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Read For Renata Author B Robert Sharry A 40 Year Old Journal Holds A Secret That Sets Mark Valente On A Search For Renata, The Love Of His Uncle S Life.The Journal Chronicles Peter Ahearn S Isolated Life As Keeper Of A Nearby Lighthouse And His Passionate And Dangerous Love Affair With The Young Renata But The Portuguese Beauty Denies Everything, Leaving Mark To Question Whether Anything His Uncle Wrote Is True Now He Must Connect Past To Present, And Piece Together A Picture Of What Really Happened Decades Before And He Must Grapple With His Own Burgeoning Infatuation With The Now Middle Aged, Mysterious Renata.For Renata

B Robert Sharry is a short story author and novelist who splits his time between bucolic western Massachusetts and the Carolina shore When he s not catering to the demands of his fictional characters, he is most likely traveling or at least dreaming of the next trip while eating something delicious that s bad for him.

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  • For Renata
  • B. Robert Sharry
  • English
  • 03 October 2019

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    Just finished For Renata by B Robert Sharry and am grateful for having been swept away to another place and time to experience an intoxicating combination of love and loss, hope and despair, and the strength of the human connection Set in the late 1950 s and carrying through the turbulent 70 s before gracefully transitioning to present day, For Renata bridges the gap between those adhering to cultural and societal norms and those who give in, if just for a moment, to the whims of the freely soaring spirit within As readers, we experience the trepidation of a young girl coming to America for the first time and seeing the land of the free through innocent eyes yet jaded heart We practically feel the spittle of the scornful striking our cheeks as we mourn the loss of youth in a wounded and broken newly returned Vietnam vet And we stand on the sidelines clutching hands as the lives of everyday folk are tilted topsy turvy by the capriciousness of events which rise like the ocean s tide to engulf them The interweaving of lives and hearts between multiple generations, contrasting cultures and emotional circumstances is masterfully done and leaves the reader often aghast at life s cruelties, and subsequently breathless with the anticipation of it s goodness I won t be found guilty o...

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    You should know, I ve been a friend of B.Robert Sharry since he was a scabby kneed urchin in long grey socks We re talking six years at least He came to fiction writing as a second career and I think it s fantastic that he s published his first book, which, alone, deserves five stars He s a great person to hang out with because he s a natural story teller What we ve been fortunate to enjoy in a bar or restaurant inventiveness, imagination, comedy, romance and originality we now have on the page I read this, in its original short story form, some time ago and wondered privately can I be bothered to read the same story across 300 pages But I felt I should and I m glad that I did What s happened is that the characters get space to really come to life, because B Robert has a talent for believable dialogue which joins the dots of the narrative He could equally well write plays, or for the...

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    This clever story is a bittersweet romance with a little mystery tossed in Due to Sharry s talented writing, I was pleasantly surprised by the ending Sharry s characters are sympathetic, deep and endearing I felt a connection with each of them felt joy when they were happy and feared for them when things looked bleak Bridey Gallagher in particular was my favorite I want her to be my friend Although there were a few disorienting moments when the timeline jumped from past to present, overall I was hooked as Peter and Renata s relationship grew and the characters evolved The Portuguese culture Sharry mixes into the story felt authentic and created a n...

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    I got this book through the giveaway program I can honestly say I wasn t expecting much from this book, it s the same I do for all the books I get through the giveaway BUT, this book was amazing It was like I was being swept away into this completely other world I don t remember what the quote is right now, but there is a quote that pretty much says if an author has to describe how a character feels to the reader and the reader doesn t just automatically feel it because they know the characters so well, then the author failed B Robert Sharry nailed this one I felt what the characters were feeling, I m no...

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    Perfect beach reading This is a part romance, part mystery novel with lots of great Portuguese flavor I m not much on romance books normally and this is not a bodice ripper by any means but the author does such a great job of making you care about the characters and their lives that it s impossible not to care about them as you go through the book and to root for a happy ending I will say without getting into spoiler territory that the ending is satisfying, not at all ...

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    A good readI enjoyed this book very much Although I am not a big fan of romance the suspense had me reading the whole book in one sitting I especially liked it for it s geography I live on Plum Island and am very familiar with the area s mentioned Have traveled route 127 many times t...

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    First I would like to say thank you as I won this book through goodreads giveaways.For Renata was a very enjoyable light romance book with some mystery mixed in The author did a great job keeping my interest through t...

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    Loved, loved the story I loved the generational jumps and the characters I could see the scene in my mind throughout I m a sucker for the self imposed isolation by the hero He didn t want her to look at him different after what he d done so he took off an...

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    Couldn t Put it Down.I started reading this book in the morning and except for a few breaks I have now finished it late at night Obviously, the story was one that held my attention The author has a way of spinning...

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    Worth my time I enjoyed this story very much Some parts in the story were sad, funny, and scary It is worth a read.

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