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Reading Dark Star Safari Author Paul Theroux Federicoscridel.eu Dark Star Safari Is Paul Theroux S Now Classic Account Of A Journey From Cairo To Cape Town.Travelling Across Bush And Desert, Down Rivers And Across Lakes, And Through Country After Country, Theroux Visits Some Of The Most Beautiful Landscapes On Earth, And Some Of The Most Dangerous It Is A Journey Of Discovery And Of Rediscovery Of The Unknown And The Unexpected, But Also Of People And Places He Knew As A Young And Optimistic Teacher Forty Years Before.Safari In Swahili Simply Means Journey , And This Is The Ultimate Safari It Is Theroux In His Element A Trip Where Chance Encounter Is Everything, Where Departure And Arrival Times Are An Irrelevance, And Where Contentment Can Be Found Balancing On The Top Of A Truck In The Middle Of Nowhere.Praise For Paul Theroux Theroux S Work Remains The Standard By Which Other Travel Writing Must Be Judged Observer One Needs Energy To Keep Up With The Extraordinary, Productive Restlessness Of Paul Theroux He Is The Most Gifted, Most Prodigal Writer Of His Generation Jonathan Raban Always A Terrific Teller Of Tales And Conjurer Of Exotic Locales, He Writes Lean Prose That Lopes Along At A Compelling Pace Sunday Times Paul Theroux S Books Include Dark Star Safari, Ghost Train To The Eastern Star, Riding The Iron Rooster, The Great Railway Bazaar, The Elephanta Suite, A Dead Hand, The Tao Of Travel And The Lower River The Mosquito Coast And Dr Slaughter Have Both Been Made Into Successful Films Paul Theroux Divides His Time Between Cape Cod And The Hawaiian Islands.Dark Star Safari

Paul Edward Theroux is an American travel writer and novelist, whose best known work is The Great Railway Bazaar 1975 , a travelogue about a trip he made by train from Great Britain through Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, through South Asia, then South East Asia, up through East Asia, as far east as Japan, and then back across Russia to his point of origin Although perhaps best know

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  • Dark Star Safari
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  • English
  • 02 July 2017
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    Grrrrr Oh how this man irritates yet enthrals me I have just tramped down through Africa in the footsteps of Theroux, sighing and tsking, yet unable to put the book down This man is a genius writer, yet so darn cantankerous, curmudgeonly and scathing that he made me want to throw the book on the floor and mash it Even when he relishes a place, it often seems that it is the dirt, the stink and the squalor that inspires him It s a kind of machismo Proof that he isn t a tourist, but a bona fide explorer and traveller.Yet he does take us where we tender visitors on river cruises and to safari lodges would fear to go He gets under the fingernails of Africa, on one heck of a magnificent journey down the spine of this vast continent There were some places I was fascinated to read about like Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the wilderness of the Shire River and some I found boring like Egypt, or his travels across Lake Victoria But all the time he kept pulling us forward through this often torturous land Time ...

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    WHY do I keep reading books by this man For some unknown reason I assume that I ll garner some great knowledge form his books or be amused than frustrated Thus far not Instead I m annoyed by his arrogance and his assumption that he s different from other white people in Africa because he knows that the aide system is faulty or because he lived there in the 60 s Just because you have a backpack and a history with Africa doesn t make you an expert, and Theroux whining about the fact that Africa hasn t lived up to its promise since he was there last only makes him look like all the people he criticizes He wants Africa to make leaps and bounds in its economic and political policy, but then how would he be able to write so endearingly of the street urchins and the poverty After all, seeing those things and writing about them makes him strong and experienced, right I agree that the current Western participation in African affairs is getting Africa nowhere, but I don t assume that makes me a genius or that I have my finger on the pulse of African issues If you want to write a book about Africa, write about AFRICA and about how cool you are because...

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    Planes, trains and automobiles and a ferry rickety, smelly mini buses a dugout canoe, taxis and a cattle truck.I give mad props to Theroux for humping it from Cairo to Cape Town at the age of 59, but this type of transport he only used a plane once to fly into Khartoum would scare away the discerning traveler me This makes me even grateful for Theroux s firsthand account of Africa.Foreshadowing book spoiler He quotes and draws comparisons from Joseph Conrad s Heart of Darkness A lot I like to read the occasional travelogue A good travel writer gives you a window into their adventures, combining wit, history and insight into the present day doings of the area country continent they are visiting As to humor Bill Bryson thankfully looks for the punch line, Theroux s humor is of the curmudgeonly sort here, for example, pointing out the contradictory nature of the work of missionaries and aid workers He spends pages raking a missionary over the proverbial coals using his own thorough knowledge of the Bible to continually punch holes in her arguments As much...

