✭ Unraveled Books ✯ Author Sara Fawkes – E17streets4all.co.uk Eight original tales of passion from eight bestselling authorsYOURS TO TAKE by USA Today Bestselling Author Cathryn FoxRevenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control Eight original tales of passion from eight bestselling authorsYOURS TO TAKE by USA Today Bestselling Author Cathryn FoxRevenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control and held captive by the handsome multi millionaire she once took down in the courtroomYIELD TO ME by Sarah CastilleAn ambitious MMA fighter struggles to resist her attraction to the dangerously sexy fight coach who awakens in her secret erotic desires that could destroy her fighting careerCOMPLETE ABANDON by NY Times Bestselling Author Julia KentSix months after having her baby Laura finds that her sex life has Unraveled even as her BDSM fantasies heat up her eReader Puzzled and frustrated her partners Mike and Dylan resort to a little spying—and what they find on her eReader ties someone in knotsbut it won't be them When their best friends take the baby for an overnight Mike and Dylan show Laura just how alpha they can both be as Laura surrenders herself to them with complete abandonTHREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren HawkeyeTwo years ago serious law student broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh’s heart Now just as Adele is struggling to rebuild her life after the night where everything went wrong Mal is thrown back into her life and she meets Dorian Marshall the sexy Australian lead singer of Three Little Words a bad boy with a soft spot for her Mal and Dorian are roommates and friends but how can Adele choose just one when they both help to ease her painTAKEN BY STORM by USA Today Bestselling Author Opal CarewJessica doesn't like to take risks but when she's almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle she realizes that some risks are worth takingHOW TO CHOOSE A COWBOY by Daire St DenisWhen Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch she finds herself at a loss; the Marlborough Man look a like or the fun loving exhibitionist Help Tessa decide in this smokin’ hot interactive taleTHE VAMPIRE DESIGN by USA Today Bestselling Author Vivi AnnaA naive young artist travels through Europe searching for the most infamous painter ever to live and who also happens to be a year old vampireANYTHING HE WANTS ATONEMENT by NY Times Bestselling Author Sara FawkesJeremiah and Lucy have been through the fire and barely escaped with their lives but can their love survive the real world.Unraveled


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  • 09 November 2014

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    Ok I received an arc of this book for a review so here we go Eight fantastic stories filled with romance hot sex and love I really enjoyed reading this and here is my little review of each oneYOURS TO TAKE by Cathryn Fox Rebecca a lawyer who likes to be in control comes face to face with uinn a man from her past who is also a Dom who shows her she is actually submissive Bdsm and hot sex I would actually like to read a little of this story it was that goodYIELD TO ME by Sarah Castille Marcy is a female MMA fighter who is being coached by Jax who is also a Dom He shows her that she is submissive but they have problems coming to an agreement in the ring Bdsm and hot sex here too They both need to learn a little to get their ending Loved itCOMPLETE ABANDON by Julia Kent I really recommend you read the 4 Her Billionaires books and It's Complicated first as this is a continuation of that story with Laura Mike and Dylan Menage bdsm and hot sex oh yeah I loved this series and this was a bonus for meTHREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren Hawkeye Adele and Mal meet have hot sex then something goes wrong in their relationship Two years later they meet up again and the sparks are still there but she holds back still unsure Then she meets Dorian who happens to be Mal's roommate and sparks fly between them Hot sex between her and each guy and the fact that she feels safe with both of them makes her have a difficult time choosing Throw in some scenes with a crazy cat and this was really good Who does she choose?? Read the storyTAKEN BY STORM by Opal Carew Jessica's car breaks down on the side of the road and is almost run over by Storm and his motorcycle Always the conservative one Jessica now has to decide if a romance with Storm is what she wants He happens to be joining her brother's band for a few months and the girls throw themselves at him She has to decide if it is worth taking a risk but so does he even though they have some great sex togetherHOW TO CHOOSE A COWBOY by Daire St Denis Tessa goes to a Dude ranch and gets to choose between 2 hot cowboys to have sex with for the weekend They both are interested and pursue her This was an interactive book where you get to choose your ending I actually read both ways and I loved them both It was great This one has hot sex bdsm ménage and some mm action also THE VAMPIRE DESIGN by Vivi Anna Emily has been infatuated with the paintings of Xavier a famous artist for a long time She gets a chance to go to Europe and maybe get to meet him Well she does and he turns out to be a vampire She is not scared like he thought she would be We get some hot sex and I am not going to tell you what else happens You will need to read it to find out But the story is really good and I love vampiresANYTHING HE WANTS ATONEMENT by Sara Fawkes Jeremiah and Lucy have been together for a little while now He takes her to a party at a sex club and it kind of shocks her Their sex scenes are so awesome but lately he has been getting these phone calls at all different times and doesn't tell her what they are about She feels like they are growing apart but there is to this story than that You just need to read the story and find out for yourselfOk I know I kind of repeated myself with the hot sex but really they were HOT What can I say Read this book

