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❮Epub❯ ➥ Teenage Degenerate ➤ Author S.C. Sterling – E17streets4all.co.uk In , Scott was nineteen and lost in adulthood with an endless job and no future ambitions Teenage Degenerate is his story about drug addiction, music and growing up Over the course of ten months, he q In , Scott was nineteen and lost in adulthood with an endless job and no future ambitions Teenage Degenerate is his story about drug addiction, music and growing up Over the course of ten months, he quickly descends into the dark and dangerous world of crystal methamphetamineScott experiments with crystal meth in a dark, deserted parking lot in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado and soon after his crew of misfits will do almost anything for their next high Teenage Degenerate Kindle - One by one, family and friends disappear, and he is left alone with a decision to continue fighting or give up This is his struggle to reclaim a normal life and the search for something realTeenage Degenerate is a brutally truthful, humorous and heartbreaking journey that explores the depths of addiction.Teenage Degenerate

Teenage Degenerate , a memoir about drug addiction and growing up His follow up book.

Teenage Degenerate  Kindle Ò Teenage Degenerate
    If you re looking for a CBR and CBZ reader the depths of addiction."/>
  • Paperback
  • 258 pages
  • Teenage Degenerate
  • S.C. Sterling
  • English
  • 27 May 2019
  • 9780997017540

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  1. says:

    This was a great memoir of a 19 year old struggling with crystal meth addiction. Often, addiction memoirs are hit or miss, as the ppl writing them are not actual WRITERS. However, Scott Sterling could have fooled me! This book has recurring themes, a distinct voice, great character development, and is written in the format of dated entries, like a diary, adding to the immediacy of the plot.

    It is 1996 in New York City. Scott is 19, and has a core group of friends but no ambition or career or college dreams. In 1996, I was 16 years old, and absolutely recognized this late 1996/97 world he describes. Especially- the music. Oh, the music. Music (esp grunge, punk and alternative) was amazing at this time (a GREAT time to be 16!) and Scott adds a 'soundtrack' to his life, peppering his adventures with details and lyrics of the songs that are playing at pivotal moments of his 'adventures', and he and his friends also attend many concerts. Also, he makes note in his entries every time a singer/performer dies IRL from drugs or violence. And it happened a lot in 1996-97...(singers/musicians for Blind Melon, Sublime, STP, Smashing Pumpkins, etc). I too, remember crying over these tragedies and it helped establish the setting perfectly.

    I could not, however, give this a 5 star rating because of the terrible ending. After a great read full of details from almost every single day of his life between '96-'97, the ending/recovery phase of the book lasts a total of 3 measly pages! He sums up 375 days in 3 pages! After going on this crazy ride with the author, you really want to know MORE about just HOW he was able to overcome his problems, and he denies us that story....unless he is going to save that for a sequel?? Even so, not cool, dude. --Jen from Quebec :0)

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

    Stepped out of my comfort zone with this book. Was pleasantly surprised. I liked the raw, non-nonsense approach although at times the graphic content was a bit shocking. As a reader I felt part of Scott's journey; the harsh reality of what he was going through could be felt throughout the book. Terrifying and sad. It struck me how he lost friends along the way it was the last time I ever saw.... What a lonely place to be and it was depicted very well in the book.
    Although it wasn't my favourite style of writing or type of book (I am more of a fiction person) I feel the author did a fantastic job with they way he wrote and the way the story was told.
    Thinking back on the book I felt the need to add a star as the story has been rolling around in my mind for few days which means the book actually left an impression. I highly recommended this book.

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    Wow! A must read! Drugs, sex, danger..... I was intrigued throughout the entire book!
    I don't want to quote any of the book, because the build up to some of the laugh out loud moments is just too good! ....but lets just say someone snorts a Dorito chip thinking it's crystal.

