All My Friends Are Superheroes

,All My Friends Are Superheroes

ANDREW KAUFMAN s critically acclaimed first book, All My Friends Are Superheroes, was a cult hit and has been translated into six languages Kaufman is also an accomplished screenwriter, film maker and radio producer and has completed a Director s Residency at the Canadian Film Centre He lives in Toronto with his wife and their two children.

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  • All My Friends Are Superheroes
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  • 22 August 2017

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    I read this in a few hours on a train trip and thoroughly enjoyed it The whimsy, the humour, the constant metaphor I was a little unsure what I was walking into, but that ended up being fun It s a story about a woman who has been hypnotized into thinking that her husband is invisible the night of their wedding After a few months of not seeing her husband she gets on a plane to abandon the relationship, but she doesn t know that he has been beside her this entire time and has this last plane ride to convince her that he s there It s cute and happy and I found it really clever I would definitely read this again, or at least flip through the profiles of all the hilarious superheroes

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    What would make this perfect I read the description for this book and was instantly captivated by the premise of the magical blending in with the everyday All Tom s friends really are superheroes.There s the Ear, the Spooner, the Impossible Man Tom even married a superhero, the Perfectionist But at their wedding, the Perfectionist was hypnotized by ex boyfriend Hypno, of course to believe that Tom is invisible Nothing he does can make her see him Six months later, she s sure that Tom has abandoned her.So she s moving to Vancouver She ll use her superpower to make Vancouver perfect and leave all the heartbreak in Toronto With no idea Tom s beside her, she boards an airplane in Toronto Tom has until the wheels touch the ground in Vancouver to convince her he s visible, or he loses her forever.Honestly, I m amazed with the author s brain for coming up with each of the peculiarities in here Superheroes include the Couch Surfer Empowered with the ability to sustain life and limb without a job, steady companion or permanent place of residence , the Falling Girl, the Shadowless Man, the Inverse Shake the Inverse s hand and the exact opposite of your life will flash before your eyes , The Projectionist, Hypno and with the addition of an anxiety monster appearing at the door when, you guessed it, you re feeling anxious There are two ways to get rid of an anxiety monster, my friend you either have a bath or a napThis humorous love story between a normal man and a super heroine, The Perfectionist, explores the power of ignoring someone and how it can drive them crazy or close to it Which I found incredible because I had just recently talked about this exact premise and how nothing is quite as hurtful as ghosting someone out of the blue All My Friends Are Superheroes is both silly and serious, which is quite a feat to concur in writing Andrew Kaufman definitely succeeded, though, in my eyes.Bonus points for making this feel like a short story, since it was a lot of fun to read I never noticed the page numbers changing while reading, and also because the book itself is on the slimmer side.And the fact that there were stories inside of stories also enveloped me further into the book I loved in particular this love story between two invisible people, who are painted in different colors blue and orange to remain visible to the outside world It s long but definitely worth the read Then one day, a Wednesday, the Blue Outcast worked late at the call centre He waited for the 6 04 streetcar Normally he got the 5 15 This is where he saw her She was hard to miss She was orange.The Blue Outcast was in line for the front doors of the streetcar The Orange Exile was exiting through the rear doors They made brief eye contact, but nothing .The Blue Outcast changed his routine He took that streetcar, the 504, at 6 04 every day The Blue Outcast and the Orange Exile noticed each other and They made eye contact for longer periods of time The Blue Outcast made sure to be at the end of the line for the front doors of the streetcar The Orange Exile made sure to be first out the back doors They began waving to each other as they passed on the street They still hadn t chatted or exchanged names That didn t seem to be the point.Six weeks after they d become aware of each other, a thunderstorm rolled across the city The rain backed up the storm drains Lightning struck close to the Blue Outcast s call centre It was 7 30 He d missed the 6 04 He was the only one in the office The sound boomed through the room He looked out the window to see if there was any damage.At that exact moment, the Orange Exile was looking out the window of her apartment The call centre and the Orange Exile s apartment were directly across from each other, on the second floors of three storey buildings.The Blue Outcast looked at the Orange Exile Lightning cracked again She put her index finger in her mouth She pulled it out It wasn t orange any It was invisible She held it up for the Blue Outcast to see.The Blue Outcast cried His tears cut streaks of invisibility down his face He stepped back from the window He undressed Naked, he left the call centre He walked to the ground floor, stepped into the rain and looked across the street where orange feet and orange legs were standing in an orange puddle.They stood in the rain The Blue Outcast looked up at the sky and held out his arms He let rain fall on his face He looked down at his hands and didn t see them He looked back across the street and couldn t see the Orange Exile.Neither of them has been seen since This was riveting.With plenty of heart and than a little humor, All My Friends Are Superheroes has me intrigued to check out other works by Kaufman in the near future.Oh, and I also listened to this next song on repeat while reading, thanks to the most recent Skam update Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying All My Friends Are Superheroes, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko bookspoils

