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❴KINDLE❵ ❂ 8 Mile & Rion Author K.S. Adkins – E17streets4all.co.uk Few call me Rion but you can call me Junior Life was easy here on 8 Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit When my dad died the life I built at his reuest ended and I stepped back into the wor Few call me Rion but you can call me Junior Life was easy here on Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit When my dad died the life 8 Mile PDF/EPUB or I built at his reuest ended and I stepped back into the world I was born to live in—taking bets and when necessary collecting on them by force I was raised in a man’s world a world that embraced me that I understood Or so I thought One collection gone wrong was all it took to change the course of my life forever A homeless bitter ex Marine suatting in the property I was taking back changed everything Loyal Hart was hiding from the ghosts of war He never wanted to be found but I wasn't raised to leave a man behind Despite his nasty words and dirty looks I knew a good man when I saw one This angry man had the edge I needed to get results in my line of work so I hired him He proved to be damaged than I ever thought possible and too soon I realized that I couldn’t live without him Loyal found it easier to battle his feelings for me than he did his own demons Though he kept me safe even putting his body at risk in the process he fought even harder to keep me at arm’s length When true danger came I saw what he was really made of and why he lied to keep himself a secret A smart bookie always knows her oddsSo I took the risk and bet it all on the man who wouldn't even bet on himself.8 Mile & Rion


8 Mile & Rion Epub À 8 Mile  PDF/EPUB or
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • 8 Mile & Rion
  • K.S. Adkins
  • English
  • 10 September 2016

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    I FUCKING LOVED ITI may say this because it's still fresh in my mind but I think I loved this one than the Brutal series jaws drop Yeah I knowI can't believe it either especially since I loved that series But this one? Takes the cake all the way to the bankI'm not gonna break it down for ya but I'll give ya a little insight Rion Junior kicks ass Wanna know why? Because this author kicks ass I can imagine that writing a character as sassy and fierce as Junior the author has to be hardwired just the same Don't shake your head no at me KellyI'm on to you ;Anywho back on point Loyal? He's forty nine shades cuz I'm sure 50 is copywrited somehow of fucked upand he's in his own category anyway But who doesn't like a hero with issues? Perfect is boring crazy is fun but damaged? Now there's a winner Uncle Sam may have ruined him but Junior knows when a second chance is needed and this guy sure needed a few of themI also loved Rio and can't wait for his story My heart broke just a little for him at the endI'm a sucker for someone in need of saving Note to Author You rock I love your writing kick ass characters and fucked up plot twists Thanks for putting Detroit back up on the map I admire the fuck outta you and I'm totally fan girling right now Keep those stories coming and I'll always be in the virtual line to download them

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    Second chanceseveryone deserves them? Growing up that is all Junior knew if someone came in and had it rough her dad didn’t even blink he gave them a shot Never needing than the words to back up the claim That transferred onto Juniorseeing someone in need made her stake her claim A family of misfits so to speak the ones that don’t fit in the mold society so tightly upholds A life she was proud ofbut when the patriarch falls the pieces he leaves behind may be too much for her to put backRion grew up knowing she was lovedplacing bets collecting and growing up on the streets of Detroit’s 8 mile is not the usual for a beautiful young girl but this isn’t your typical girl As always KS Adkins writes a tough sassy can hold her own female like someone else I know that doesn’t take shit from anyone Her kind of fun involves guns gambling and fucking shit up After her dad passes she takes over the bookie business and finds it all wasn’t as it seemed and she had been protected into debt Starting with the first collection she is broadsided by a beast of a man the poster child of needing a second chance little did Rion know that this second chance was her first and onlyBeautiful love story as only Ms Adkins can deliver Taking a hero that has only known the worst about himself and shining a light on what makes him the absolute best for Rion The journey to being able to get past their own flaws and insecurities and find a way to embrace the life that has been gifted his second chance was an amazing transformation to witness Their love story is not conventional not easily come by but when they finally get beyond the bumps in the road the future looks stunningyeah?

