Knight & Culverhouse Box Set (Knight & Culverhouse, #1-3)

EPUB Knight Culverhouse Box Set Knight Culverhouse, 1 3 Author Adam Croft More Than 250,000 Books Sold Across The Series This Exclusive, Limited Edition Box Set Includes The First Three Books In The Bestselling Knight Culverhouse Crime Thriller Series Plus Exclusive Free Short Stories Too Close For Comfort Gritty Fast Paced Compelling As The Newest Murder Squad Recruit For Mildenheath CID, DS Wendy Knight Knows That She Will Face The Unthinkable, But What She Does Not Anticipate Is That A Sadistic Killer May Be Too Close For Comfort When A Known Prostitute Is Found Dead, Wendy Is Assigned To The Case Solving It Means That She Will Have To Outwit And Outsmart An Elusive Serial Killer As Her Investigation Unfolds, So Too Does A Sinister Plot That Will Turn Her World Upside Down And Make It Increasingly Difficult To Distinguish Friend From Foe In Her Tightknit World Could The Murderer Be Hiding In Plain Sight Will The Answers She Seeks Be Than She Can Bear Guilty As Sin A Missing Teenager A Murdered Businessman A Huge, Earth Shattering Secret When Seventeen Year Old Danielle Levy Goes Missing One Lunchtime, DS Wendy Knight And DCI Jack Culverhouse Believe They Have A Routine Case On Their Hands When A Prominent Local Businessman Is Found Dead In His Warehouse, However, The Case Takes A Whole New Disturbing Turn As Knight And Culverhouse Begin To Unravel The Connections Between The Two Cases Which Lead To A Dark And Disturbing Secret That Will Make Them Question Everything They Thought They Knew Jack Be Nimble They Know When He Will Kill Again But Not Who He Will Kill A Killer Is Loose On The Streets Of Mildenheath, And His Barbaric Crimes Seem A Little Too FamiliarAs The Body Count Begins To Rise, DS Wendy Knight And DCI Jack Culverhouse Start To Realise That The Killer Is Emulating The Gruesome, Grisly Murders Of The World S Most Famous And Elusive Serial Killer Jack The Ripper.With Culverhouse Struggling To Come To Terms With His Ex Wife S Dramatic Return After She Disappeared Eight And A Half Years Earlier And Knight Trying To Cope With The Trauma She S Suffered Following Devastating Events Of Two Previous Cases, The Race Is On To Stop The Killer Before He Completes His Final Kill And Retreats Back Into The Darkness.They Know He S Going To Kill Again, But They Don T Know Where Or Who His Next Victim Will Be And What S Worse, They Don T Know Who He Is Either What Readers Are Saying About The Knight Culverhouse Series Adam Croft Has To Be One Of The Best Authors In Crime I Couldn T Put This Down, Especially Towards The End I Have To Admit, I M Hooked On Knight Culverhouse Brilliantly Written Lucy Hayward Extremely Well Written A Great, Page Turning Whodunit Jessica Grace Coleman Once The Story Starts To Unfold, You Really Won T Want To Put It Down Until The Climax Gary Alce Once Again, Adam Manages To Captivate The Reader Within Moments Of Opening The Book Highly RecommendedKnight & Culverhouse Box Set (Knight & Culverhouse, #1-3)

With than half a million books sold to date, Adam Croft is one of the most successful independently published authors in the world, and one of the biggest selling authors of the past year.Following his 2015 worldwide bestseller Her Last Tomorrow, his psychological thrillers were bought by Thomas Mercer, an imprint of Publishing Prior to the deal, Her Last Tomorrow sold mo

[Ebook] ➢ Knight & Culverhouse Box Set (Knight & Culverhouse, #1-3)  Author Adam Croft –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 462 pages
  • Knight & Culverhouse Box Set (Knight & Culverhouse, #1-3)
  • Adam Croft
  • English
  • 16 May 2018

10 thoughts on “Knight & Culverhouse Box Set (Knight & Culverhouse, #1-3)

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    First of all, to be clear, I had previously read the first two books in this 3 book set some time ago so this review is only for the third book Jack Be Nimble which I have just finished Another winner This was another of Adam Croft s winners Jack Culverhouse and Wendy Knight are a strange pairing he is very impatient and brash, she is hard working and determined to be the best she can They both have problematic private lives which occasionally intrude on their police duties but which have to be put on the back burner when they are working on difficult cases.Adam is an exceptional writer who is very good at keeping his readers guessing as to what is going to happen next one of the finest masters of suspense Whenever I pick up one of his novels I always know I am in for a treat The story was additionally fascinating with the links to the original Jack the Ripper.The only sad thing about the whole story was the ending, along with the fact that ...

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    Read these in chronological order and enjoyed all three stories Easy to read and the stories flowed well Culverhouse is an old school copper and I warmed to him immediately for sticking to his non pc principles Wendy Knight grew on me I appreciated the b...

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    Incredible read, gripped from the start I really do love the books written by this Incredible Author The characters really gripped me and I happen to like both Knight Culverhouse Can t wait to download book 4 6 now as I for sure need to find out about Culverhouse wife and his daughte...

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    AwesomeThree great books all with fantastic story s plus a couple of short stories , keep you on the edge of your seat , brilliant writing once again from Adam croft , definitely recommended

  5. says:

    Not worth 2 centsDidn t get past 5th chapter and quit reading Why does every other word have to be a swear or dirty word Such filth ruins the story and the book Writers, clean it up if you really want better reviews.

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    One good read Well he s done it again another good book thoroughly enjoyed Loved the characters can t wait to get stuck into the next ones

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    Great read.Good stories, but could stand better editing Unnecessary words in sentences throwing off the flow of thought Wendy and Culverhouse are a good team She softens his rough edges and he makes her use her instincts t...

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    Great stories I had already read and reviewed the first two 5 stars but not Jack be Nimble I simply had to read the first two again and enjoyed them for a second time That s how good they are On to Jack be Nimble, this was another great story The contrary relationship between Knight Culverhouse i...

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    Can t put downExcellent reading really get into the characters lives looking forward to the next one Would fully recommend reading these books

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    Murder from the past These books are engrossing and will keep you on the edge of you seats It appears history is being copiedGood read

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