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Ebook Blood Ties By Nicholas Guild Homicide Detective Ellen Ridley Of The SFPD Is Tracking A Serial Killer Terrorizing Young Women In The San Francisco Bay Area Ridley Is Sure She S Cornered Her Most Likely Suspect Stephen Tregear, A Hacker And Code Breaker Who Works For U.S Naval Intelligence But Tregear Is Not The Killer He S The Killer S Son.Ridley And Tregear Team Up To Look For Tregear S Father, Walter, In An Elaborate Game Of Murderous Cat And Mouse As The Body Count Rises, Ridley Must Race Against The Clock To Stop Walter Before He Kills Any Women And Tregear Must Finally Confront The Father Who Has Been Trying To Kill Him For Twenty Years Blood Ties Is An Elegant And Frightening Thriller From Nicholas Guild.Blood Ties

Nicholas Guild was born in Belmont, California in 1944 He graduated from Occidental College with a B.A in English in 1966 and from the University of California at Berkeley with an M.A in Comparative Literature 1968 and a Ph.D in English 1972 Since then he has divided his time between teaching and writing He currently lives in Frederick, MD.

[Ebook] ↠ Blood Ties  Author Nicholas Guild –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Blood Ties
  • Nicholas Guild
  • 17 May 2019
  • 9780765378453

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    Thank you to TOR FORGE for providing a print copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.4.5 starsBlood Ties was an impeccably written suspense tale that managed to keep the reader engrossed while giving us the identity of the slayer up front When the dead bodies of young women start turning up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Detective Ellen Ridley and Inspector Sergeant Sam Tyler are on the case.This story was told from several points of view, including the killer and his son While I m not usually a fan of than two POVs, it worked here There were times it felt like a case study, and it was interesting being able to see everyone s part in it The author did a wonderful job threading in the different perspectives while still keeping Ellen, the main character in the story, at the forefront Stephen Tegear, the killer s son, played a prominent part in this book, and his reflections of the past and the revelations he had once he realized the kind of man his father was were the most captivating parts for me He was a character I really enjoyed reading about His lifestyle was forced on him when he was younger because of his father s need to constantly be on the move Then, as an adult, his routine was still forced on him because of his intellect and his use to the U.S Navy He d spent most of his life with limited choices Characterization for Ellen and Sam was spot on Both were analytical and reasonab...

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    His father is a serial killer. they re both stalking each other but for drastically different reasons great read and a well written serial killer thriller This one makes it into my library.

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    Author Nicholas Guild explores a different aspect of a serial killer in his latest psychological thriller, BLOOD TIES.Guild explores the mind of the serial killer, but also his relationship with his son and the effects his madness has had on his son.Young women are being brutally murdered in the San Francisco Bay Area A lucky breaks leads homicide detective Ellen Ridley of the SFPD to believe she s found a link to the killer But as evidence comes into play, Ridley discovers she has the killer s son as her number one suspect.Stephen Tregear, a hacker and code breaker for the military, has been tracking his father for years trying to stay one step ahead of him Tregear ran away from home when he was a young boy after discovering a dead woman in the back of his father s van.Forming an unlikely bond, Ridley and Tregear team up to put a stop to Tregear s father before he kills again The elderly Tregear is also out to silence his son for good The closer the duo get to the killer, the closer their attraction grows The showdown between father...

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    For some reason I ve been reluctant to give fives lately This was very, very good.but not quite a five, and I m not even sure why How do mystery writers keep coming up with so many really different scenarios Because there s so much going on in the real world that boggles the mind Hmmmm This story has a really interesting premise, and it follows it through to the end, nailing it It started out a little slowly, but it didn t take long for me to be thinking up any e...

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    just finished this book this morning and it was a pretty quick read for me Once I got started I didn t want to put it down I am not sure where to start my review There isn t really much in the way of spoilers as it s pretty cut and dry on who the killer is, etc Most of it is just a psychological maze of piecing together the reasons why.Ellen is great as the female detective on the case and equally likable is her partner Sam Sam is the veteran cop who is or less teaching her how to be a better homicide detective, but she s smart and it s not long before she s the one leading the charge Stephen Tragear is the son of the killer they are trying to catch and he proves to be invaluable to their investigation Stephen is brilliant despite his upbringing and he bears a huge amount of guilt for what his father has been doing over all these years This story is one that isn t easily read at times because of the level of violence that takes place, but it s not overly graphic like some that I have read The characters are well developed and the story is very well paced There is a nice romance thread weaved in that helps to balance out some of the violent scenes I would maybe criticize the insta love that happens amidst all of this turmoil, but I liked that part of the story so I won t The only thing I had any real issues with, and really it didn ...

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    This book grabbed me from the first page It was exciting and horrifying, and I couldn t put it down The murders were shocking They drew you into the story You wanted Ellen Ridley to do whatever she needed to do to get this psychopath off the street She had suspicions and maybe went a little out of bounds trying to get evidence against her prime suspect, but you didn t care.The first half of Blood Ties was bordering on a horror, mystery, thriller It was so intense that I had to stop reading, because it was getting late and I didn t want to have nightmares I was expecting some really horrific twists and surprises but when I picked up the book the next day, I was disappointed It had changed from a mystery to a chase You knew who the bad guy was All that was left was catching him That wasn t easy, but still, that wasn t what I was expecting.Mr Guild really knows how to write a tension filled story He brings his characters to life I guess that maybe I ve read too many thrillers where the tension slowly builds, and then about halfway through the book, all hell breaks loose I figured that...

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    Ellen is on the case of a serial killers that inflicts pain on his victims then dumps their bodies With the help of her partner Sam, they both learn as this killer keeps them on their feet with no evidence left behind Ellen then things she has found the killer but when she confronts Stephen she learns that it is really his father, Walter.Stephen goes on to tell her about his poor family life But when he finds a body in his father s car he finds some of his mother s belongings and goes on the run Several years later he is living with some people that basically raised him when he returns home to find them brutally murdered Trying to hide from his father he goes into the Navy.Ellen, Sam, and Stephen must work together to stop Walter Things take a turn for the worse when they learn there is a lot than Walter hunting Stephen down, he may have had help all along.This is an amazing story Although you learn shortly into the book that the killer is Stephen s dad, that in no ...

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    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK OCTOBER 18, 2015Narrator Graham RowatI enjoyed this than I thought I would even though it isn t what I d call a pure police procedural like Lucas Davenport, Harry Bosch et all Blood Ties goes into the back history of Stephen Tregear whom Detective Ellen Ridley suspects of being connected, in some way, with the savage killings of young women in the Bay area.I would normally not want my police procedurals to wander too far away from the investigation or, for the back history to be for someone other than the MC In this case, however, Ellen and Stephen do end up involved personally and with what a Romance reader would consider an HFN Happy For Now That said, this is not a romantic suspense as the story stays squarely on the murder mystery suspense.If Blood Ties is the first of a ser...

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    A complex, intricately written story, about a serial killer who takes pleasure in the random murder and mutilation of women that will keep you reading late into the night SFPD homicide detective Ellen Ridley is not a typical cop and that makes the story and her character even interesting than those found in a typical police procedural Her gut instinct leads her to a possible suspect wh...

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    This is an outstanding blend of police procedural thriller.Guild s strengths are his characters and his rock solid prose He has the knack of creating very believable protagonists and supporting characters and then putting them through hell in a way that keeps you turning ...

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