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    A really important book

    Every time I read one of this true stories about drug users that gone through hell and back again aka in recovery I felt so proud of them. Might sounds crazy but I have been unlucky to known a couple of addicted, really good friends that never make it back from hell. They didn't have the courage to change the things they could and the drugs sent them to death. I don't like drugs, I hate them most of all things in this world because they are such tricky things, just like this in recovery abuser write about. First you take it at parties and before you know you are capable to trade your mother for the drug...
    Lots of people look down at this scum bags and hate or dislike the addicted and don't understand that this is a disease just like alcoholism or game player that lives their life in computer games. I am the first to say that drug users are horrible when they are sick, their lives is about lying and stealing and get the next dose no matter what, but behind the mask they are mostly nice people with big hearts. If you don't believe me go to an open meeting at NA and you will be chocked by the lovely way they welcome you. That's the reason why books like is so important, books written by the ones that know how the drug works both when they are high and the back side of it. Not just the withdrawn (that is only right that they suffer) because they have a long list of people that have suffered while they where active, people that love them and cares for them and often gets codependent and enabliers.
    I think book like this should be read in schools to educate the young people because if just one says No when someone invite them to smoke (it's often the first step) weed it's worth more then any money in the world. I want to thank the author for his courage to tell his story because it's a lot of guilt and shame to get over before you could honestly tell others of your illegal life. And to all that read this please remember that one is to much and thousen never enough...

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    In 1996, Teenage Degenerate’s author Scott Sterling was nineteen and lost in adulthood with n thankless job and a future without any promise. The book is Sterling’s firsthand account of shedding his addiction to dangerous drugs as a way of growing up. His rapid decline once in the clutches of crystal methamphetamine addiction is a horror show magnified to highlight all the worst aspects.

    Up to that point, I had avoided getting meth sores or 'meth mites,' associated with meth addicts. The sores usually occur from constant picking at a problem area, and that becomes larger and larger, and then usually spreads to other areas. The sores take longer to heal because meth restricts blood flow to the infected area. A few days before Thanksgiving, I got my first meth sore, it was on my forearm. It was small compared to others I had seen, so I considered myself lucky.

    In this book, young, misguided Scott experiments with crystal meth in dark, deserted parking lots all over the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, making and breaking deals among an ever changing smorgasbord of mutated outliers desperate for the next rush of chemicals. Inevitably, trusted family connections wither and atrophy in the wake of that synthetic storm of junk, leaving the author with hard cold facts mandating desperate realignment of his withered sensibilities. Teenage Degenerate is a deadpan recounting of the perilous and worsening path trod by its author in the experience and ultimate renunciation of addiction to manmade chemical “fixes,” which always fall short, narrating its author’s arduous effort to wrest back some semblance of normalcy and realness after hitting rock bottom.

    Continued HERE:

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    Intense journal

    I really like the way the book read as a journal. Very intense and at times exciting. Book was very well written

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    This is the exact kind of imposingly honest, spare-no-details retelling of a teenager's foray into the world of addiction that I was hoping it would be. Sterling's style of writing and the story itself made me feel like I was talking to a friend about this experience; just save the formalities and tell it like it is. I got so caught up in the story itself that I repeatedly had to take a step back to remind myself that this is true and that it all transpired within one year of a young man's life. Even with the heavy, over-arching seriousness of the story, Teenage Degenerate was a light, entertaining, and funny read.

    I would like to thank the author for providing a copy of this book via Goodreads giveaway. I really appreciate your generosity and talent!

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    This book is amazing.. I recommend this book to any one who is willing to take a walk in somebody else's shoes and see what addiction is REALLY about. This book is well written and for me it is really relatable.... so many parts of this book I was like DAM ME TOO.. the book really digs deep down into the feelings an addict eventually feels when your life literally turns to shit right before your very eyes. It was spot on. I read it in a day and a half I could not put it down, I just couldn't wait to see how it ended. I would read other books by the author. I enjoyed his writing and the book is well written.

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    Sterling makes no apologies as he walks you through the reality of addiction. He blends his love of music into the story and, being of the same generation, his choice of music in itself tells the story. This is a rare book in a sea of addiction memoirs that stands out based on not only the style of writing, but also on the nearly perfect (is anything perfect?) editing job.
    I read this in one sitting and was nodding my head in recognition for most of the book.

  10. says:

    Holy wow this was intense!! I have read a few addiction books/memoirs and this one ranks in the top 2 or 3. I would recommend this to anyone with an addiction, a loved one with an addiction problem or someone that loves the genre.

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