Wicked Pleasure (Billionaires Indulgence, #3)

BOOKS Wicked Pleasure Billionaires Indulgence, 3 Author Scarlett Avery Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here.Two Strapping Alpha Billionaires One Girl Looking For A Fresh Start A Heck Of A Wild Ride POV From All 3 Main Characters Unable To Hide His Undeniable Attraction, Jake Seduces Allison The First Night She Arrives At The Ranch Although He Does His Best To Talk Himself Out Of Being This Reckless Again With His Sister S New Assistant, He Seems Incapable Of Keeping His Hands Off Allison After An Outrageously Toe Curling Morning Interlude In A Barn Where He Rocks Allison S World, He Promises Himself To Fess Up To His Best Friend About His Indiscretion, But When The Opportunity Arises, He Chooses To Keep His Illicit Fling With Allison A Secret Unaware That His Best Friend Has Already Seduced Allison, Not Once, But Twice, And Fueled By The Fact That Jake Believes That The Blonde Could Be A Tempting Treat For Both Of Them At The Same Time, Hunter Takes It Upon Himself To Push The Curvy New Yorker Well Past Her Limits Intoxicated By The Fact That Two Strapping And Gorgeous Men Want Her So Desperately, Allison Throws Caution To The Wind And Indulges Wholeheartedly Has Her Hunger For Pleasure Pushed Her Once Again In A Compromising Situation And This Time, Will She Be Able To Get Away With It As Easily Just When You Think Allison S Blissful Adventures Of Ecstasy Can T Get Any Steamier, They Do Part 3 Of This Sexy M Nage Romance Alpha Billionaire Romance Series By Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery S Is A Must Read Seductive Roller Coaster Billionaires Indulgence Is A Series Of 5 Books The Entire Series Has A HEA Ending.Wicked Pleasure (Billionaires Indulgence, #3)

Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery s Book Boyfriends aren t like ANY others you ve ever cuddled to before.These dirty talking, DOMINEERING, saucy seducers will make you forget all the other ones Yeah, Scarlett s Alpha Males are that DANGEROUSLY HOT Be warned Her books have been dubbed, Epic Mind Blowing This Canadian romance author s books will melt your e readers and they will le

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 96 pages
  • Wicked Pleasure (Billionaires Indulgence, #3)
  • Scarlett Avery
  • English
  • 11 April 2019

10 thoughts on “Wicked Pleasure (Billionaires Indulgence, #3)

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    You did not just do this do me, omg whyy Scarlett whyyyyy

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    This is the third installment on the Billionaires Indulgence series and it picks up right where the second book stopped We finally get to know who walks in on Hunter and Allison, and it is exactly who I thought it would be Which leads to an even hotter installment this time around Since both men have now had Allison, the two best friends decide it s time to try having her together If you decide you want to know how heavenly it feels to be fucked by a man while you suck another guy s cock, this will make things much pleasurable to for you Allison is turning into a person she doesn t even recognize, but when she is getting mind blowing orgasms out of it, she s not so sure it s a bad thing God You You re turning me into this reckless woman I don t even recognize So, will she give in and be with both men or will she stick to just one Jake, the dirty talking dominate alpha, or Hunter, the funny, goofy, hot as hell alpha You will have to read and ...

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    Oh Scarlett is killing me So one walks is with Allison in a compromising position, are they going to loose it Riley calls an urgent meeting.is it over Phew crisis avoided now Allison is left with 2 alpha males, it is turning into something this shy young woman never dreamed of Now Riley and the kids are gone for the summer, Allison left to do her work while she s gone And her own time Well this is going to be everyone s fantasy Then there s a knock on the door Hurry...

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    Fours Sweaty StarsMy oh my Allison has taken the plunge and decided to take on both Jake and Hunter After a night of no holds bar passion Allison is working away when a woman claiming to be Jakes girlfriend shows up Talk about ending on a cliff hang...

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    I love this series I don t mind that it leaves me with these darn cliffhangers because I enjoy all the characters Jake is my man Hunter is cool and Ali is a doll I love the premise of the series Jake is my man Oh, I already said that The author knows how to tell a story Love love love.

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    Thrilling and SexyWow. This has been a exceptional series so far There is Plenty sexual tension rolling around and an unexpected twist in the end Can t wait to get started on the next book in this series..ChristyRadical Reads Book Blog

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    These types of quick, hot reads are fun to read sometimes but can get frustrating when you can tell the author is cutting a book up so they can sell them as separate books.

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    Keeps getting better.Things really heated up in this one Ali, Jake and Hunter have just gotten started and now someone from the past has shown up to wreck everything.

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    Oh WOWHot from beginning to end Frustrating that this couldn t have been in one book, instead stretched out to 5 But I can t not find out what happens next in book 4 Again no loss of quality in writing, proofreading, or intrigue Enjoy

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    And it keeps getting betterThe further I read into this series, the I m sucked in Allison has finally given in to Hunter and Jake Man, that was beyond HOT Now the only problem isyeah I ll let you find out It s a doozy for sure

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