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Creador Visceral, Obsesivo, Subterr Neo De Voz Estrangulada Y Perturbadora Densidad, C SAR VALLEJO 1892 1938 Forma, Junto Con Pablo Neruda Y Vicente Huidobro, La Tr Ada Indiscutible De Grandes Poetas Hispanoamericanos De La Primera Mitad Del Siglo XX Acompa Ada De Un Iluminador Pr Logo A Cargo De Jos Miguel Oviedo, Responsable Asimismo De Su Selecci N, Esta ANTOLOG A PO TICA Que Recoge Ntegro El Desgarrado Poemario Sobre Nuestra Guerra Civil Espa A, Aparta De M Este C Liz Ofrece Una Muestra Inmejorable De La Obra Del Genial Poeta Peruano Que Tan Honda Huella Ha Ejercido En La Mayor A De Los Poetas De Las Ltimas D Cadas.Antología poética

C sar Abraham Vallejo Mendoza was a Peruvian poet Although he published only three books of poetry during his lifetime, he is considered one of the great poetic innovators of the 20th century Always a step ahead of the literary currents, each of his books was distinct from the others and, in it s own sense, revolutionary Clayton Eshleman and Jos Rubia Barcia s translation of The Complete Post

Ebook ➧ Antología poética Author César Vallejo –
  • Paperback
  • 122 pages
  • Antología poética
  • César Vallejo
  • English
  • 13 August 2018
  • 9780937584026

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    Esta antologia cont m os poemas dos livros Os Arautos Negros e Trilce e tamb m dois grupos de poemas p stumos.Certamente ser digna do m ximo de estrelas, mas apenas de um leitor que consiga entender o seu significado Algures no pr logo diz assim Em Trilce foram destru das as pontes que possibilitam o acesso ao leitor habituado a ler livros de poemas n o j o sentido, ainda que dif cil, de cada frase, de cada imagem, de cada estrofe, mas frases, imagens, estrofes que destroem a face do poema e de cujo total o leitor extrair um conhecimento do caos N o consegui acedertalvez um dia volte a tentarPerdi me com Trilce,mas gostei muito dos poemas do livro Os Arautos Negros, especialmente deste H pancadas t o fortes na vida Eu sei l Pancadas como do dio de Deus como se sob elasa ressaca de todo o sofrimentoestagnasse na alma Eu sei l Poucas mas acon...

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    From The Black MessengersIn life there are blows so heavy I don t know Blows like God s hatred as if before themThe undertow of all that is sufferedShould be dammed up in the soul I don t know There are few but they exist Dark chasmsOpen in the boldest face and in the strongest back.Perhaps they shall be the steeds of barbaric AttilasOr the black messengers that death sense us.They are the profound backslidings of Christs of the soulFrom an adorable faith, blasphemed by destiny.These bloody blows are the cracklingsOf some bread that we have burned in the door of the oven.And man Wretch Wretch He turns his eyes,As if behind our backs a clap of hands summons us He turns mad eyes and all that has been livedIs dammed up like a puddle of blame in his look.In life there are blows so heavy I don t know The Black Messengers, pg 11 Last night the April grain surrenderedBefore the weaponless Mays of my youth The hysterical marbles of her kiss found meDead and in a breath of love I caged them.Strange, docile wheat Her eyes besieged meOn an afternoon of amaranth which recited a songTo her songs and last night amid the toastingThe two tongues of her parches breasts spoke to me.Poor wheatfield, poor in weapons, its poor creamcolouredSails run up the mast in the s...

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    Qu exquisito es releer a Vallejo

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    horrible translation

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    My instinct tells me this is a terrible translation compare their never did distance attack so close to never did far away charge so close , but I d be curious as to what knowledgeable people thought.

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    This translation, by H R Hays, hasn t aged well it often feels too much like a translation unnatural and, in some places, sounds like a reasonably gifted sixth former trying his hand at poetry for the first time.

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    Qued encantada con muchos versos, entre met foras, pol tica, filosof a y mucha reflexi n.

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    3.5 5

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    Dolor dolor dolor

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    Some interesting lines

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