going to be honest I never wanted to read m m before Defining Us After reading Kyle, Talon, Addison s and Dex Raine s stories and getting glimpses of Eric Calvin, I just had to step out of my comfort zone and read their story I loved it It blew away my perceptions and expectations Not too many books have done that So when the ARC for Aryn s Desire appeared on my kindle, I was super excited.I fall in love with all your characters Aryn and Caden were no different and have quickly become my favorites I was very intrigued with Aryn or Beck in Dex and Raine s story Caden pissed me off a couple times and he also broke my heart right along with Aryn This book had me from page one I laughed and cried a...

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    2 stars I don t mind bdsm when there is a love connection I just didn t feel it here at all I also felt Aryn was forced and coerced into the lifestyle and it wasn t something he wanted.I won t be readin...

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    2.5 stars I almost DNF this book during the first half of the book, it was stilted, slow and confusing however once I became accustomed to the style I decided to hang in there Guess we got to the business end at about 80% and it was a build up to book 2 Aryn really was fighting his nature wanting to be a Top but realizing he was submissive and he stru...

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    Zoey Derrick does it and does it perfectly This spin off from 69 Bottles has you in from the beginning In the 69 Bottles series, Aryn was introduced to us as being Dex s bodyguard and friend Not knowing much of his story, Zoey brings to life Aryn s hardships, loyalty and turmoil in the realization of his Dom Sub status.You can t help but...

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    I can t say how much I loved this book When Zoey mentioned she was thinking of writing Becks story I was so excited to see just what a naughty boy Beck was We had seem glimpses of him in the 69 bottle series and liked what I saw but he s own story is just so much I love the sexy, cocky hardman alpha Beck but also love the vulnerable, u...

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    No words to describe this book except simply amazing once again zoey Derrick completely enthralls you with her characters I loved every moment of this book its a must read

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    5 Bowing StarsI was given this book for my honest reviewThis is the 1st book in a brand new series by this author Sometimes what we want was standing in front of us the whole time Sometimes, what we need gets pushed away when it was unintentional ArynCome take this journey with Aryn and his friends of the Beloved 69 Bottles Series and find out what the characters are up too today Find out what Dex and Raine are really up to with their lives as their love of continuous harmony transforms your heart Tom and Jerry is a well known cartoon by most Tom always chasing Jerry for the chase alone not wanting to catch him but the thrill it became for him Taking the chase into account within this most different yet awesome read by this author the thrill alone will have you wanting to keep your eyes and hearts in this book The fascination that becomes of Aryn with the explosiveness of the words, the feelings that come from within the pages are just so crackling your heart will soar to new heights You will be saying WTF in all the right places but when the last word is read you will have a feeling of serenity that becomes you This is Aryn s true journey to finding what was not lost but has always been in his heart With a little help from his friends might be just the volcanic eruption he so seeks.To the author Knowing a normal review could not be done but also it could not be like I would normally write in fear of giving the s...

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    The tour is over for 69 Bottles and Aryn Beck Becker bodyguard for BOLD International has nothing to do He is getting bored with the women he meets, something was always missing When Dex invited Beck over one night, he learns about Dex and Raine s D s relationship Beck was shocked at first but something about the BDSM lifestyle called to him While at Derek s Play Party he tries to absorb as much as he can about the lifestyle Until he sees him, Caden Mathews Caden makes Beck feel things he never felt before and is not sure what to do While Beck thinks he is a Top, Caden sees the true him and wants to help him explore those feelings Can Beck get past his fears and let someone else take control Will Caden be able to leave the past behind and move forward in a relationship This story will have you laughing one minute and crying your eyes out the next but in the end it is worth every tear This is the first book in a new series about the bodyguards of BOLD International, Inc.Now about the author Zoey Derrick I found her through her Reason series when a friend suggest I read it and fell in love with her writing And I will read anything she writes Her stories will pull you in and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and you will love every minute of it ...

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    If you have never read a Zoey Derrick book, I suggest you start Start at the beginning, and Aryn will be right here waiting for you to catch up.As a fan of Zoey s writing, and herself, I knew what to expect A lot of sex, romance, and steamy scenes that make you all hot and bothered Hence Read one handed I didn t expect to read Aryn s Desire, and getting blown away Now let me say this to you If you are someone who thinks that male on male action, is gross, nasty, and distasteful, I suggest you pick up Aryn s Desire, or any of the 69 Bottle s series, Defining US is a good one also and read Zoey knows how to make a scene in a book erotic, pleasurable, hot, steamy, and most of all you can picture yourself in the book, and with the characters of the story That to me is a GREAT BOOK, and a very talented Author.Aryn Beck Becker, bodyguard for BOLD INTERNATIONAL If you are a avid reader of 69 Bottles like myself, you know him as Beck What you don t know is that his love life or lack of, has been giving him shit, since NYC with 69 Bottles Taming Dex Book 4 Being bored with the bar floozies, Aryn is in a slump, and heads to Dex Raine s house Dex, his best friend, and his wif...

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    Thank you Zoey Derrick, for continuing to write such amazing characters.Aryn s Desire has exceeded all my expectations for this book but you ve gone and created an entirely new obsession for me Aryns Desire is the first book in Zoey Derricks new spin off series about the Bold Security guys You might remember the security team of guys who work for Cami Michaels at Bold International and provided security to the band members of 69 Bottles on the nationwide tour Aryn Beck Becker has completed his last assignment as security to the band 69 Bottles and is now at a loss to work out what kind of woman can spark his fires again His bed hopping and hit it and quit it romps are just not cutting it for him His reassignment might be the key to a new phase in his life but will his friends Dex and Raine have a hand in showing him another kind of lifestyle This story is one of self discovery for Aryn, leaving him emotionally and psychologically confused but with the guidance o...

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