Colour Is Intrinsically Linked To How We Make Sense Of The World It Has The Power To Transform Mood, Often Subliminally Colour A Journey Explores The Implications, History And Cultural Meanings Of Colour With Chapters On Individual Colours, Their History And Their Influence, Colour Will Inspire You To Make Creative Choices In Your Life Lyrically Written And Thoughtfully Photographed By Victoria Alexander Stylist Fashion Editor And Passionate Traveller ,Colour Is Interspersed With Poignant Reminders On How To Use Colour To Transform Your Mood And Brighten Your Life.Colour

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[Epub] ↠ Colour  Author Victoria  Alexander –
  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • Colour
  • Victoria Alexander
  • English
  • 02 October 2017
  • 9781743361887

10 thoughts on “Colour

  1. says:

    A very odd book Pretty pictures, but Alexander seems to imply poor and pretty people from underdeveloped nations are so happy I ve tried to use it to dip into for colour inspiration, but the hokey quotes and Othering are a real turn off Giving this one away.

  2. says:

    Oh my goodness I am going to keep this beautiful book by my bedside to dip into time and time again The photography is spectacular and it is full of wonderful little snippets of information, presented with simple but uplifting positive affirmations An absolute joy to drink in.

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    This book looks at different colours, where they come from, how they are perceived and how they affect our lives It is also a coffee table type book filled with beautiful vibrant photographs from around the world I ve always been fascinated by the historical meanings of colours and how different cultures use and interpret colours I also really love books of photography and learning about other cultures in general so this was a great book for me This book is split into sections dealing with different colours This makes it really easy to skip ahead to your favourite colours In each section there is some historical background on the dyes and pigments that were used to create this colour as well as the different meanings which are associated with it There is also a few pages on supposed spiritual and holistic associations as well as some inspirational life advice that is linked to the colour being discussed ...

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    I really wanted to adore this book It is an attractive book, filled with stunning photographs taken by the author on her travels Her travelling in India especially seems to have inspired her and inspired the book too She writes about the science and emotion of colour and then has a chapter for each colour, beginning with natural and ending with black There is much that I enjoyed in the facts, superstitions, power and nature of each colour But I was so irritated with the author s style of writing It amounts to notes, or hastily recorded thoughts written exactly as they sprung into her mind Linked by colour but erratic and unbalanced And don t get me started on the simplify you...

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    Yes, it s a coffee table book But the images and styling are gorgeous.The author is a stylist and art director.Each colour has a chapter with images and random connections.It is not designed as high brow academic tome.But a fun and visually appealing wander th...

  6. says:

    Gorgeous photography and lots of interesting and informative text Beautiful book

  7. says:

    Lovely photos that don t match the text Irrelevant, trite quotes.

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