Killing Girl Volume 1: A Sister's Love (Killing Girl)

Epub Killing Girl Volume 1 A Sister S Love Killing Girl Glen Brunswick What If The Mafia Had Their Own Secret Service Sara Doesn T Remember Her Name What She Does Know Is That She Traded Away Misery As A Former Prostitute And Became A World Class Killing Machine When A Routine Hit Goes Sour, Sara Makes A Shocking Discovery Suppressed Memories, Haunting Her Since Childhood, Are In Fact TRUE And Her REAL Family, Presumed Dead, May Actually Still Be Alive This Collection Includes An Art Of Killing Girl Section With Unseen Art From Both Of The Book S Illustrators.Killing Girl Volume 1: A Sister's Love (Killing Girl)

Glen Brunswick is an American comic book writer.

✸ Killing Girl Volume 1: A Sister's Love (Killing Girl) Books ⚦ Author Glen Brunswick –
  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Killing Girl Volume 1: A Sister's Love (Killing Girl)
  • Glen Brunswick
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9781582409108

10 thoughts on “Killing Girl Volume 1: A Sister's Love (Killing Girl)

  1. says:

    Yep, she s wearing machine gun panties This one s another shallow comic read recommended by my pal Gavin Killing Girl Vol 1 A Sister s Love is nothing terribly original It echoes of a few movies Kill Bill and La Femme Nikita and some other books Lady Snowblood, Polar Vol 2 Eye For An Eye, or Black Widow Vol 1 The Finely Woven Thread I ve read before But it didn t stop me from enjoying it I like tough chicks So much I married one And Sara s one tough chick Rescued from prostitution and trained as a killer from childhood, Sara is lethal Of course, she eventually runs afoul of her handlers and ends up on the run Only, she can t remember huge parts of her former life So she sets herself on digging into her past to find out what s what You can pretty much guess the rest.The artwork was different Tough to follow in spots, but I ultimately appreciated it for being a little unique Frank Espinosa whom I preferred dr...

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    I only read Iss 1, so the review is based entirely on that Now THIS is what I m talking about Amnesiac kidnapped ex prostitute becomes lethal assassin for the Mafia.I honestly think I could leave the description there, and most of you would be interested.The art won me over than anything I think it s gorgeous, using a limited palette of colours, mostly primary with black and white This is not a hyper real style at all, nor comic, nor Manga, it s sorta kinetic dynamic streaks of colours, but yes there are still shapes, but mostly the only focus is on the characters, background only suggested I hope that doesn t turn you off, as I might not be properly describing itbut it really works here I REALLY love it.The writing is solid enough, and Sara, the main character, is likable for the Mafia Assassin kidnapped amnesiac ex prostitute she is There s enough reveal of her backs...

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    Plot and dialogue are nothing new and very basic This book scores points with me for being illustrated by a couple of my favorite modern comics illustrators Toby Cypress and Frank Espinosa Espinosa, who fell off the face of the earth a couple of years ago, does some beautiful work, but his stuff is a bit too abstract for action sequences If I could complain about Cypress, it s that some of his characters l...

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    I was really excited to read this, because Toby Cypress is awesome However, Frank Espinosa is not, and he did the first 40% of the book Also, whoever the hell wrote it is not awesome at all, and he did the entire thing So this is another looks nice but not interesting, only th...

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    So the only reason I got this was because I loved Rocketo Espinosa does some great things and this is still one of them The story however was not as exciting Also, he is only the artist for the first half You will find generic hitman, super spy action here If you love the art, its a worthwhile read,...

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    I picked this up for the cover art and Espinoza rocks one whole chapter Fabulous Story is pretty okay, artwork is kinetic and carries the narrative along breakneck NICE I ve seen some of Toby Cypress artwork in POPUGUNhe s doing some pretty great stuff too.

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    Interessante tekenstijlen, verhaal is een beetje dunnetjes, maar goed genoeg en doet een beetje denken aan Alias en dergelijke.

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    impressionistic illustration.

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    Bleh, bad Le Femme Nikita ripoff, right down to the pencil through the hand scene Go back to Comics 101 Quit stealing movie plots, asshats.

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    Los t picos de la asesina perfecta y su choque con el pasado en una miniserie din mica y brutal donde el arte supera por mucho la premisa argumental.

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