The Jihad of Jesus

We Are Caught Up In The Cycle Of So Called Holy Wars In The Jihad Of Jesus, Dave Andrews Argues That While This Inter Communal Conflict Is Endemic, It Is Not Inevitable Depending On Our Understanding, Our Religions Can Be Either A Source Of Escalating Conflict Or A Resource For Overcoming Inter Communal Conflict And For Our Religions To Be A Resource For Overcoming Conflict, We Need To Understand The Heart Of All True Religion As Open Hearted Compassionate Spirituality In The Light Of An Open Hearted Compassionate Spirituality, We Can Reclaim The Word Jihad From Extremists Who Have Mis Appropriated It As Call To Holy War, And Reframe It, In Truly Qur Anic Terms, As A Sacred Nonviolent Struggle For Justice And We Can Reconsider Jesus, As He Is In The Gospels, Not As A Poster Boy For Christians Fighting Crusades Against Muslims, But As A Strong But Gentle Messianic Figure Who Can Bring Christians And Muslims Together As This Book Shows, Many Christians And Muslims Have Found Isa Jesus And The Bismillah Celebrating The Mercy, Grace, And Compassion Of God As Common Ground Upon Which They Can Stand And Work For The Common Good The Jihad Of Jesus Is A Handbook For Reconciliation And Action A Do It Yourself Guide For All Christians And Muslims Who Want To Move Beyond The Clash Of Civilizations, Join The Jihad Of Jesus, And Struggle For Justice And Peace Nonviolently Side By Side.The Jihad of Jesus

David Frank Andrews is an Australian Christian anarchist author, speaker, social activist, community worker, and a key figure in the Waiter s Union, an inner city Christian community network working with Aboriginals, refugees and people with disabilities in Brisbane, Australia.

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    In a post 9 11 world, jihad is a scary concept for many of us in the West We look at ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and violence done in Allah s name and we are.nervous Each of these organizations represent militant, extreme versions of Islam, but isn t jihad a central tenant of Islam Certainly we can point to some pretty terrible moments of Muslim history however we have some terrible moments of our own the crusades, inquisition, the holocaust the Nazis weren t Christian, but Christians are still implicated and Muslims are as perturbed by Christian violence as we are by theirs In The Jihad of Jesus The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice, Dave Andrews examines the mutual history of Holy War in Christianity and Islam, naming evil where he finds it and illuminating the Christian and Muslim jihad for peaceAndrews is a Christian, Anarchist, Australian committed to following Jesus consistently in the way of peace and is active in Christian community development among Aboriginals and refugees in Brisbane He wrote The...

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    What comes to mind when you see the word jihad A so called holy war The Crusades ISIS These are the sorts of things I ve always related to jihad But as it turns out, I had no idea what jihad really means.In The Jihad of Jesus The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice , Dave Andrews reclaims the true meaning of jihad, which is good news for Christians and Muslims alike.He introduces the book with a clarification of the term, taken from Diane Morgan s Essential Islam In Arabic, the word jihad translates as a noun meaning struggle A person engaged in jihad is called a mujahid, the plural of which is mujahideen.There are two commonly accepted meanings of jihad an inner spiritual struggle and an outer physical struggle.The greater jihad is the inner struggle by a believer to fulfill his or her religious duties This non violent meaning is stressed by both Muslim and non Muslim religious authors.The lesser jihad is the physical struggle against oppressors, including enemies of Islam This physical struggle can take a violent form or a non violent form The proponents of the violent form of the struggle translate or, rather, interpret jihad as holy war p 1, quoting Morgan p 87 The book is then divided into two parts The Jihad of Dajjal dajjal is Arabic for deceiver a...

