Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5)

Kian O Reilly Is Flawless As A Killer Well Practiced In The Art Of Making Murder Look Like An Accident, He Is Selfish, Wealthy, And Totally Arrogant As A Soul Stealing Tourist But When He Ends Up Stranded On Cape Cod With A Stolen Car And A Dead Drug Dealer In The Trunk, He Thinks His Luck Couldn T Get Any Worse.That Is, Until Ana Lane Shows Up.Gifted As A Mechanic And Surfer, Feisty Ana Is Not A Fan Of The Entitled Frat Boys Who Show Up Every Summer, Messing With Local Girls Believing Kian Is One Of Those Typical Rich Brats, She Fixes His Car And Ruthlessly Dismantles His Cocky Ego Which Intrigues The Dangerous Soul Thief.Determined To Spend Time With The Prickly Mechanic, Kian Sets Out To Understand What Makes Ana So Fierce Soon, However, He Uncovers The Painful Truth Behind The Real Ana Lane And The Human Monster She Lives With May Be The Most Dangerous Of All.Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5)

K.R Conway is a sarcastic bugger who likes to torment Cape Cod s summertime tourists, taunting them about sneaky sharks and traffic free backroads She s been a professional journalist since 1999 when several newspaper editors lost their minds and hired her as a feature writer She is best known, however, for her Urban Fantasy series, Undertow, which reads like a mash up of Jaws and The Goonies.

[PDF / Epub] ❤ Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5)  ✅ K.R. Conway –
  • Paperback
  • 231 pages
  • Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5)
  • K.R. Conway
  • English
  • 10 September 2018

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to K.R Conway, Wicked Whale, and NetGalley I couldn t help but believe in a higher power, because Kian O Reilly was one rebellious, rock star of an angel.And I was entirely falling for him This book basically gave us a bit insight into Ana and Kian s relationship, and I liked the romance.I felt really sorry for poor Ana in this story The way her father abused her was awful, and I was so glad that Kian was around to help her heal afterwards Kian came across as quite harsh at the beginning of this book, but he did seem to have a soft spot for Ana that developed as he got to know her She was Tinker Bell s bad ass, smoking hot, alter ego And granted, she was technically a walking meal ticket to me, but damn For a moment I ...

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    I just want to start by saying that I think this series is absolutely one of the most underrated out there It is truly unique and riveting It took me a bit to get into the first book, Undertow, but by the end I was completely hooked The second book, Stormfront, totally blew me away no pun intended My two favorite characters happen to be Ana and Kian Even though they are supporting yet vital cast in the other books, they take center stage in Cruel Summer This is their history.or a brief cruel summer that ended or began it, depending on your perspective.

    Do you enjoy bad ass chicks that take no shit from anyone and red hot guys with a razor sharp wit yet a gooey center That is what I get from Kian and Ana Ana is amazing protag She is dealing with some really rough stuff at home, an abusive alcoholic father to be exact She often finds herself sleeping in her truck to avoid him while he is at the house I really felt for Ana Her logic regarding her father is simply heart wrenching She really does love him since she can remember a time when it wasn t always this way This makes her cling to the notion that perhaps he will come around and she must be there to help him manage when he does There is a lot of tension in the beginning between Ana and her best friend, M.J Kian just happens to witness this and somehow manages to get tangled up in the sticky web He knows he should steer clear of all humans since they are mostly a food sourc...

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    K.R Conway s writing style transports the reader into a vivid world of mystery, magic romance Cruel Summer is a must read for all lovers of YA

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    Having read the first two books in the Undertow series, I wasn t sure how this novella would fit Well, It fit perfectly, like a puzzle piece There is just enough of a back story to be a stand alone book, without even knowing that there were other main characters involved in the series main story line The evolution of the characters, both havin...

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    I am a huge fan of the undertow series in fact i re read the first two books often This book is an amazing addition to the series if you havent read undetow and stormfront then why not read them then read cruel summer and trust me you wont regret it Video review 16 09 2016 I re read this and omg why cant I give then 5 stars This is an amazing heart wren...

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    I recieved this on a read to review basis thanks to Net Galley, Wicked Whale and K.R Conway This was a really good novella It follows the story of Ana and Kian.It was a really good quick read and now its made me w...

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    Wicked WhalePublishing Date March 2015ISBN 9780987476524 Genre FantasyRating 2.5 5Publisher Description Kian O Reilly is flawless as a killer Well practiced in the art of making murder look like an accident, he is selfish, wealthy, and totally arrogant as a soul stealing immortal But when he ends up stranded on Cape Cod with a stolen car and a dead drug dealer in the trunk, he thinks his luck couldn t get any worse That is, until Ana Lane shows up.Review Why is there not a corvette on the cover Love, hate The first half of this novel was really good Kian, a soulless killer with a dead drug dealer in the trunk, stumbles into a spit and vinegar mechanic with a heart of gold What follows is funny repartee between the two, with a shape shifting sidekick and some seriousness thrown in Then it turns into a self indulgent Nora Roberts spew where His deep smooth voice seemed to fill the area like rich smoke , and My stupid heart was vibrating, causing my voice to turn breathless Plus the rippled abs etc etc What the fuck happened here From interesting characters that breath life into every scene to diminished love struck idiots frolicking on a yacht, mooning at each other and constantly deliberating This connection they feel for each other So during all this love ...

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    I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion This book was an amazing addition to the Undertow series After reading Stormfront the second book in the Undertow series , I knew that I wanted to read about Ana and Kian I think every time I read a book in this series I get attached to the characters and the plot This is most defiantly one of the most underrated series I have ever read.K.R Conway has the amazing ability to write books that have great pacing, witty writing, genuine characters, and amazing romance All of her books have sucked me into the story and never let go until the last page I love that this series is driven both by an intriguing plot and relatable characters I always find myself comparing this series to the Twilight series, but this series is so much better I really found myself gravitating tword the relationship between Kian and Ana rather than the one between Raef and Eila Kian is the bad boy that is protective over Ana, but not controlling He allows Ana to make her own decisions, but is there to help her is things turn out badly Their relationship felt very genuine and sweet I almost wish that the Undertow series focused on Kian ...

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    Cruel Summer, K.R ConwayReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre YA and teens, Sci fi Fantasy I really enjoyed the first two Undertow books, they re examples of well written YA that appeals to older readers too This one follows that format of a book that s not dumbed down, doesn t have thin, flimsy plots, but is packed with realistic characters and a story that unfolds to reveal many facets Kian it was clear in the other books that there was some history between him and Ana, but we never quite knew the full story Here we get to see it all, get a deeper insight into Kian s thoughts and reasoning He seems like a cold blooded killer and to be honest that s a fairly accurate description of his early years, but even though he needs to kill to survive he s found a way around that which appeases his conscience He s not quite the man his surface image portrays, as Ana soon finds out Of course she doesn t know he s than just a rich, handsome and alluring tourist, but then she and best friend MJ have some secrets of their ownI really enjoyed this interlude into Kian s life and how he meets Ana The story is told in alternating parts betwe...

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    KR Conway just gets better and better Cruel Summer is the story of Ana and Kian, two members of Eila s intrepid gang of misfits from the Undertow series It takes place the summer one year before Eila moves to Cape Cod Their story is hinted at in both Undertow and Stormfront, but this book is that story in all it s messy, funny, and at times heart breaking glory The brilliance of Cruel Summer though is the way Conway was able to create a stor...

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