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    This was my first Theroux and, on finishing it, I couldn t fully judge of the tone of a book that was written near what will likely be the end of his career, after a certain cynicism has taken root Since then, I ve read The Great Railway Bazaar his first travel book and now a good chunk of Ghost Train.First, it has to be said that this book is very NOT P.C to say the least Theroux has what often appears to be an open and unapologetic contempt for many of the black Africans he meets and describes certainly a contempt for what they ve made of themselves and of their societies There is a contempt for the entire African ThirdWorld AID industry whose representatives he sneeringly refers to as agents of virtue , those smug, insulated, liberal do gooders riding about in their large, white Land Rovers, hanging around the fancy swimming pools of the luxury hotels, never mingling with the people they claim to help, not even willing to lend a hand to a stranded white man in need of a ride, spending wads of OPM Other People s Money not simply in ways that are unhelpful, but in ways Theroux believes that are positively harmful He cites books like The Lords of Poverty and The Road to Hell, as well the opinions of many ...

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    Near the end of Paul Theroux s north south journey across the African continent, from Cairo to Cape Town, he allows himself the luxury of a swanky South African train trip, a rare mode of transportation for this usually spartan traveler in this fascinating trek on board cattle trucks, minivans packed to the roof with Africans, rickety matutus, canoes and proper boats During a train stop a child begs in a prayerful way Theroux, from the train, can t bring himself to toss food to her After the train starts, the girl flings stones through his window, just missing him Such What do you do moments in relation to charity are a big part of this journey for Theroux, who, as a white man, is descended upon by Africans of every age almost everywhere he goes For the poor on the continent, begging is a way of life.On a bigger scale, attempts to help Africans help themselves through endless charity is counterproductive Money goes in the pockets of corrupt politicians, aid is resold Foreigners had been helping them so long that Africans los...

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    For me this is the best Paul Theroux that I have read.It was better in my opinion that his other travel non fiction The Great Railway Bazaar By Train Through Asia, The Old Patagonian Express, Riding the Iron Rooster By Train Through China , and I think there are a couple of reasons.Firstly, in Dark Star Safari the travel was not all by train This meant there was to write about In his other books which I also enjoyed don t get me wrong , there is only so much he can describe about the train itself, and the method of travel This book opened the door for descriptive writing about travel method.Secondly, and probably importantly, while Theroux was his usual pessimistic, fault finding, negative self, he was being far accurate with his assessment of Africa What I mean is, in other books where he tears into the people, the places the culture, they are often not all as bad as he makes them out to be In this book, a lot often than not, the situations he describes negatively are in fact pretty di...

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    This book was a great read for a student of international development relations I understand the author s cynicism, admire his risktaking, and appreciate his insight into the impact of decades of foreign in...

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    Theroux is a pompous ass A just compelling enough pompous ass.

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    Mayn This flipping book was an endlessly patronizing, infinitely tedious rant from a burdened white man Perhaps the most annoying travel book I read Gah Take 54 seats Paul Theroux I d recommend Dark Continent My Black Arse if you re looking for a Cape to Cairo travelogue Infinitely better.Edit This article This article right here is The Truth While the review is about The Last Train to Zona Verde My Ultimate African Safari, it might as well have been reviewing this book Excerpts As Theroux watchers will know, his sub Saharan travelogues read as if he had taken Binyavanga Wainaina s sarcastic instructions on How to Write About Africa literally He is, as the sharp eyed blog Africa Is a Country remarks, so reliable that way He mints generalisations and insults at such a clip that they soon begin to outstrip even the most gifted parodist The rhetoric is so offensive and plain bizarre to anyone making her or his life in Africa that I had no option but to pretend that we were in a different genre, to keep imagining the book as a comic novel with a deliberately unlikeable narrator.Bankrupt in ways than one, then, this is a book I would recommend only as a teaching aid or to someone interested in tracking the final sub Conradian wreckage of...

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    A trek through the heart of Modern Africa16 May 2015 Well, I have already written three blogposts worth of thoughts on this really interesting book, however I will simply touch on a few important points for those of you who don t have the time or the inclination to read through what I have written elsewhere and the links to those posts are below Anyway, this is the diary of a journey that the author took from Cairo, across the African continent, to Cape Town His original intention was to travel entirely by land, however since the Sudanese border was closed and the fact that he wanted to travel legitimately, meaning no sneaking over the border, and no bribing officials a couple of legs were by plane Anyway, Theroux had been in Africa in the 60s, first as a teacher in Malawi and then as a university lecturer in Uganda However due to the deteriorating situation in Uganda at the time he, and his wife decided to leave and ended up settling in England Years later Theroux decided that he wanted to go back to Africa and visit some of these plac...

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