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    Received ARC for an honest reviewThese are wonderful short stories of brilliant authors that have come together to blow your mind I know that my mind was blown Yours to Take by Cathryn FoxThis is a hot and passionate tale of Rebbeca Andrews finally understanding why none of the guys she dated she actually kept seeing Then we have uinn Montgomery a billionaire dom that from the moment he met her in the courtroom he knew she was a submissive Thinking she was going on the vacation her girlfriends had planned for her but uinn has other plans for her at his summer home This read enthralled me from the very beginning I was able to connect to both characters and the sexual chemistry that they had was breath taking Talk about smokin’ hot sex scenes that had me fanning myself Yours to Take was well written and I know that I will be seeking out reads from Ms Fox Yield to Me by Sarah CastilleThis was an emotional read for me Marcy was an amazing MMA fighter but something as holding her back She was hiding a dark secret about herself and it seemed that the new coach Jax saw straight through her Submitting is something she does not do well not because she can’t but because of who she is Jax is there to help her but things get a little hot and heavy between them that may cause a drift in her training What can I say about Yield to Me but it was an exceptional read The writing is clear and focused The chemistry between Marcy and Jax is oh my god just HOT While reading this story the emotions that were expressed felt so real I felt as if I was there with them I certainly had some tears rolling down my checks with Marcy’s speech to Jax Ms Castille you are an awesome author and will continue to read your books Complete Abandon by Julia KentLaura Mike and Dylan are characters that I need to know about and will be reading their story along with their friends Josie and Alex I want to know how they became a couple how they met Now reading their novella with their precious Jillian it was sweet The thoughts that Laura had are assumptions that almost every woman goes through after giving birth they feel ugly how could their spouse actually find them attractive I loved how Mike and Dylan reacted with her e book choices and how they planned to get their marriage back on track with a little BDSM One day in a secluded cabin with every imaginable sex toy damn I need a Mike and Dylan Wow the connection I felt with the storyline of this book was breath taking I love Ms Kent’s writing style and how it captivated me I can’t wait to read of her books Three Little Words by Lauren HawkeyeI have to say that I truly enjoyed this story I found myself smiling throughout the book and the storyline was interesting Adele was an interesting character that piued my interest Her way of thinking but something happened that made her change Mal needed not to care what his friends thought he should have followed her now that he has found her once again can he get her to listen to him Can he get her to trust him again? Now as for Dorian he was charming and wanted Adele but he knew something was going on between her and Mal Was he willing to let go even though the chemistry was sizzling hot between them He was starting to develop feeling for her and knew Mal had the same Ms Hawkeye writing style is good There were a couple of mishaps but nothing that drew away my attention I will be researching of her books Oops before I forget totally loved Humper the cat LOL Taken by Storm by Opal CarewWell what can I say about this story besides that it was great Jessica was a great character that seemed to blossom into a tigress that had some interesting dreams Storm was a character that amazed me with his bad boy way He was a man with a past that I want to know about it seemed that he was not close to his family Then you have Jessica that has a loving brother then hearing what her mother did for her it was wonderful Jessica took a big step in giving Storm a gift Now what she needed to do was keep being who she became in this short amount of time not go back to the person she was Ms Carew has an amazing writing talent This was a great short read that I believe can become something great I would love to know about them and see where their relationship goesHow to Choose a Cowboy by Daire St DenisHoly fricking cow was this read smokin’ hot Tessa Wade and Conner were great for one another Tessa was into cowboys and there were two that she definitely could ride and ride she did Wade was the dominate cowboy that had a kinky side to him that I know I loved He was a passionate dominating lover that had Tessa coming with his words only but there was just one kiss Then of course there is Conner the man that lived life to the fullest and why wouldn’t he after his story Only I never would have thought that something was going on between both of them but then again Tessa was turned on by it Ms St Denis is very creative when writing this story I loved the characters and the chemistry that the characters shared was scorching hot The writing was clear and focused Now as for my ending I would have Tessa still leaving the ranch but after a couple of weeks finally making up her mind that she can’t live without them and home is with them on there ranch Then of course they live happily ever after The Vampire Design by Vivi AnnaWow this was an interesting paranormal story I rarely read this type of genre but it was actually very good I loved that Emily was able to find her gift of painting it was burned very deeply in her but an experience with Xavier and it came to life I loved that she did not freak out that he was a vampire and actually said the words “bite me” The sexual chemistry was holy crap hot loved how Emily was able to lose herself in the moment Ms Anna has a very creative writing style and love the description of the setting of the story I could really picture myself in Xavier’s castle I will be researching Ms Anna’s books and see which one I can start reading right awayAnything He Wants Atonement by Sara FawkesThis was a great insight to Anything He Wants Series and it intrigued me to see how Lucy and Jeremiah met Lucy felt like she was losing Jeremiah but she had no clue what he has been doing behind her back The surprise that was waiting for her would blow her mind and everything that she was feeling comes to an end Lucy is even in love with him and she makes a big step to their relationship Ms Fawkes writing is flawless and captivating The characters are intriguing and the lifestyle that is very evident in Jeremiah is interesting I look forward in starting at the very beginning of how Lucy and Jeremiah became a coupleUnraveled Box Set had some awesome short stories and novellas that that has given me even authors to follow I will be researching these authors and seeing what else they have published They have amazing talents that readers will find captivating This is definitely a box set that should be read by everyone There is a little bit for every reader Amazing job to all the authors that put a little piece into this fabulous read

