The Magician's Doubts

As A Child In Russia, Vladimir Nabokov Enjoyed Conjuring I Loved Doing Simple Tricks Turning Water Into Wine, That Kind Of Thing In This Engrossing Book Michael Wood Explores The Blend Of Arrogance And Mischief That Makes Nabokov Such A Fascinating And Elusive Master Of Fiction.Michael Wood S Study Of Nabokov Is A Stunningly Brilliant Analysis Of How, As He Says, The Sly Idiot, The Haughty Mandarin, And The Great, Doubting Magician Get Along Together In Works Like Lolita And Ada In His Own Beautifully Supple And Attractive Prose, Wood Renders His Insights With Grace And Wisdom The Magician S Doubts Is, Quite Simply, A Wonderful Book, Not To Be Passed Up Edward Said This Is A Fine Example Of An Endangered Species The Full Length Book Of Literary Criticism Dedicated To The Appreciation And Interpretation Of A Single Author, Addressed To The General Reader Reading The Magician S Doubts, We Re Experience And Recover Pleasures Of Nabokov S Texts We May Have Forgotten Or Overlooked David Lodge, The New York Times Book Review Wood S Book Is So Thronged With Pleasures, So Acute In Its Insights, So Replete With Clear Thoughts Limpidly Expressed, That One Couldwrite A Review Of It Consisting Entirely Of Quotations From The Text It Offers Us An Entirely New Set Of Insights Into The Work Of A Modern Master John Banville, The New York Review Of BooksThe Magician's Doubts

See this thread for information Michael Wood born in Lincoln, England, is the Charles Barnwell Straut Class of 1923 Professor of English and Professor of comparative literature at Princeton University He is an alumnus of St John s College, Cambridge.Prior to teaching to Princeton, he taught at Columbia University, and at the University of Exeter in Devon, England.He was Director of the Gauss Seminars in Criticism at Princeton from 1995 2001, and chaired Princeton s English department from 1998 to 2004 He writes regularly for The New York Review of Books and on film for the London Review of Books.

!!> PDF ✮ The Magician's Doubts ❤ Author Michael  Wood –
  • Hardcover
  • 260 pages
  • The Magician's Doubts
  • Michael Wood
  • English
  • 12 August 2017
  • 9780691006321

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    I bought this book new in 1995 to be my guide on an ambitiously planned journey thru all Nabokov s English works I d come across it in a review that noted Wood s stated goal was to engage in an intense, even intimate dialogue with provocative texts and provide a report on the adventure of reading This trip, however, was postponed many times for many reasons, and the book patiently remained in mint condition there on the shelf Finally after a 20 year delay, I embarked last year on my adventure in reading , and as I d hoped, Michael Wood was indeed a perfect companion and sherpa, enhancing my understanding of the individual works as well as Nabokov s overriding themes The 20 or 30 pages he spends with each book are self contained essays, which make excellent Afterwards for a first read, and better Forwards for a reread Wood builds on the previous work done by Bria...

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    It made me want to re read Nabokov very much and it made me want to write multilayered works with unreliable narrators very much So in those respects it is a very good book It has an episodic structure, with each chapter being a self contained essay on one of Nabokov s works in English In that respect the title which seemed to me to promise an organised scholarly polemic is misleading As a consequence of this misunderstanding I was disappointed by the lack of a formal conclusion the book simply trails off at the end of the last episode in a way I found unsatsifactory The other thing that irritated me enough to make me lay the...

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    This weekend I was reading a few of Nabokov s Collected Stories, and turned back to Wood s inspired reading of Nabokov s novels According to my inscription in the front of the book, I first read it in October 1995 and I seem to have forgotten all of it, which isn t so bad since I got to read it again After my recent re read of Pale Fire, I m impressed by Wood s analysis he moves beyond the usual marveli...

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    Anna you have to read this Such a wonderful critical effort, skillfully literary biographical.

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