Witchfinder General

1643 England Is At War With Itself While Bitter Battles Rage Between King And Parliament, Local Magistrates Have Power, And Less Accountability, Than Ever Before Taking Advantage Of The Tense Atmosphere And Lax Prosecution Procedures, Matthew Hopkins, An Insignificant Lawyer And Self Appointed Witchfinder General, Travels Across East Anglia Accusing The Aged, The Confused And The Poor Of Satanic Crimes Against Their Neighbours With Every Innocent Death, His Purse Grows Heavier, As He Satisfies His Lust For Power But His Dealings With One Particular Young Woman Make Him A Powerful Enemy In The Form Of Ralph Margery A Captain In Cromwell S Army Who Is Determined To Put A Stop To Hopkins Reign Of Terror In This Tense And Chilling Novel Ronald Basset Brings To Life The Nightmarish Figure Of Matthew Hopkins, A Man Responsible For The Deaths Of Than 300 Women And Who, Almost Single Handedly, Caused People To Be Hanged For Witchcraft In Two Years Than In The Whole Of The Previous Century Witchfinder General Is A Gripping Historical Thriller Set During The Massively Tumultuous Period Of The English Civil War.Witchfinder General

Ronald Leslie Bassett is a British writer and novelist He wrote numerous works of historical fiction, sometimes under the pseudonym of

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  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Witchfinder General
  • Ronald Bassett
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9780330020800

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    I don t normally read horror novels to celebrate Halloween I don t normally read horror novels, period So we ll just let Witchfinder General which I find to my surprise was originally published in 1966, and inspired a film starring Vincent Price stand as my token horror for October, and for all the Octobers I have lived through up to now It may just do for all the Octobers to come, as well.From Wiki Upon its theatrical release throughout the spring and summer of 1968, the movie s gruesome content was met with disgust by several film critics in the UK, despite having been extensively censored by the British Board of Film Censors Hollywood Citizen News referred to the film s orgiastic sadism From a poster for the American release, verbatim LEAVE THE CHILDREN HOME and if YOU are SQUEAMISH STAY HOME WITH THEM that s seven exclamation points I didn t add or subtract any I think the production might have emphasized parts of the story and downplayed or probably excised others, but this story doesn t need the Hollywood treatment to make it horrific Constantly confronted by ignorance and stupidity, lately I haven t been able to stop wondering how on eart...

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    I actually really loved this book It was a pretty quick read and super easy to fall in love with I love this time period and the way it was written was awesome and perfect

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    FascinatingWhat a cruel breed the witchfinders were taking advantage of the old, weak, illiterate They murdered just line their own pockets..

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    I received this book via net galley in exchange for an honest review.1643 England is at war with itself While bitter battles rage between King and Parliament, local magistrates have power, and less accountability, than ever before Taking advantage of the tense atmosphere and lax prosecution procedures, Matthew Hopkins, an insignificant lawyer and self appointed Witchfinder General, travels across East Anglia accusing the aged, the confused and the poor of satanic crimes against their neighbours With every innocent death, his purse grows heavier, as he satisfies his lust for power But his dealings with one particular young woman make him a powerful enemy in the form of Ralph Margery a captain in Cromwell s army who is determined to put a stop to Hopkins reign of terror I enjoyed this book unbelievabl...

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    Informative and depravedWitchfinder General is a historical novel that stays very close to the depraved facts revolving around the activities of a trinity of witch hunters led by one Matthew Hopkins It is hard to believe that religion could be so twisted as to be used as a weapon upon poor, bewildered old women, the mentally ill and those suffering from poor intelligence The methods of discovery and punishment of these wretches are as torturous as those of the Inquisition.The novel follows the career of Hopkins and his associates John Sterne and ill named Goody Phillips After their first victim, they find that witch finding is lucrative so good, in fact, that they, over a short four year period prosecute over three hundred souls.This is my second opportunity to read a book b...

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    Originally published in 1966 and filmed with Vincent Price in the title role in 1968, Witchfinder General is a good, engaging historical novel It follows the evolution of Matther Hopkins, from second rate lawyer and former foot soldier in Cromwell s Army, into the Witchfinder General, a man that is considered responsible of the trial and execution of no less that 300 women over a period of less than four years.The novel combines the accurate reconstruction of the Civil War in East Anglia with th...

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