Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town

From Bestselling Author Jon Krakauer, A Stark, Powerful, Meticulously Reported Narrative About A Series Of Sexual Assaults At The University Of Montana Stories That Illuminate The Human Drama Behind The National Plague Of Campus Rape.Missoula, Montana, Is A Typical College Town, With A Highly Regarded State University, Bucolic Surroundings, A Lively Social Scene, And An Excellent Football Team The Grizzlies With A Rabid Fan Base The Department Of Justice Investigated 350 Sexual Assaults Reported To The Missoula Police Between January 2008 And May 2012 Few Of These Assaults Were Properly Handled By Either The University Or Local Authorities In This, Missoula Is Also Typical A DOJ Report Released In December Of 2014 Estimates 110,000 Women Between The Ages Of Eighteen And Twenty Four Are Raped Each Year Krakauer S Devastating Narrative Of What Happened In Missoula Makes Clear Why Rape Is So Prevalent On American Campuses, And Why Rape Victims Are So Reluctant To Report Assault Acquaintance Rape Is A Crime Like No Other Unlike Burglary Or Embezzlement Or Any Other Felony, The Victim Often Comes Under Suspicion Than The Alleged Perpetrator This Is Especially True If The Victim Is Sexually Active If She Had Been Drinking Prior To The Assault And If The Man She Accuses Plays On A Popular Sports Team The Vanishingly Small But Highly Publicized Incidents Of False Accusations Are Often Used To Dismiss Her Claims In The Press If The Case Goes To Trial, The Woman S Entire Personal Life Becomes Fair Game For Defense Attorneys This Brutal Reality Goes A Long Way Towards Explaining Why Acquaintance Rape Is The Most Underreported Crime In America In Addition To Physical Trauma, Its Victims Often Suffer Devastating Psychological Damage That Leads To Feelings Of Shame, Emotional Paralysis And Stigmatization PTSD Rates For Rape Victims Are Estimated To Be 50%, Higher Than Soldiers Returning From War.In Missoula, Krakauer Chronicles The Searing Experiences Of Several Women In Missoula The Nights When They Were Raped Their Fear And Self Doubt In The Aftermath The Way They Were Treated By The Police, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys The Public Vilification And Private Anguish Their Bravery In Pushing Forward And What It Cost Them.Some Of Them Went To The Police Some Declined To Go To The Police, Or To Press Charges, But Sought Redress From The University, Which Has Its Own, Non Criminal Judicial Process When A Student Is Accused Of Rape In Two Cases The Police Agreed To Press Charges And The District Attorney Agreed To Prosecute One Case Led To A Conviction One To An Acquittal Those Women Courageous Enough To Press Charges Or To Speak Publicly About Their Experiences Were Attacked In The Media, On Grizzly Football Fan Sites, And Or To Their Faces The University Expelled Three Of The Accused Rapists, But One Was Reinstated By State Officials In A Secret Proceeding One District Attorney Testified For An Alleged Rapist At His University Hearing She Later Left The Prosecutor S Office And Successfully Defended The Grizzlies Star Quarterback In His Rape Trial The Horror Of Being Raped, In Each Woman S Case, Was Magnified By The Mechanics Of The Justice System And The Reaction Of The Community.Krakauer S Dispassionate, Carefully Documented Account Of What These Women Endured Cuts Through The Abstract Ideological Debate About Campus Rape College Age Women Are Not Raped Because They Are Promiscuous, Or Drunk, Or Send Mixed Signals, Or Feel Guilty About Casual Sex, Or Seek Attention They Are The Victims Of A Terrible Crime And Deserving Of Compassion From Society And Fairness From A Justice System That Is Clearly Broken.Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town

Jon Krakauer is an American writer and mountaineer, well known for outdoor and mountain climbing writing.

