Never Let Me Go

One Night That S All It Was Supposed To Be No Strings No Complications Grace DeLeo Didn T Do One Night Stands She Was A Relationship Girl Through And Through All Of That Went Out The Window When She Met Logan In A Bar While He Was In Town On Business Logan McFadden Liked His No Strings Lifestyle He Loved His Rules Everything Had A Place, And There Was No Space For A Relationship Or Feelings One Night That S All It Took To Change Things Forever.Never Let Me Go

I started writing in 2011 and it quickly became a passion for me I m very lucky that writing brought so many amazing people into my life And it also brought me the love of being a cheerleader I learned that aside from writing, I love helping other authors reach for their own dreams If you need someone in your corner, please don t hesitate to message me

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  • Never Let Me Go
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  • 25 March 2019

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    Usually the first chapter of any book makes me decide whether a book is turning me on or off.I am afraid the intro had me cringing which I doubt was the author s intent.I know current new adult books are brimming with overindulgent sexcapades but in the intro scene the sex scenes where barely descriptive just plain simple so I,THE READER was not draw in nor captivated by anything the hero did or did not do because this was all I read Logan was insatiable he took me places I had never been, made me feel things I didn t think were possible.Just when I thought I was done, he pushed for Oh Kitten, we re not even close to done He grinned wickedly and crushed his mouth against mine.He angled his hips in a way that hit every sensitive spot at once and I bit my lip to keep from screaming his name I knew it at that moment, he had just ruined me for anyone...

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    OMG I think this book is my fave by far of Jessica Gibsons books It was so hot Loved every minute of it, once I started reading it I couldnt put it down I mean Logan was the total package wealth, charming and sex appeal who wouldnt fall for him at first sight I really wanted to get to know his friend I hope we hear about him in the next book or maybe even in a spi...

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    In the first part of Never Let Me Go we meet Logan, a rich playboy who only does one night stands That is, until he meets Grace Grace is a kind business owner who is looking for true love She doesn t do the one night stand thing she gets too emotional But when she meets Logan in a bar, she can t help herself They have a quick fling that both of them can t seem to forget After months of being miserable, Grace s family forces her to go see Logan and see if what they had was a real connection Her relationship with her family was my favorite part Her sister Faith was funny and always tells it like it is I ll cancel I can get laid whenever, and you need me than I need a dick I loved the encouragement the sisters provided to each other throughout everything.The connection between Logan and Grace is instant Before long, I had her pressed up against the wall with her legs around my waist I wanted all of her pleasure, it belonged to me At times, I felt that t...

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    I received for my honest opinion and honestly the only disappointment was it finished and I wanted I started reading and finished in one day I had not even realized that I was near the end, it is a cliffhanger The story itself is great you can sincerely relate to the characters We all have that friend or family member that wants true love And when they fall they fall hard Grace is a romantic and she never does one night stands, for whatever the reason she take...

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    Jessica Gibson is one of my favorite authors She has such pure raw talent I am always totally sucked into her books and finish them so quickly This one was no different.Logan and Grace met at a bar how clich It was suppose to be just one night Sometimes it takes just one chance meeting to know things are meant to be with someone.When Logan and Grace meet up again sparks fly Can they really make this work...

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    I had the honor of reading an ARC of this novella and I loved it The chemistry between Logan and Grace is off the charts there is no denying they belong together I am DYING to read the next installment It can t get here fast enough for me Jessica Gibson is on my must read ...

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    Dear Mr McFadden,

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    Omg this books was amazing At every turn of the page ur waiting to see what happens The characters are funny and u can relate to them easily U knw before u start that there is going them be a cliff hanger because it s just part 1 but u won t believe the way it ends U must read it to find out.

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    Never let me go is a 3 book series with each book being approximately 100pages in each book.As the books are short in the series I managed to read all 3 books in a few hours This book and series really split me in half One part of me really enjoyed the dynamic of the story as it was not just based on the couples relationship but it was very focused on friendship and family The other part of me was just so thrown with how fast paced the story was The story went from a one nightstand with Logan and Grace, to the both pining for each other for each other for 3 months because of the one night stand , to meeting up again and Logan deciding he was moving from New York to Chicago and wanting Grace to move in with him It all happened within the first 50 pages and was so unrealistic that I couldn t take the book seriously I m glad that the family and friend dynamic was so strong and that Logan had secrets and mystery in his life that kept me interested and wanting to find out Grace is a women who is strong, owns her own company and has a great relationship with her sisters All the sisters were so different but similar at the same time Logan is a billionaire and is only...

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    Rating 3 stars Title Never Let Me GoSeries Never Let Me Go 1Author Jessica GibsonGenre Contemporary RomanceSource ARC provided by Promotional Book Tours Cover 3 starsCharacters 3 starsPlot 3 starsHeat 3 starsFreshness 3 starsAddictiveness 3 starsTotal 3 stars 12 24 Grace De Leo was a relationship kind of a gal Until she met Logan and decided to throw caution out of the window and be wild for one night She knew her craziness was going to bring her pain and she regretted her actions as soon as the morning arrived Now, how would she move on I was stupid to let myself dream about a future with a man I had just met He had been clear from the start It was only the one night Logan McFadden was not looking for relationships He had simple rules to never share last names and personal information with his affairs Until he met Grace and she proved to be a temptation bigger than his set of rules Were they fated to be together I don t do perfect, and I don t do relationships I m not comfortable with them They are too familiar Never Let Me Go had a good story flow, with no typo mistakes and good cohesion Both main characters were interesting and it also had several promising secondary characters The chemistry between characters was obvious and their passionate scenes were fun The story hooked me enough, that I would have bought part two right now, if it were out yet Even though the main characters were ...

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