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    Tom is just a regular guy, though all his friends are not They are SUPERHEROES with SUPER POWERS True, their powers may be somewhat odd There s The Businessman who can calculate the net worth of passersby, The Couch Surfer, a man imbued with the ability to live off of his friends generosity, and Tom s new bride, The Perfectionist, whose source of power is her need for order Alas, their love story goes pear shaped on their wedding day when a suggestion made by one of Perf s old beaus, Hypno, makes Tom invisible to his wife Now Tom is floundering, attempting to solve a riddle that will get his love to see him again before she walks out of his life for good This is the perfect storm of quirky, romantic silliness, and it proved to be just the right book at just the right time I loved, Loved, LOVED it And now, it s confession time I, too, am a superhero I am The Rememberer I am empowered with the ability to remember conversations yes only conversations, not impressive things like obscure historical facts or sports scores I can remember what someone once told me over twenty, thirty, even forty years ago Of course, when I bring up a tidbit that someone casually mentioned so long, long ago, the subject is so startled, they deny ever having said such a thing Vehemently I never said that, they say Yes Yes, you did, I say This goes back and forth for a while, but always ends the same way THEY think I m THE CRAZY ONE Phew Being a superhero is exhausting In fact, sometimes it sucks.

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    3 stars It ll make you smile The perfect mental gargle after a few heavy novels, creative and just plain fun Fantasy with a judicious touch of magical realism, everyone in it s a superhero except for the main character but they re subtle about it, we re not talking a bunch of flamboyant cape wearers Instead each person s strongest characteristic is what defines their super power, bet you ll find yourself wondering what yours would be It can be silly, so prepare for a few eye rolling moments but there s some depth to it as well This is Kaufman s bestselling debut, if you like him read The Tiny Wife It s darker and I thought quite a bit better, but that s about my personal taste I like dark.So if you re into stories that are strange and unusual, give this one a try Cons I need fleshed out characters This one s got about 40 which is seriously too many for a 120 page book Don t worry though, they make brief appearances flowing in and out of the story no need to try and keep track of them at all Mr Opportunity He knocks on doors and stands there You d be surprised how few doors get answered

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    This is such a nice, short fairytale Nothing You can read it in less than a half hour Makes you feel happy and full of awe at Kaufman s wonderful story writing ability.

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    Not sure where to start Well, let s start from the cover Buy it, borrow it, steal it but just make sure you read it Dear Mr Scott Pack whoever you are , if I ended up in jail for stealing this book I would be really, REALLY pissed off I think the author wanted to be all deep and profound, trying to convey a message camouflaged under a weird story is there a story I just saw a collection of episodes and descriptions Well, if there was a message, I thought it was VERY, VERY well camouflaged All I see is a bunch of superheroes who aren t real, aren t fictional and, most of all, aren t interesting I kept waiting for a big revelation to finally understand the point of wasting my time reading about useless superpowers , but no revelation came I really can t understand it maybe it s just me, but how can you define this an adorable book or an ode to love built to last Again, maybe probably it s just me I m usually cheesy enough to understand this kind of thing, but maybe this book goes beyond my superpowers after all, I m just a regular.