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  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town
  • Jon Krakauer
  • English
  • 08 June 2017
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    Absolutely gripping The subject matter is one close to my heart, but after reading this and Krakauer s Under the Banner of Heaven, I m starting to think he can make any subject interesting with his emotive and engaging writing style Who knows Maybe I can even get myself interested in mountaineering and tackle Into Thin Air or Eiger Dreams.We shall see.Anyway, Missoula Rape and the Justice System in a College Town is extremely horrifying I followed a number of the cases the author writes about but I didn t know the extent to which law enforcement failed the rape victims at the University of Montana Most people know that it is hard to prosecute in rape cases the ol he said she said , etc , but what is especially astounding here is how much evidence was ignored by detectives and how interviews were conducted that assumed blame toward the victim and innocence toward the accused Krakauer draws directly from interview transcripts to show how reluctant police were to prosecute accused rapists, even when they actually did have a good amount of evidence against them Police refused to speak to key eyewitnesses, disregarded DNA and blood evidence, and one prosecutor later testified at a UofM hearing that the victim was fuzzy as to whether she gave consent, even though the interview transcript shows the victim clearly stating she said no and stop multiple times.The book offers a deep criticism of a system that puts the desire to win cases before the desire for justice, and the desire to protect the future of suspected rapists over the desire to protect further young women from being raped.Informative, accessible and powerful An important subject tackled by a truly fantastic writer Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    Rape in unique No other crime is so fraught with controversy, so enmeshed in dispute and in the politics of gender and sexuality.This book is not an easy read It is however a book that should be read It really should be required reading in high school and early college years Not just for the boys either Girls need this book too.I wish I could do this book justice in a review I just don t think I can encompass it well enough Just read this book people Even if you hate the way Jon Krakauer writes it still has a message that needs to be read.Krakauer focuses on the Missoula area, that does not mean that these stories are limited to that area It was just the area chosen to focus on what is a epidemic that needs stopped Several women are focused on in this book Some of their stories involve the fact that they had consumed alcohol before their rapes They may have known their rapists They might even have engaged in some foreplay with these guys Does that mean that when they said no that their NO wasn t as valid as that woman on the street being jumped by that unknown guy that is raping her Hell no Then when the woman does work up the nerve to actually tell someone that she was raped She gets a trip to the clinic for a forensic rape test.For the next four hours I was essentially raped all over again I had to stand completely naked on a white sheet and let a nurse brush my entire body to collect evidence that might contain his DNA Victim s Name most private recesses were probed, combed, swabbed, photographed, and intensely scrutinized by strangers.Victims have to be interviewed by police officers who always ask Do you have a boyfriend They have to make sure the victim is not in fact someone that cheated and is using this as an excuse for their loved ones.You re just being a slut You re fucking other guys, and you re trying to cover that up by saying you were raped.Then the public trial of the victims In one case a lawyer for the guy had a woman s roommates interviewed and her house watched There is even a female prosecutor in this book that declined filing criminal charges on one male and then testified in his behalf at the college Even though there was a taped confession that he did rape the female in question.This book shook me I m sitting her even writing the review with chill bumps on my arms HOW DO WE STOP THIS Changes need to be made so that when a female or male comes forward with a rape claim that they aren t treated like crap We need to change the fact that most rapes don t even get reported Changes need to be made and talking about it and getting upset enough to make our voices heard I m the mom of both boys and girls I m just completely gutted by this culture that s story is told in this book Booksource Library

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    The book was brilliantly and exhaustively written.The system seems to be all women are guilty of getting themselves raped, or if they aren t guilty it wasn t that bad And any efforts to accuse men, Our Footballers especially, will be seen as wicked girls who couldn t get a boyfriend or had some other contemptible and probably girlie motive Police will only prosecute rape when they are 100% sure of getting a conviction as that looks good on their record Advice to girls going to college 1 Do not go anywhere unaccompanied Preferably you should have an older female chaperone It would be best if you didn t go out after dark or to anywhere where males who drink congregate or even a football game.2 Do not drink If you do and you are raped, that will be sure to count against you Do not allow anyone you are with including a chaperone to drink, if they do it will be sure to count against you.3 Do not open your flat dorm door to anyone male This applies even to boys you went to kindergarten with and have been friends with for nearly 20 years Especially don t open the door to them because it is guaranteed to count against you.4 Wear a burka It will be sure to count against you as you will be drawing attention to yourself but you won t be able to be accused of wearing inappropriate clothes that give men the wrong idea.5 Do not ever go up to a man to talk to him, congratulate him, ask him for advice, or just to say hey hey bro, wassup That will definitely count against you.6 If you are raped then you must scream at the top of your lungs and fight your attacker vigorously even if he outweighs you by over 100 lb, his arm is cutting off your windpipe and by fighting you might be putting your life in danger If you don t then you are giving him the wrong idea that it s ok to have sex with you 7 You must go to the police who will have every sympathy with your attacker if he is a Football Star or just a nice young man Accusing him of rape will definitely count against you unless you can prove it 100% like have two witnesses there who didn t know each other and who each take photographs, that would definitely count against him If you can prove it 100% you are well away as the police are always looking to improve their conviction rape statistics so they can get promoted.8 If you are raped you must go to the hospital and have a rape kit done This will take longer than the rape, it will definitely be as humiliating if not so and if you think it s all confidential in a small town, think again The nurses who are not involved and other people walking past looking at you looking freaked are not bound by any rules of confidentiality You will be gossiped about and it will definitely count against you.9 Should this get to court, the whole of the prosecution will be there to prove that you are a slut who is just trying to get a really nice guy into trouble and ruin his career and education Probably because he didn t want to go out with you after sex or your boyfriend found out you screwed the guy.10 Should you actually get a conviction, this will definitely count against you Lots of people will think you are a nasty slut who just wanted to ruin etc etc and they will put it all over Facebook, Twitter and slag you off as you pass them in the hallways or the street.So what would have been better Well, to lie there and let the guy rape you and in the future instead of speaking to him, just nod politely if he says hi he won t think he s done anything wrong, he only had sex with you when you didn t really want it, right and be on your way That way you won t face public ignominy, abuse, slander and possibly having your educational career and life ruined Lie back and think of football Notes, rants, links and reviews when reading the book view spoiler Update 1 Cecily s link to consent to sex is a lot like having a cup of tea.Update 2 A rant I checked out this website AVM A Voice for Men This is nothing to do with the book It s just a two paragraph rant Then it s the book This is a sickening site Kids as young as 17 hating women Men saying that they watch the latest crop of women, aged 18, who are untainted by feminism Men telling women to just get over it if they ve been raped I hate to think of how their mothers would feel if they knew their sons, no matter what age they are, wrote on this sad site Men, real men, like women as friends as well as sex partners That means they have to be feminists too, by any other name, as you can only really be friends with an equal You can t be friends with a subordinate, that s another kind of relationship Men, real men, love having sex with extremely enthusiastic women and are much less keen on the idea of sex with a woman who isn t interested and don t want it at all with women who hate the idea of having it with them and won t do it without being forced The web site thinks men like this aren t real men It s very sad So, this website AVM seeks to denounce the institution of marriage as unsuitable and unsafe for modern man and to warm men and boys about the threat of feminists One of their main points is that it is not one in 4 women who will be sexually harrassed in college, but only 2% of women in America over the course of their entire lives All other women malicious, lying feminists who getting innocent men imprisoned It seems that they, and quite a lot of policemen think that if an accusation of rape can t be taken to court, then that proves the woman must be lying Must be making a false accusation and therefore be a criminal herself.These people should go and live in a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Somalia etc There are no, not even one, false accusations of rape Since the woman will be punished for being raped as it is, she s hardly likely to complain of it anyway Robert O Hara, news director of AVM, had a meeting with Nicole Brother of the English version of Al Jazeera He told her that a kabal of feminists are trying to silence AVM by saying they are crazy psychopaths view spoiler if the cap fits hide spoiler

