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NOW AN HBO MINISERIESNot In My Backyard That S The Refrain Commonly Invoked By Property Owners Who Oppose Unwanted Development Such Words Assume A Special Ferocity When The Development In Question Is Public Housing Lisa Belkin Penetrates The Prejudices, Myths, And Heated Emotions Stirred By The Most Recent Trend In Public Housing As She Re Creates A Landmark Case In Riveting Detail, Showing How A Proposal To Build Scattered Site Public Housing In Middle Class Neighborhoods Nearly Destroyed An Entire City And Forever Changed The Lives Of Many Of Its Citizens Public Housing Projects Are Being Torn Down Throughout The United States What Will Take Their Place Show Me A Hero Explores The Answer An Important And Compelling Work Of Narrative Nonfiction In The Tradition Of J Anthony Lukas S Common Ground A Sweeping Yet Intimate Group Portrait That Assesses The Effects Of Public Policy On Individual Human Lives.Show Me A Hero

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    During an era that no one still living actually remembers, but everyone seems to yearn for, Yonkers was a great city So writes Lisa Belkin in Show Me a Hero.I came to this book by way of the HBO mini series of the same name The Show Me a Hero mini series was co written by David Simon the man who created The Wire and Trem Both were gripping and compelling I found this latest mini series to be the same I now live in Mount Vernon, which, borders Yonkers Before watching the mini series, and then reading the book upon which it was based, I knew very little detail about this housing fight.Yonkers was one of many large, northern cities that remained segregated well into the 1970s and 1980s In 1980, the Justice Department and the NAACP brought a lawsuit against the city, charging Yonkers with having a segregated school system that was based on a segregated housing plan that had been laid out than 40 years before For four decades, all public housing was kept within one square mile in the southwest corner of the city Other big cities in the north and south were accused of doing the same thing, including Rochester, N.Y., but Yonkers fought the Justice Department, while other cities made concessions Yonkers was eventua...

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    This is a true story of what happened in Yonkers when a judge ordered desegregation of housing in the 70s At the time, predominately white residents lived in the east part of town in nicer apartments and homes and minorities lived in the west side of town in poorly run large scale projects noted for high crime Specifically, the court ordered that scattered affordable housing be constructed in middle class neighborhoods and that residents of the projects on the west side of town be given the opportunity to move to their own new homes on the east side of town The new homes would not be large scale projects but smaller townhouses with backyards and fences They were designed to blend into the communities and give the residents living in them a sense of ownership and responsibility for their property Lisa Belkin is a reporter and did a great deal of research in preparing this story Her reporting skills shine through as she tells the story She took a very complicated story and made it real by telling it through the lives of different human beings living through the experience We meet and get to know different families living on the west side of town and learn about their struggles and jou...

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    1988 to 1990 were tumultuous years in Yonkers, Westchester County, NY, after Judge Sand ordered construction of public housing to be scattered through the previously privileged and all white East Side The hero named in the title is Nicholas Wasicskso, at 28 the youngest mayor in the US, and at 30, dead by his own hand, driven to suicide by his paranoia and hopelessness about political events spun out of control, and his own failed political ambi...

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    This is not a book I normally would have picked up, had it not been for a book club However, it was engrossing, well written, and painted an excellent group portrait of the city of Yonkers from 1988 1993 During this time, Yonkers was federally court ordered to desegregate their public housing by adding units in middle class neighborhoods The people of Yonkers responded like a petulant child Like any well written story, this book showcased the best and worst of human...

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    A lire absolument

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    Excellent narrative nonfiction that is the basis of the current HBO miniseries of the same name The author takes things like city council meetings and makes them highly dramatic I enjoyed her toggling in between the politicians in Yonkers and the residents, some of whom were for, and others against, the court ordered public housing that is the crux of the book s dramatic story I was reminded of two other great books, The Promised Land and American Dream Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation s Drive to End Welfare which covered similar territory public housing in America, which is a contentious issue to this day I was also influenced during my reading and while watching the show by a recent episode of This American Life called The Problem We All Live With, which talks about public school desegregation It s all related, and it s all still very relevant Finally, this book echoed what is probably my favorite nonfiction book of all time Common Ground by Anthony Lucas, which tells the story of Boston s failed busing program in the 70s All of this is a long way of saying that I am interested in this topic and familiar with the parameters of the debate about public housing It is a complex, fraught topic My family lived in public housing or veteran s housing as it was called from the late 1940s until the late 1970s I spent a lot of time in public housing as a kid, and the school where I work is, literally, in the shadow of a large p...

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    While Show Me a Hero is nominally the story of the mid 80 s legal battle to force Yonkers, New York to accept public housing, it s really a lesson in local government, politics, protest, community organizing, and how ...

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    Fascinating story of a housing battle in Yonkers NY in the 1980s An activist judge decided that housing needed to be desegregated and ordered low income housing spread across the town rather than stuck on one side This book is about the people on both sides of the is...

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    Very InsightfulGreat read of a tough topic Very much in the vein of David Simon s books I would have liked some photos,, as all I really had to go on was the mini series.

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    Integration, segregation, desegregation what do they all mean Something different for everyone In Belkin s portrayal of a city in crisis, namely Yonkers, New York back in the mid 1980 s, when corruption was all to common and the infighting rampant, a story of heroism and defeat, of triumph and sadness of the glaring truth of reality in a world torn apart by race, religion and class, a heart wrenching portrayal of agony and defeat comes to life on the pages of Show Me A Hero Well done and brutally honest, Lisa takes us deep into the trenches of politics and what it can do to our neighborhoods, struggling to keep themselves safe from the impending policies of a nation trying to right its wrongs and bringing it to each and every city This is not about integration, but about desegregation undoing the whiteness of communities and adding flavor, but by doing so it means coming up with policies to meet the needs of all involved a very difficult if not almost impossible task Politicians tugged from all sides, constituents fighting for all they hold sacred It is not about putting up walls to keep low income or the blacks and hispanics out, say the citizens of Yo...

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