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    NopeI'm really surprised I finished this book Maybe it's because of the plot I could see where the author was trying to go And even appreciate understand it But the execution of all these things just didn't work for meMainly it was the way too much back forth with the MCs over the course of this novel went It was irritating than endearing to watch unfold And it painted the picture of the heroine either being too stupid or her just enjoying being toyed with emotionally or both While painting the hero as someone who whines like a btch rather than growls like the Alpha he's trying to be portrayed as The Love Triangle that comes late in the game didn't help this story either And it comes completely out of left field too Because of the way you've gotten to know the characters their interactions with each other it made it seem off not organic at all So this aspect of the plot serves as of a pointless hookmigraine in the midst of all the other contrivances back forths you're already dealing withThe secondary plot though it had a few surprising twists still came off as weak overall And again the execution of all of this how it comes to a close ends with a fizzle rather than a bang Not to mention uite a few grammar mistakes here missing words that causes you to have to re read something twice to make sure you read it right So it kind of throws you out of the flow of a scene sometimesAll of this just couldn't get me to fall in love with the characters or their plights So this one was definitely a miss for meNo I would not recommend this read

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    It probably comes as no surprise to know that I loved this book I'm a huge KS Adkins fan and I'm always excited about where she's going to take us next This was no exception I was getting whiplash with Rion and Loyal never knowing exactly what they were up to one minute I thought I knew what was going on then things completely changed and I was on the edge of my seat again Rion is softer than the Detroit After Dark girls she's grown up being Daddy's princess but she's still got that strong will and no mess attitude that makes this author's heroines stand out Loyal is the broken man who Rion wants and needs to fix If you read and loved the Detroit After Dark series I have no doubt you're going to love this too Reviewed from ARC

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    Absolute brilliance There was suspense angst sexy alpha male and smart mouthed woman Add in some serious action that has me grinding my teeth and clenching my hands and I will scream for Rion aka Junior and Loyal will have you screaming at your screenI love the dual POV KS you get better with every story I swear now go write

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    LOVED ITIf you want a strong heroine with a smart mouth that can kick some ass literally you found her in Rion Just like Kelly's other heroines Rion is not perfect and she's certainly not girly You won't find her parked in a nail salon chatting with her bestie No you will find her at the shooting range I am seriously in love with this character

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    It is no secret that I am a big KS Adkins fan Ever since I’ve read her ‘Detroit After Dark’ series I was hooked on her writing I love her honest raw gritty and uniue voice She writes take no shit heroines that still manage to sustain a sense of vulnerability and inner strength throughout a lot of troublesRion is a very complex character She is extremely headstrong and can easily defend herself but at the same time she is also very forgiving and vulnerable and shows this on many occasions Her forgiving nature is probably the one trait that is both very valuable and inconvenient as well as her tendency to hand out second chances However her giving out second chances is also the reason she meets Loyal and her life changesLoyal is a veteran who has just arrived state side only to find he lost the live he thought he had During his years as a Marine he saw some crazy shit and has come home ‘wrong’ as he calls it He has nightmares and a whole lot of other issues he tries to ignore It takes meeting Rion to change all that and for him to start fighting for his lifeThis story has never gotten boring and had one twist after another just about giving me whiplash Rion and Loyal’s chemistry is palpable and explosive They have to fight for their happily ever after tooth and nails which is what makes them much lovable I love the depth to both characters and their wide range of displayed emotionsThis book is amazing and my favorite so far The characters as well as the story has been well thought through and very well written Everyone who loves a kick ass heroine should give this book and author a chance It’s well worth it

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    Omg I haven't read this authors books before but it is now going to changethe story gets you right at the start emotionally it draws you in and from there you are hooked the characters are brilliant and strong and your emotions are good and bad but you really can't stop reading because it is one of those reads that has pulled you in and you don't put it downtruly brilliant story and amazing writing by the author

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    8 Mile Rion was amazing As usual KS didn't disappoint I loved the strength of Rion's character and her love for Loyal And of course this story grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go It still hasn't let go Darn I read that too fast; how am I supposed to wait for the next one?

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    Amazing storywas refreshing to read a book like thisits was refreshing addictive and a great storyLoyal and Rion are my fav characters this year i loved the story and plot it was action packed with dangerlove and Ptsdcannot wait for rios book

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