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    Short review Ban MenLonger review Horrifying look at rape culture at work in Missoula, MT, but also applicable everywhere The first half of the book is much stronger The second half is basically court transcripts I would have liked to see synthesis, and author insight At the very end Krakauer is also like, I had no idea it was this bad and that so many women were raped and now I know, and it was kind of strange but I guess it was also honest What really struck me in this book is how it stated what so many of us already know there is little justice to be found where rape is concerned and we have a A LOT of work yet to do.

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    I will read anything Krakauer writes This book, in particular, is both powerful and necessary As he writes rather than being the nation s rape capital, Missoula had an incidence of sexual assault in 2010 that was in fact slightly less than the national average That s the real scandal.

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    All right, I m going to be an asshole.That s really the only way this will come off, isn t it How can I explain that, while I believe that the subject matter is incredibly important, disturbing, and heart wrenching, that the book itself doesn t live up to the task I love Jon Krakauer s work What I love most about his writing is the way that he uses very specific narratives to talk about, and to illustrate, a much broader point In INTO THE WILD, he wrote about one man s purposeful isolation, and how that reflects on all of our desire to similarly escape In UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN, he wrote about two men s brutal killings, and how that reflects on fundamentalism gone dangerously awry For MISSOULA, the objective seemed clear enough by telling the tale of 2 3 women who were victims of sexual assault, he d talk broadly about how the justice system is broken.And in some ways, Krakauer pulls this off When he does pull back to look at society at large, the book works wonderfully The information here is devastating Krakauer is wise to pull much of his quotes from Judith Herman s excellent TRAUMA AND RECOVERY When Krakauer talks about these issues, and how importantly they are, he does so deftly and sensitively while never losing sight of the magnitude of the problem But I found that the individual narratives of the women were often bogged down Most of the information about these individual stories are court proceedings, and much of our time in this book is spent with transcripts about what was said in court I understand that this keeps the book s veracity high, but it doesn t make for great reading Ultimately, there is a lot to like about MISSOULA It s scary without being sensationalist, and Krakauer s clear eyed approach is difficult with such a sensitive topic I hope that people read the book and are inspired to check out TRAUMA AND RECOVERY Even if they don t, I think it d be impossible to walk away from this without some sense of indignature towards our sexual and judicial culture.

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    This is a painful, frustrating, teeth grinding, angst inducing, trigger filled must read.For those who think Krakauer is picking on Missoula, or out to tarnish the image of a whole community, get over it and read the book In the end he praises the University of Montana where my daughter goes to school for their improvements, he lauds the Missoula police, and highlights a weak spot for victims of sexual assault in the local justice system the County Attorney s office Will those in charge of prosecuting rapists actually improve their atrocious record of doing so We can only hope.

