Greek Folk Religion

Long Recognized As One Of The Truly Great Interpreters Of Greek Religion, Prof Nilsson Has, In This Volume, Made A Real Lasting Contribution Morton Scott Enslin In The Extensive Literature Relating To Ancient Greece, There Is No Work That Serves The Purposes Of This Volume A Swedish Proverb Speaks Of Placing The Church In The Middle Of The Village, That Is Precisely What Nilsson Has Here Done Homer Hesiod Formed The Basis Of The Traditional Education Of The Greeks In General, The Great Gods Goddesses As They Appear In Art Show At All Times The Formative Influence Of The Epic Tradition Nevertheless, The Hard Core Of Greek Religion Is To Be Found In Its Observances These Took Their Shape Among Men Whose Focus Was 1st The Hearth Then The City State, Men Over Whose Life Livelihood Were Tied To Crops Herds The Annual Cycle Of Nature Arthur Darby Nock Nilsson Writes About The Popular Religious Observances Of The Greeks, As Practiced Both Earlier In The 20th Century In Classical Times, The Agricultural Festivals Customs, The Rituals Of Family Society The Folk Religions Of Greece That Underlay Continually Erupted Into The Elevated Olympian Mythology Of Homer Hesiod Are Explained In Detail By A Scholar With Unparalleled Understanding Of The Rites Customs Of Rural Life Martin P Nilsson Authored Several Books, Including History Of Greek Religion The Dionysiac Mysteries Of The Hellenistic Roman Age.Greek Folk Religion

Martin Persson Nilsson Stoby, Kristianstad County, 12 July 1874 Lund, 7 April 1967 was a Swedish philologist, mythographer, and a scholar of the Greek, Hellenistic and Roman religious systems In his studies he combined literary evidence with archaeological evidence, linking historic and prehistoric evidence for the evolution of the Greek mythological cycles.

✫ Greek Folk Religion Books ✭ Author Martin Persson Nilsson –
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  • Greek Folk Religion
  • Martin Persson Nilsson
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  • 03 December 2019
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    Originally published in 1940 under the title Greek Popular Religion, this is a classic account of the popular agricultural, folklore and superstitious beliefs which underlay the official religion and literary mythology of classical Greece, and much of which outlived the official religion and persisted into Christian Greece in the form of folk customs and...

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    Good, albeit dry, review of the evidences as regards popular, i.e folk, religion in ancient Greece.

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    Clear explanations Great textbook.

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    i wanna read this book

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