Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight

One Day, Isaac Thompson Is Just Your Average Fifth Grader Playing The Part Of A Porcupine In The School Play The Next, He Has Strayed Into A Mysterious Subterranean Realm That Has Been Lurking Beneath His School Castle Elementary And Launches His Quest To Knighthood When Isaac S Little Sister Lily Goes Missing From Their School S Creepy Basement, He And His Best Friends Max And Emma Set Out In Search Of Her Their Search Takes Them To The Underground, Where They Encounter An Army Of Spear Wielding Rats, A Talking Human Sized Bat, And A Thumb Nosed Prison Guard But Humans Who Stay In The Underground Too Long Transform Into Weird, Unpleasant Creatures And Are Forced To Work For The Horrible Elf King Can Isaac And His Crew Escape The Underground Before It S Too Late For Them To Ever Return HomeTales of a Fifth-Grade Knight

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☆ Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight  PDF / Epub ✩ Author Douglas  Gibson – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight
  • Douglas Gibson
  • English
  • 02 February 2017
  • 9781623702557

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    If you have a young reader that loves adventure stories, this one is definitely for them It is action packed, fantastic fun, and full of imagination I am ashamed to admit it, but I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this story.What this story is about is Isaac, his little sister Lily, and his two friends One day they are at school practicing for the school play and the next thing they know they are in a whole different world underground One that has elves, enlarged animals that can talk, and a whole bunch of other extremely weird creatures Actually, the weird creatures are just humans that have made their way to the elves in the underground and are some where in the long process of transforming into an elf themselves.The price for becoming an elf and receiving the immortality that comes with it is a lot, you have to be willing to become almost anything in the process There is no telling what kind of changes you will go through You could become invisible, you might become a giant ear, end up with the butt of a firefly, the options are as endless as your imagination Why did Isaac and his friends end up in this world Well, Isaac is the reason that Lily s jewel gem it s a piece of her toy crown go...

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    I was very happy to be asked to review Tales of a Fifth Grade Knight by Douglas Gibson in exchange for a free copy of the book This is a fun, fast paced fantasy novel for middle grades As a librarian, I d probably offer it to children who are ready to move up from short chapter books like the Magic Treehouse, Time Warp Trio or the Dragon Master series It should also appeal to children who love tales with knights and quests Tales of a Fifth Grade Knight opens with three friends, Isaac, Max and Emma at an after school rehearsal for their class play The rehearsal runs late and then Isaac s little sister Lily is nowhere to be found Angry at Lily for making them even later, Isaac behaves badly, causing Lily to lose the plastic gem from her pretend crown A repentant Isaac and friends search for the gem even though it takes them into the school s creepy basement where they get locked in Leave it to Lily to find a secret exit and get lost again They three friends are in for than they bargained for when they follow Lily through a tunnel and into a city of elves and their servants How will the three ever find Lily there Douglas does a great job of ...

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    This is such a cute story Isaac and his friends, through a series of accidents, find themselves in another land hunting for his little sister The Underground is full of some really great ideas I particularly enjoyed the concept of how newcomers became elves Seeing the various stages of transformation as they met the residents of the Underground was great I especially liked the ear man But things get very serious when they find out they may not be able to leave None of them are too keen on sticking around to see what they might be turning in to Lily is especially vulnerable to this change and they need to get her out fast Not all the creatures they run into are good or bad There are quite a few that are just trying to get on with their lives a very great mix The ending is quite nice, but I hope Lily learns a bit of a lesson out of the whole thing Hopefully we ll see in this world The author left it open for another adventure, but still wrapped this one up very nicely Thi...

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    I received my book of Tales of a Fifth Grade Knight by Douglas Gibson and instantly it put a smile on my face Such a great looking book, I was ready to jump right in and see if the story is as cute as the beautiful hard cover copy I was holding in my hands The adventure begins with Isaac and his best pals Max and Emma practicing for their school Bennettsville Elementary School performance Lily, Isaac s sister had been playing with her Elfself dolls while waiting on her brother When all is done and they decide to head home Isaac realizes he forgot about his sister..heads back to get her..she is engrossed in her play..heading out together they realize that Lily s gem has fallen off of her crown and has landed somewhere in the schools very creepy Janitors basement The group of kids go after the gemone thing leads to another, Lily goes missing..they find a dark passageway with clues that Lily went in that direction and they find themselves going down a tunnel that leads to an underground realm where everything is not normal and weirding IS the norm in this little odd world of strange creatures with even stranger names Isaac, Max, and Emma are on a mission to find Lily but it is not easy and they find themselves in very strange situations I must say I especially loved the way the book was written There was some funny mome...

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    Thoughts This was a really fun, creative book The writing is fast paced and exciting, the type of book that instantly pulls you into the story and can keep you occupied for hours I loved Max s character he has one of my favorite personalities and liked the touch of humor he added to the story Isaac is an admirable, likable protagonist that I think most kids my age will be able to relate to The story was incredibly interesting, and although it was also simple, I think all kids ages 6 11 will enjoy this book In addition, I loved the creative twists throughout the story the Ear and the Acro Bat being some of my favorites The high stakes felt very real, so the entire story, I was kept on the edge of my seat This was a super quick read for me, but I still enjoyed it to the fullest and would definite...

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    A Fun, Engaging Rendition of the Hero s Journey for Middle Grade ReadersMy son and I loved reading this book The main character Isaac is, in his own words, nothing special but once he stumbles into the Underground, you ll see that he is, indeed, very special What I love about this book is that it leads its main characters, Isaac, Emma and Max on a Hero s Journey and takes readers along for the ride Tales of a Fifth Grade Knight is a fun, engaging rendition of the Hero s Journey, complete with a Call to Adventure Isaac s lost sister, Lily, goes missing and he and his friends have to find her , and a Crossing of the Threshold into the Underground True to type, too, the story features Allies there s a cool bat creature named Acro who helps Isaac , Enemies rats with spears , Tests including a riddle cont...

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    Tales of a Fifth Grade Knight by Douglas Gibson is a story geared to middle grade students A group of children accidentally discover a hidden underground world They meet many odd creatures, some fearsome rats and an elf king who does not want anyone to leave this world once they enter it.Isaac, whose little sister Lily is obsessed by elves When her gem jewel falls out of her crown and goes down the stairs into the Bennettsville Elementary School s basement she, Issac and his friends Max and Emma try to find it Suddenly they turn around and Lily has disappeared Max and Emma join Isaac on this search to find Lily before they all get weirded out in the land of the Underground They need to escape quickly as they are changing into creatures of the kingdom and if they don t escape they will have to stay and serve the Elf King There are some riddles in the story tha...

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    This book is geared towards the reader age of 9 12 I thought this book was age appropriate Everything from the characters to the story itself was entertaining Who knew there was such an intriguing and a little scary world residing under Isaac s school Yet, I guess I should not be that surprised when your school is an old castle Besides Isaac his friends Max and Emma was cool and so was Isaac s little sister, Lily Although, at times I know Isaac would not think Lily was so cool He is like any typical big brother but when it really co...

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    For full review please go to 5girlsbookreviews.blogspot.com, Twitter camartinez, Facebook 5 Girls Book Reviews REVIEW BY Arianna, age 12 years, 10 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER This is a really good and super funny book My favorite part is when the rats ke...

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    Fast paced, fun, even a little witty.

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