The War In The Wall Series

For A Limited Time Only Pre Order The First Two Novellas In The War In The Wall Series For The Price Of One Plus, A BONUS Short Story An Exclusive Look Into Novella Three Rebuilding The Walls INSIDE The Wall Novella OneWhat If Everyone Just Stopped Caring What Sort Of World Would We Create For Future Generations Letha And Nathan Were Best Friends Just As Were Their Mothers Before Them Soon, However, Two Dictators Overthrow The City, Take The Children Captive, Kill The Opposing Parents And Then Brainwash, Train, And Sculpt These Children Into Soldiers At First, Letha Rejects The New Life She Leads, Staying Strong Only To Protect Those Younger Than Her She Is Then Given The Ultimate Task Kill Nathan If She Does Not, Everyone, Including Herself, Will Die.In A World Where No One Cares, Letha Struggles Against Herself To Do The Right Thing Ultimately, She Has To Make A Choice, Save Herself Or Drown In The Codependency Of One Young Boy Who Has Become Brainwashed And Hardened Into The Dictator S Web No Matter What Choice She Makes, She Will Have To Lose Someone That She Loves.OUTSIDE The Wall Novella TwoCan You Take A Monster And Place Them Into Society Dr Albert Roth Is Thrown Into A World Of Psychological Terror When He S Directed To Council The Youth Who Have Survived Life Behind The Walls.He Thinks Their Stories Of War Are Traumatic, That Is, Until, Some Of The Youth Decides To Keep Him As Their Own.The War In The Wall Series

Lotus is merely the pen name for a dreamer a writer who can t keep her head out of the clouds.Since childhood, Lotus has spent most of her waking hours devoted to scribbling stories.She isn t like you and I Even her air is different for she breathes novels The world she belongs to is nothing like this one It is a place where only the eccentric venture And, of course a few brave readers

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  • The War In The Wall Series
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  • 17 August 2017

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