The Turnagain Arm

❴KINDLE❵ ✿ The Turnagain Arm Author Julie Flanders – A preuel to the paranormal thriller Polar Night Locomotive wheels screech to a halt Potters Creek Alaska is nothing than a small camp set up alongside the tracks A weathered sign dominates the scene T A preuel to the paranormal thriller Polar Night Locomotive wheels screech to a halt Potters Creek Alaska is nothing than a small camp set up alongside the tracks A weathered sign dominates the scene The Turnagain Arm Saloon Est Only one passenger remains and exits The early afternoon full moon peaks through a shimmering snow fall as a shadow casts over each split rail The wind howls sweeping The Turnagain Kindle - the cloak of a hooded figure He follows the tracks toward the distant saloon A hulking man crunches through the snow attracting his attention Calling out to him in a foreign accent the townsman stops in mid step The stranger catches up and engages him Until The man disappears under the stranger’s cloak Blood drips from his lips and he wipes the remaining trickles from his mouth After disposing of the body the mysterious figure continues on his journey He glides through the snow as if on a sleigh leaving no footprints behind Within a short period he convinces Vasyl the owner of the saloon to hire him Aleksei charms everyone he meets But soon mistrust enters every tense line on Vasyl’s face as others disappear and his wife falls under Aleksei’s spell The classic game of cat and mouse continues but who will win Is a mere mortal any match for Aleksei A spark ignites within Alexei after yet another of Vasyl’s attempts to disgrace him This man knows of me He must be a witch Aleksei laughs You are no match for me or my plan.The Turnagain Arm

I am a librarian and writer in Cincinnati Ohio I am also a Game of Thrones addict and a slightly obsessive Ohio State Buckeye fan In addition I am an animal lover and a rescue advocate and I share my home with my rescued dog and cat My debut children's book Baby Moo's Great Escape was published in and its seuel Baby Moo Goes to Hollywood will The Turnagain Kindle - be released in My novels include t.

The Turnagain Arm MOBI Ñ The Turnagain  Kindle -
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  • The Turnagain Arm
  • Julie Flanders
  • English
  • 02 October 2016

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    When I read Flanders' first book Polar Night I was caught by surprise because it isn't your usual run of the mill mystery Prior to reading that book if someone had asked me if I liked books about vampires I would have probably shaken my head and said No nuh uh not ME But that was BEFORE this mild mannered librarian by day writes stuff to scare the crap out of you by night author convinced me otherwiseNow THIS book The Turnagain Arm is a preuel novella to Polar Night so I knew what to expect this time I thought I expected short and yep I got short I expected a nice interesting background with a touch of creepy and holy moley I got a wonderfully detailed background well developed characters and a deliciously creepy atmosphere created by the perfect choice of words Much than I expected in a book this short To tell the truth I wish it were longer but it is actually just the right length to entice readers to continue reading the story in Polar NightPretty nefarious right? You have no idea I mean with all the books I haven't had a chance to read yet it's pretty thoughtless of this author to write a preuel that's so darned good I'm now considering re reading Polar Night I ask you what kind of writer does that? What kind of writer has so little regard for my time that she's luring me into reading her ealier books all over again? HmmmphI'll tell you what kindTalented Damned talentedI highly recommend all of this author's books If you've already read Polar Nights you'll love this book If you HAVEN'T read Polar Nights yet read this one first This preuel novella will suck you right into the novel faster than a vampire drains his victim

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    Potters Creek Alaska is a small camp set up along the tracks Workers find comradery and drink at The Turnagain Arm Saloon run by Vasyl and his lovely wife The peace of the camp is disturbed by an increasing number of disappearances Ones that occurred after Aleksei starts working for Vasyl A monster has walked into their midst Can Vasyl save everything he loves from the arrogant creature?This is a preuel to Julie Flanders' paranormal thriller Polar Night It takes place in 1917 just after the gold rush I could feel the chill in my bones against the grim backdrop The perfect setting for the terror Aleksei bringsVasyl is an admirable character no matter that sometimes he can be gruff It's part of his charm I was on the edge of my seat hoping he and his wife would escape with their lives Aleksei is as wonderfully sadistic and fascinating as he is in Polar Night The perfect villainThis well written novella is a must read for fans of Polar Night and for anyone who likes a good creepy tale

