Servants of Chaos (Leisure Horror)

BOOKS Servants Of Chaos Leisure Horror Don DAmmassa To Steven Canfort, Crayport, Massachusetts Seemed The Ideal Spot For A Research Station Unfortunately, The Locals Led By The Town Patriarchs, The Crawleys Have Other Plans Namely, Using, Ancient Rituals To Welcome Evil, Transdimensional, God Like Creatures Into Our World And Rest Assured, The Crawleys Plans Don T Just End ThereServants of Chaos (Leisure Horror)

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Servants of Chaos (Leisure Horror) book, this is one of the most wanted Don D'Ammassa author readers around the world.

Free ↠ Servants of Chaos (Leisure Horror) By Don D'Ammassa –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 338 pages
  • Servants of Chaos (Leisure Horror)
  • Don D'Ammassa
  • English
  • 15 June 2018
  • 9780843950694

10 thoughts on “Servants of Chaos (Leisure Horror)

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    To be honest, I was prepared to dislike this book from the get go The description sounded too much like Charles Grant by way of H.P Lovecraft for my likes However, something really weird happened I got sucked into the story I found myself actually enjoying it, even though D Ammassa can t really write dialogue for villains and his villains are all cookie cutter material, anyway I dug the characters, I dug the tone, I dug the story a...

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    Picture it, here I was all nice and cozy, settled down reading a creepy story and then it happened I caught myself checking out the back page of the book to read the ending Now was it because a I was so scared, I had to look b The tension was killing me and I had to know or c I wondered if the ending was at least climatic Whomever picked C, gets a prize The story is filled with agonizing clich s and is so predictable, a seven year old would know the outcome The plot was redundant and tiresome, reminiscent of Mystery Science Theater without the finesse The atmosphere was set in a small town, hoping to give the feeling of apple pie with a razor blade in it Had it not been shaped in the form of a blinking sign reading, DANGER , it might have worked The characters were clumsily written, condensed and had about as much emotional impact as a paper ...

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    I ve had this book for a while and I have been holding off on reading it Now I can t decide if I should have just read it earlier and gotten it out of the way or continued to hold off indefinitely Any book that has some kind of sea monster or Lovecraftian elements is going to get my attention, and then likely I m gunna eat it all up That seemed to be what this book was all about, but I didn t find myself digging most of what I was reading The story is about a guy who is testing the ocean water around this small seaside town in Massachusetts A town full of weird people and strange incidents No one wants to sell any land and those that do seem to die or disappear Not long after that it s revealed that there is a murderous cult devoted to The Old Ones Now our hero and his girlfriend and her sister must find a way to stop the end of the world It sounds decent and it has all of the key elements of HP, but it just wasn t anywhere near as engaging as it should have been Yes, there s the weird town and the weird people and the ancient mythology, but it all seems to rushed and uninteresting There s plenty of action car chases and foot chases and sacrifices and rampaging Krakens and then a few little fist fights But none of those actions scenes are particularly interesting and intense Some are better then others, the first encounter with a Passenger, the first attack by ...

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    I ll read pretty much anything Lovecraftian once But to earn a place on my shelf, it has to be something I enjoy enough to plan on reading again This one moved along well enough to keep me interested and hoping for some twist or revelation that would earn it a spot, but just didn t make the cut If you like Mythos inspired fiction and have some time to kill, especially if you DON T like the vagueness that often comes along with Lovecraftian stories, you might want to give it a shot The plot and writing are pretty straightforward, with...

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