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    This narrative shocked me enraged me then frightened me Krakauer exposes a rape culture that resides in the University of Missoula, Montana Rape is the most under reported, prevalent violent crime against women and often committed by men whom they are acquainted with This looks at 3 specific cases where the accused are football players No than 20% of rapes are reported Why Just look at how they are adjudicated The victim re victimized and traumatized physically through the collection of evidence and emotionally through the retelling to school officials, police, lawyers Their own lives being scrutinized, smeared The accused regarded as heroes icons untouchables holding a sense of entitlement impunity immunity Krakauer debunks the rape myth that victims are drunk, promiscuous, or sending mixed messages Stats reflect this to be an issue of a much larger scale It s an epidemic in the U.S.I d like to think being in Canada this doesn t happen here I d like to think that as my daughter prepares to embark on her university education in less than 12 months But that s a fallacy The reality is rape is real and prevalent in these communities where victims know their assailants We need to be compassionate and supportive of these victims who are courageous enough to come forward We need to be advocates and also ensure our young men know what s right, what s wrong and what is NOT ok EVER 4

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    At the end of almost every audiobook the narrator comes on and says We hope you have enjoyed this audio presentation of insert title This morning when I got to the end of Jon Krakauer s latest book, and heard that, I had to laugh No, I did not enjoy Missoula Rape and the Justice System in a College Town It is an excruciatingly painful book to read or listen to It describes, in living Technicolor, several gut wrenching sexual assaults and the years of psychological torment that the victims of those assaults must endure In addition, it spotlights shortcomings in our criminal justice system that only exacerbate the torture and suffering these victims experience.As painful as this book is to read, though, I believe that it is one that everyone should read There are too many myths and misconceptions about rape that need to be corrected When we hear the word rapist most of us picture some stranger in a ski mask breaking into an apartment armed with a knife While such assaults do happen, 80 percent of rapes are perpetrated by people the victim knows and trusts Of all the cases discussed in this book, the rapist was always considered a trusted friend by the victim Another myth that is commonly held is that if a girl is really being raped, she will scream, fight, and do everything in her power up to and including risking her life, to resist When police, prosecutors and juries believe that acquaintances can t be rapists or that submission signifies assent, it is easy to see why rape is the most underreported violent crime on the books.I could say I want to say but I feel that if I started writing, I would not stop until I had a review that was longer that the book I am reviewing I do want to point out one important thing which Krakauer made clear This book did not focus on Missoula and the University of Montana because rapes take place there than elsewhere In truth, the rate for reported sexual assaults at the University of Montana is actually slightly less that the average The book shone a spotlight on Montana to show what the situation is like everywhere.FYI On a 5 point scale I assign stars based on my assessment of what the book needs in the way of improvements 5 Stars Nothing at all If it ain t broke, don t fix it 4 Stars It could stand for a few tweaks here and there but it s pretty good as it is 3 Stars A solid C grade Some serious rewriting would be needed in order for this book to be considered great or memorable 2 Stars This book needs a lot of work A good start would be to change the plot, the character development, the writing style and the ending 1 Star The only thing that would improve this book is a good bonfire.

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    A powerful examination of the realities of rape on college campuses Missoula in this book , is just frickin TOO HIGH The stories in Missoula are gut wrenching details after details Is it any wonder justice is hard to come byMore rapes go under reported than any other crime A crime which leaves life long scars If the big crimes on college campuses of under reporting were stealing which happens too , the victim would feel angry, invaded, and a range of other emotionbut usually not have the same life long emotional haunting scarSo hopefully Jon Krakauer s book is making a difference for change.We need not only talk to our young daughters about rape sexual assault, verbal pressures, problematic relationships or situations they may find themselves in but to our sonsour young men Young men damage woman s lives, their families lives, and themselves Hopefully this book will be a contribution to all college campuses A need for prevention and support systems California recently passed the first ever bill to define sexual consent on college campuses The Affirmative Consent Law YES means YES A person s silence or passivity in the face of sexual advances cannot be taken as consent Rapist won t be exonerated because their victims were too intoxicated, or immobilizedwith fear or shame, to articulately refuse We need to change culture expectations so that sex is something people engage in when it is equally desired not a goal that someone strives toward regardless of the situation An important aspect of this book is dispelling any misconception of a rapist profile The non stranger entitled athlete.has gotten away with crimes long enoughA must read book Disturbing as Hell Yet Hopefully we will see rape cases successfully prosecuted. victims come forward and not let fear stop them from reporting their story right away Better yet.may rape substantially decrease on all College campuses and for all women.men too.

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