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    Overall – this is a really good value box set and definitely gives the reader an opportunity to discover some new authors or read from old favourites I enjoyed each one as there was a good range and plenty of enticing well written stories Yours to Take – Cathryn FoxThe strong in control woman who is given an opportunity to discover her submissive nature gives rise to an adventure that ensures that the reader is treated to a hot steamy ride I would happily have read a longer story but what there is I enjoyed a lotYield to Me – Sarah CastilleAn MMA tale about a talented female fighter and her new coach He has found her weakness and has to decide just how far he can go to cure the problem without spoiling her other skills It is a fight between two strong characters and the outcome is not guaranteed A bout of escapism you will be glad you entered the ring to enjoyComplete Abandon – Julia KentThis is a follow on story and you will love it if you recognise the characters – however I believe you could read it as a stand alone and still enjoy it very much I would expect you to want to go back and find out the back story – and I do not think the experience would be spoiled If like me you prefer to read things in order then hurry off and come back here as soon as you haveThe story is well written and very engaging If you like to have a story to surround your steamy reading this should hit the markThree Little Words – Lauren HawkeyeI really enjoyed this story and although it ends in a good place I definitely wanted to know That is for me the sign of a good story – one that leaves the door open for my imagination to take it further The premise of the story is good and I particularly liked the twist towards the end which for me made it even hotterTaken by Storm – Opal CarewStorm minor rock god plays his role well in this tale The main characters’ inner voices are used to good effect in this sweet hot short story Escapism at its finest EnjoyHow to Choose a Cowboy – Daire St DenisI enjoyed this so much I immediately had to go and read the next one I love a strong female character and one who can enjoy herself so freely is particularly appealing The encounters are hot and much meaningful than one might first expect Definitely hot under the collar and elsewhere reading The Vampire Design – Vivi AnnaA well woven little tale which gives enough character detail to be fun I was surprised how uickly I cared about the main protagonist and was invested in the success of her project I would love to know what happens next Anything He Wants – Atonement – Sara FawkesThis novella will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Jeremiah and Lucy – but stands alone too There is enough detail to appeal to the new reader too who may well be tempted to go back to the beginning of the story The writing is good the plot is good and the writing is hot The uestion of whether those behind mirrored glass are really invisible from the outside is one that I have considered many times myself but for much less sexy reasons

