Beating Hearts

How Can Someone Who Condemns Hunting, Animal Farming, And Animal Experimentation Also Favor Legal Abortion, Which Is The Deliberate Destruction Of A Human Fetus The Authors Of Beating Hearts Aim To Reconcile This Apparent Conflict And Examine The Surprisingly Similar Strategic And Tactical Questions Faced By Activists In The Pro Life And Animal Rights Movements Beating Hearts Maintains That Sentience, Or The Ability To Have Subjective Experiences, Grounds A Being S Entitlement To Moral Concern The Authors Argue That Nearly All Human Exploitation Of Animals Is Unjustified Early Abortions Do Not Contradict The Sentience Principle Because They Precede Fetal Sentience, And Beating Hearts Explains Why The Mere Potential For Sentience Does Not Create Moral Entitlements Late Abortions Do Raise Serious Moral Questions, But Forcing A Woman To Carry A Child To Term Is Problematic As A Form Of Gender Based Exploitation These Ethical Explorations Lead To A Wider Discussion Of The Strategies Deployed By The Pro Life And Animal Rights Movements Should Legal Reforms Precede Or Follow Attitudinal Changes Do Gory Images Win Over Or Alienate Supporters Is Violence Ever Principled By Probing The Connections Between Debates About Abortion And Animal Rights, Beating Hearts Uses Each Highly Contested Set Of Questions To Shed Light On The Other.Beating Hearts

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Download ☆ Beating Hearts  By Sherry F. Colb –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Beating Hearts
  • Sherry F. Colb
  • English
  • 23 July 2018
  • 9780231175142

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    The book examines the similarities and differences between abortions and abortion rights and animal rights It s in depth, honest, and compelling.From an emotional perspective, it felt like a roller coaster No matter what position you hold when picking up the book and I assume you do have an opinion on the topics , the book inspects the existing claims to supporting abortion rights and struggling against them while putting those at odds with the arguments for making use of animals or objecting the use of animals.The authors themselves maintain an ostensibly pro choice positi...

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    This is the kind of academic work where the authors tell you their biases up front which is useful and good and then they work reaaallly hard to make you and probably themselves believe that they are doing their best to analyze the issues without too much bias seeping through But then nearly every time they could just write the words eating animal products they choose to call it consuming animal flesh and hormonal secretions going for the visceral negative connotation in an attempt, conscious or unconscious, to influence readers while nearly every time they talk about late term abortion, they call it abortion when its correlate to consuming animal flesh and secretions would be tearing apart fetal limbs and organs , when if they wanted to maintain any pretense of academic distance, both should described clinically.I m pretty surprised an editor didn t say you may want to fix this That s just one really simple example of the problems with this book, most of which are logically significant problems than the one above, which...

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    Interesting comparison of pro life and animal rights movements The chapters on graphic images and activist violence were interesting Their animal rights view is fairly conventional roughly basic rights, abolitionist They make a good case for applying the insights of animal rights theory to f...

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