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    cause this is a work of non fiction I don t feel the need to use spoiler tags so beware I ve been a big fan of Dave Andrews for a long time now but haven t had the opportunity to read much of his work so with school holidays on it was a good chance to sit down and have a think about his latest book The Jihad of Jesus In it Dave tackles the growing challenges between Muslim and Christians in our 21st Century and seeks to find some common ground whereby we can be united to work towards the common good of humanity I ve taken to writing a of an extensive review about this book because there is so much in it that I want to remember or ponder on that and I borrowed it from the library so I can t just pull it off the book shelve whenever I want so welcome to my cliff notes edition.Andrews starts his book by giving a correct definition of Jihad, which literally translates as struggle but can be understood on two levels 1 The greater Jihad is the inner struggle by a believer to fulfil his or her religious duties 1pg2 the lesser Jihad is the physical struggle against oppressors, including enemies of Islam This physical struggle can take a violet form or a non violent form 1pgAs someone...

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    Der Klappentext verr t Dschihad der Titel verst rt zutiefst Jesus und der Heilige Krieg Dschihad steht von seiner urspr nglichen Bedeutung her aber auch f r Anstrengung auf ein bestimmtes Ziel hin Bonhoeffer nennt es Nachfolge Kenntnisreich, differenziert und fundiert beleuchtet der bekennende Christ Dave Andrews einen hochaktuellen, verfahrenen Konflikt den islamistischen Terror Pr gnant deckt er die Wurzeln des Fundamentalismus im Islam und Christentum auf und zeigt einen Weg aus dieser ideologischen Falle den Jesus Dschihad den inneren, gewaltfreien und Freiheit schaffenden Weg der Gottesnachfolge Mit einem Interview mit Dr Mohammed Khallouk, Vorstand des Zentralrats der Muslime, und Ekkehart Vetter, Vorsitzender der Deutschen Evangelischen Allianz.Ich wei nicht, was ich von dem Buch halten soll Zum Einen ...

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    Another summer Sunday School read A short book but thought provoking The first two chapters are tough, I suggest skipping them, because they list all the atrocities that Christians have committed in the name of God and then all the atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of God.Chapter 3 is interesting because it discusses why this happens, and talks about closed set and ope...

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    THE JIHAD OF JESUS THE SACRED NON VIOLENT STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE BY DAVE ANDREWS A BOOK REVIEW AND REFLECTIONDave Andrews writes an excellent book on what the Muslim concept of Jihad is truly about He compares it to the way of Jesus, and we as Christians share the same concept of Jihad.Andrews reviews the violent history of both faiths Both have been and are equally violent towards people We see the violence presence across the globe in the violence people use in the name of their faith.We see it in our own country in the violence that people inflict in the name of both faiths and while the author does not talk about it, for his focus is elsewhere, the one aspect that needs to be focused on is violence towards LGBTQ people Recently we experienced that on two separate days with two homeless young men, one a Muslim, the other a Christian The Christian had been kicked out of his home, disowned by his parents, and friends because he is gay this young man had been in conversion therapy, and when he could not become straight was kicked out of his home in the name of Jesus The story of the Muslim young man was basically the same, and he can not find a gay friendly mosque to attend They both have been wounded emotionally in t...

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    Dave Andrews The Jihad of Jesus The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice is one of those timely books that deserves to be read by every Christian and Muslim Ours is an age of sacred violence Muslims and Christians who view one another as enemies in the battle for faithful expression of who and whose God is So while the religions themselves have varying expressions, the rhetoric and the actions that stem from it seem horrifically similar Oppress those who do not think as they do use violence, if necessary, to put down other faith groups and never consider the beliefs and practices of other religious communities to be valid or useful to society.Into such a time as this, Dave Andrews speaks prophetically and peacefully The Jihad of Jesus is that one book that says, better than any other I know, that Muslims and Christians are able to embrace Jesus and unite in a movement of peaceful, nonviolent struggle for justice Andrews has it right All people regardless who they are are loved by God, and it s that rather egalitarian love that informs Andrews vision in The Jihad of Jesus.Given the rich theological traditions that flow into Islam and Christianity,...

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    All religions have a dark side, and the struggle jihad of Jesus to redeem mankind includes redeeming us from ourselves Moving from the tribalistic, ego stroking my religion is better than your religion towards actual redemptive love is where Dave points us This includes enga...

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