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    The Turnagain Arm is a spine tingling fantastic preuel by author Julie Flanders Once I began to read The Turnagain Arm there was no way I could put it down until I reached the final pageThe Turnagain Arm is the preuel to Polar Night and I like the way the author adds history and facts to her stories Ms Flanders has proven herself again to capture her readers with a riveting story Her writing is strong and powerful like her main character Aleksei and I was chilled to the bone and loved every minute of The Turnagain Arm

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    This novella is the preuel to Polar Night I haven’t read Polar Night but I have read The Ghosts of Auinnah by the author and really enjoyed the story The Turnagain Arm has a delicious blend of a creepy character a gruff but likable hero and a setting that lets the imagination run wild Even though the story is short Flanders is able to weave a scary tale in a short amount of time that will stick with me over the next couple of nights which I’m thinking will be sleepless Now I need to get my hands on a copy of Polar Night

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    This the perfect introduction for Aleksei Nechayev the antagonist of Polar Night by Julie Flanders and his appearance in the second book Polar DayAlthough a heartbreaking example of his murderous proficiencies and his uncanny ability to survive whatever circumstance comes his way it’s a wonderful introduction to both Polar Night and Polar DayExcellent and highly recommended

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    Aleksei a soldier turned vampire is running from a fallen Russia with the threat of an eternity alone after his beloved is killed All of this we find out in the first couple of pages and because of that I was intrigued Things get interesting when he makes it to Alaska in an area known as Turnagain Arm and searches for a man named Vasyl Dzubenko Julie Flanders is a talented writer The dialogue of the characters and the sentences that make up each perspective easily planted me into 1917 Her well crafted descriptions of cold Alaska made me shiverin Florida I love how Flanders blended the rail road and the history of that with the supernatural vampires and witches I’ve been a fan of the show Hell on Wheels so this new take on the subject was fun She created a fascinating vampire that I liked even when he was killing Vasyl was also a well thought out character with a past and secret of his ownThere are pleasant surprises that twist the plot and the end was unexpected Overall this is an enjoyable read and a great preuel

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    The Turnagain Arm is a preuel to Polar Nights which I loved so I was excited to read this and wasn't disappointed Aleksei from Polar Nights is back and the story picks up from when he a newly made vampire and how he gets from Russia to Alaska in 1917It's a short but enticing read that I finished in one sitting Aleksei is as ruthless as ever but the loss of his love Natasha tugs at his heart which gives him the humanity that the rest of behavior seems to take awayThere is a new cast of characters all interesting and steeped in Eastern European legends and magic with a unexpected twist at the end that I hope is explored further in the next edition Polar DaysIt's a stand alone read so if you haven't read Polar Nights which you should you won't have any trouble following the story

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    In a small Alaskan town rests a popular saloon run by a Ukrainian named Vasyl and his wife Lara It’s a uiet place with no drama but in steps Russian Aleksei Vasyl immediately dislikes him because of his nationality and what the Russians have done to the Ukrainians Soon Vasyl will find another reason to detest AlekseiDisappearances and murders are occurring around the saloon too many in fact A supernatural force is killing the visitors and townspeople This force is Aleksei He is immortal He is a vampire Vasyl is willing to face demons from his past to put a stop to the bloodshed This fast paced novella had a wonderful atmosphere with the 1917 Alaskan setting and the supernatural vampire premise was well done There was gore but it wasn’t off putting I will definitely read from this author particularly Polar Night which this is a preuel of

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    This is an excellent preuel to the books Polar Night and Polar Day but you don't have to read it before those books You can read it in between or after them as Flanders includes enough information in each to make them powerful standalone reads I highly recommend The Turnagain Arm as it contains much backstory on Aleksei the unflappable vampire nemesis of Polar Night and how he got started I really enjoy the historical elements to Flanders' stories and this comes to the fore in this novella which is wholly set in the remote Alaskan wilderness of 1917 It's hard to imagine many bleak and desolate places and this really comes across in the description and the setting together with an eerie sense of menace Highly recommended if you like vampire stories or even if you don't I don't particularly but Flanders makes them seem very real

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    This novella had such a great villain And the scariest thing was he wasn’t just evil and dangerous he was smart He was always one step ahead of the other characters He was so smart it got me very worried for the hero and his wife and it kept me glued to the last half of the book which I read in one sittingI thoroughly enjoyed the sneaky twists in this novella and the frightening murders kept me on the edge of my seat If you like thrillers you’ll love this book It’s a real page turner Highly recommended

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