Ebook Focus Margie Fleurant There Are Visions And Dreams Within You Waiting To Be Released You Have An Important Destiny To Fulfill And A Kingdom Assignment To Complete So, What S Holding You Back Distraction In An Age Of Unending Technological Advancements, Daily Stress, And Constant Spiritual Static From The Enemy, The Holy Spirit Is Calling You To Focus Margie Fleurant Shows You How To Do This Practically And Powerfully This Doesn T Necessarily Mean Going To A Monastery Or Taking A Spiritual Retreat God Is Actually Looking For Something Else He Wants You To Learn How To Be Spiritually Focused While Living In A Distracted World Receive Empowering Tools To Identify And Eliminate Common Distractions And Keep Your Focus Centered On GodTrain Your Spiritual Senses To Engage The Unseen Realm And Detect Changes In Spiritual AtmospheresSharpen Your Ability To Tune In To God And Speak Prophetically With Clarity And Power Focus Protects You From Those Unfulfilling Pursuits That Are Beneath Your Destiny In God Learn To Avoid The Distractions, Live Mindful Of Your True Identity, And Experience Eternal Life Starting TodayFocus

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Focus book, this is one of the most wanted Margie Fleurant author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Focus
  • Margie Fleurant
  • 20 August 2018
  • 9780768408973

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    Focus written by Margie Fleurant is a book to help the read identify what distractions they have in their lives that is hurting their spiritual life The book contains ten enemies of our spiritual walk Offense is holding on to hurts instead of letting them go.People Pleasing is trying to please other people, rather than pleasing God.Self Absorption is focusing on our inabilities, rather than believing God is powerful enough to help us overcome them.Focus On The Past is one of the man distractions we have Satan loves to remind us of our past hurts and failures God forgives our past.The Easy Road is accepting what is good, doing small things God has called us to do great things, than we could ever imagine.The Noise Of The Enemy is paying attention to troubling thoughts we have Are these our thoughts are those from the devil.Discouragement comes to us when things happen in our lives to get in the way of accomplishing our goals Putting our hope in Jesus enables us to get past this and focus on our destiny.The ...

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    Focus Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision by author Margie Fleurant is a Spiritual Growth Charismatic Prayer book published by Destiny Image This 208 page book states on its back cover There are visions and dreams within you waiting to be released You have an important destiny to fulfill and a Kingdom assignment to complete So, what s holding you back Distraction In her book, author Fleurant explores distractions and gives readers tools that an be applied to help us focus She begins her chapters with a quote from a famous person such as Mother Teresa, Joyce Meyer, Zig Zigler, Charles Spurgeon, and even Jesus These quotes apply to each chapter s topic The chapter concludes with a prayer of reflection The body of it is loaded with inspiration, scripture, examples, and help The author states we need to identify and get rid of common distractions so that God will be our main focus She says we need to train our spiritual senses and to sharpen our ability to be attuned to God Part One of her book, chapters one through five, broach Restoring Spiritual Focus Part Two, chap...

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    I am glad I was able to read this book I am one of those who allows distractions to keep me off focus Sometimes I think I m on the right path, and suddenly I m going in another direction This book was so inspiring to read The author did a great job of targeting areas where we can lose our focus such as prayer time and reading the bible The enemy loves to find ways to keep us away from God He can use hurt, unforgiveness or simply thinking you don t have time to sit and read a few scriptures It is time for us to focus and not let distractions keep us from our destiny To fix our eyes on Jesus , we must do than look for Him We must look at Him I loved the example the author gave about Mary She sat and listened to Jesus as He spoke Others thought she should be doing chores but her desire was to learn and be in His presence We must learn to be as focused as Mary was It didn t matter that there were other things that needed her attention She took the time to ...

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    Wow, with our daily lives being non stop this book is an amazing resource tool As a mom of three boys I remember when they were young and it felt like an accomplishment just to have dinner together This book shows us how we need to focus on tuning God in and leave the distractions behind This book is well written and layed out perfectly for the lay person Part one shows us how to restore are spiritual focus according to God s standards In part two she goes over the common distractions that we as Christians are focusing too much on Each chapter has mu...

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