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    FOR MORE REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS DO CHECK OUT MY BLOG UnraveledPLOT 4CHARACTERS 4COVER 4OVERALL RATING 4 Another awesome boxed set Reading books has been my addiction since time memorial but sometimes it's hard to buy books when you're a fast reader So this box set really fits me wellYOURS TO TAKE By Cathryn Fox I love the way you take care of me” she said uietly “Good because I don’t ever plan to stop” The story was hot and delicious since the characters are basically stranded on an island and they only have each other to keep them entertained Though in some parts I find it lackingYIELD TO MEby Sarah Castille I would rather love you and lose you than never have had the chance to love you at all” Marcy an MMA fighter tries to suppress her hidden submissive nature but when her new coach realized her true nature hotness ensuesCOMPLETE ABANDON By Julia KentThis is book is a novella for Her First Billionaire Though it is really not necessary for you to read the previous novels it would be a lot fun if you did So you would know all their backgroundTHREE LITTLE WORDS By Lauren HawkeyeControversies love and sex This book was very good for a short story Even though there are some stuff that I would have liked to know they were not that necessary So it really turned out to be a great readTAKEN BY STORM by Opal CarewJessica and Storm One of the most imperfectly perfect couples that I have read Hotness 5Plot 4 HOW TO CHOOSE A COWBOY by Daire St DenisOne cowboy is great but two cowboys is perfect The relationship between the three of them was so good though the ending left me wanting for THE VAMPIRE DESIGN by Vivi AnnaThe story was short but fun Though there were not many details it was still good considering that it was very shortANYTHING HE WANTS ATONEMENT by Sara FawkesThis book is a seuel of a book I last read which I forgot the title but it was also from Sara Fawkes It is a bit hard to understand the plot if you havenn't read the previous books but it is still really good

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    Loved this anthology My favorites were COMPLETE ABANDON by Julia Kent YIELD TO ME by Sarah Castille and THREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren Hawkeye I've been a fan of Ms Kent since I purchased 'Maliciously Obedient' COMPLETE ABANDON was a continuation of the 'Her Billionaires' series and 'It's Complicated' It was great to 'check in' with those characters Sarah Castille's story YIELD TO ME had the right amount of angst along with a little BDSM I'm looking forward to reading books by this authorTHREE LITTLE WORDS by Lauren Hawkeye was told from the alternating points of view of the three main characters Adele Mal and Dorian I liked this story so much I'm hoping for a seuelIf any one of the eight stories in this anthology was priced at 99 cents it would be a bargain All eight at that price is a STEALI was provided an ARC for a fair review

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    I bought this compilation of erotic reads for Julia Kent's COMPLETE ABANDON; knowing I would love the book I am never disappointed with her writing and certainly was not hereThe reason I recommend UNRAVELED herein lies an opportunity to get to know the writing style of not only Ms Kent but 8 best selling authors in the erotic romance genreI cannot imagine this price will last long so take this opportunity to indulge in some well written steamy writing by some of the newest and greatest erotic authors today

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    wowzer I was given an ARC to read ahead of time and I couldn't put it down What an amazing compilation of authors stories and great writing I started by reading Daire St Denis's book How to Choose a Cowboy Do NOT read this book in a public place My face turned red my forehead developed a sheen and I found my home extremely hot Even though this is an interactive book something new to me I read both possible endings it was so good I couldn't put it down I won't go into story summaries they are posted in many reviews already but buy this book it's worth every cent

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    Well ladies time to just admit you are naughty and ask Santa for this steamy set of wildly erotic stories My personal preference was for the longer stories it is just easier to feel involved with the characters when the story has detail My favourite would be Lauren Hawkeye's Three Little Words The character development made me care about Mal and Adele and when Dorian made his sexy entrance I found myself believing in the three of them in and out of bed How to Choose a Cowboy was hot enough to make me consider a dude ranch for my next vacation

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    5 FANTASTIC STARS purely for Sarah Castille's contribution to this anthology; Yield to Me

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    AMAZINGThis box set has some outstanding authors at a great price Move over Christian Gray I just found a few new book boyfriends HOT HOT HOT Couldn't stop reading and finished in one sitting NEED MORE NOW The set offered something for everybody all for just 99 pennies

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