Corruption and the Decline of Rome

Prominent Historian Ramsay MacMullen Here Offers A New Perspective On The Decline And Fall Of Rome MacMullen Argues That A Key Factor In Rome S Fall Was The Steady Loss Of Focus And Control Over Government As Its Aims Were Thwarted For Private Gain By High Ranking Bureaucrats And Military Leaders Written In An Informal And Lively Style, His Book The Culmination Of Years Of Research And Thoughtful Analysis Provides A Fascinating, Fresh Line Of Investigation And Shows Convincingly That The Decline Of Rome Was A Gradual, Insidious Process Rather Than A Climactic Event An Important Book Which Will Initiate A Long Debate What Is New In MacMullen S Argument Is Not The Existence Of This Corruption But Its Sheer Scale And Long Term Global Effects A Vivid And Frightening Picture Of How A Great State And Civilization, The Construction Of Centuries Of Painfully Acquired Political Culture, Can Be Cripplingly Undermined Stephen Williams, History Today A Powerful Account Of The Vices Of Late Roman Society, Which Certainly Helps Us To Understand Some Aspects Of Its Partial Fall Jasper Griffin, New York Review Of Books All Students Of History Must Welcome This Wide Ranging Book From So Eminent An Authority MacMullen S Knowledge Of The Ancient Evidence Is Encyclopedic And His Deceptively Casual Style And Deliberate Avoidance Of Technical Terms Make This An Accessible And Stimulating Book For The General Reader As Well As For The Specialist Jill Harries, International History Review MacMullen S Book Is Excellent Rich And Learned In Detail, Lively In Style, And In Argument And Insights Highly Stimulating S J B Barnish, Times Higher Education SupplementCorruption and the Decline of Rome

Ramsay MacMullen is an Emeritus Professor of history at Yale University, where he taught from 1967 to his retirement in 1993 as Dunham Professor of History and Classics His scholarly interests are in the social history of Rome and the replacement of paganism by Christianity.

[Epub] ❧ Corruption and the Decline of Rome By Ramsay MacMullen –
  • Paperback
  • 331 pages
  • Corruption and the Decline of Rome
  • Ramsay MacMullen
  • English
  • 02 August 2019
  • 9780300047998

10 thoughts on “Corruption and the Decline of Rome

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    There is an important ommission in this book If the decline of Rome was due to civil and military corruption, that undermined the Empire s ability to defend itself and that corruption was equally endemic in both parts of the Empire then how did the Eastern Roman Empire survive another thousand years Even if an answer can t be adequately provided in this discussion of corruption, there should be some indication of where the answer does lie geography, demographics, strategy Not very accommodating for the general reader, there were plenty of references here to people and events that were unknown to me that were not explained cf Through the Eye of a Needle, Wealth, the Fall of Rome But nevertheless a fascinating, well argued and ultimately compelling account of how the basis of Roman government and society changed from patronage system to...

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    This is by far the most interesting account of the decline of Rome that I have ever read In a collapse that is described in layers of corruption, so too does the author build his argument in layers The concluding chapter is brilliant in its e...

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    This book was incredibly dry and dull, and did not really convince me at all of its alleged thesis that internal corruption showed a measurable decline in the Roman empire before the startling military and economic collapses I wouldn t really recommend it to anyone.

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    WH I reseach paper on the Fall of Rome Well written Convincing, but not enough

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