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    This book is totally adorable It s not going to change your life, it s not Earth shattering prose, it s just plain unadulterated pleasure to read.I wish I could ve finished it in one sitting but it s difficult to finish 107 pages on the bus journey to work But then again if I had finished it without pause I wouldn t have known what it was like to put it down and feel the need to pick it up again.There s not much I can tell you without spoiling it BUT it is a wonderful love story AND the superhero metaphors work really well 98% of the time.To list some comparitive adjectives may be the simplest way to review it funny NOT hilarious, nice NOT brilliant, short and sweet NOT epic and overly descriptive, playful NOT absurd.My least favourite aspect are the short interludes where Kaufman introduces some other superheroes, most of which are trying too hard to be funny and fail completely and I do mean eye rollingly bad attempts at jokes that might have been funny if i d read this when it was first released in 1999 and I was 17.edit I m just floating this review in an immature contest to be the most liked versus Leah s review of the same book which is actually better than mine.

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    A perfectly sweet little book I read it in less than an hour, which I love It has something of the romantic comedy about it, and something delightfully quirky that I have come to associate with Canadian creations although admittedly I am mostly thinking of Scott Pilgrim here A little off centre, a little tongue in cheek, it s kind of like one perfect slice of cake not too big, not too small, leaves you feeling all warm and gooey inside without feeling overindulged.The little vignettes of twentysomething life are charming and heart tugging, from a first kiss after being painted into a corner, to realising you don t need so much stuff after your moving van with all your possessions inside is stolen Now that I think about it, there was a lot of the slightly surreal sweetness of this book in the recent Australian film Griff the Invisible.As with many short stories and short novels, I can see this being a really lovely movie, done properly But that s not the point I think the quote on the back said it best, that this book would be replacing flowers and chocolates as romantic gifts in the future I can t think of nicer praise to give.

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    This was a very fast but cute read The story is so imaginative I liked the things that made people into superheroes and the way that affected their lives And the story about Tom and The Perfectionist is just so cute I couldn t put it down Reread this February 2016 and just loved it like the first time Go read it, if you haven t yet

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    Brief, relentlessly ironic, mordantly funny, and true Kaufman s Everyman hero Tom is the one mere mortal in his lively circle of friends Eh, my heroes have always been Schoolhouse Rocky and Zero And Willie Nelson.Therefore, Tom is also the outsider storyteller sharing his insights with us, mostly about twenty something life and romance He describes well known local characters such as the Spooner, who s unerringly attracted to anyone who needs overnight emotional support Tom s old commitment phobe girlfriend Someday who wistfully vanished Tom s soulmate the Perfectionist who s utterly in her element planning their Perfect Wedding and a host of idiosyncratic others Personally, my favorite scene is when, while visiting an art gallery, Tom and the Perfectionist embarrass the crap out of Tom s eternally laid back BFF the Amphibian just by being themselves and trying too hard. D You ll know the book is for you if you even half enjoy this Part of the problem with finding your superhero name is that it may refer to something you don t like about yourself It may actually be the part of yourself you hate the most, would pay money to get rid of Certainly the Perfectionist had a hard time coming to terms with her superpower.The Gambler, OneNight and Brutally Honest all spent years accepting their superpowers.Really, can t you just hear Brutally Honest and the Gambler saying, It s just me, babe It s the Way I Am OneNight wouldn t stick around long enough to explain My superhero name would be The Burning Procrastinator And my stripper name would be Dixie Cooper And I am not proud of that Edward Lear and his bird in the bush would have completely approved of Kaufman s brand of absurdism Edward Gorey would have probably requested loners, cats, and missing persons.

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