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Reading The Endgame Author Michael R Gordon Eagerly Anticipated In The Wake Of Their National Best Seller Cobra II The Superb, Must Read Military History Of The Invasion Of Iraq Thomas L Friedman , The Endgame Is Michael R Gordon And General Bernard E Trainor S Most Ambitious And News Breaking Book To Date A Peerless Work Of Investigative Journalism And Historical Recreation Ranging From 2003 To 2012, It Gives Us The First Comprehensive, Inside Account Of Arguably The Most Widely Reported Yet Least Understood War In American History From The Occupation Of Iraq To The Withdrawal Of American Troops Prodigiously Researched, The Endgame Is Not Only Based On An Abundance Of Highly Classified, Still Secret Government Documents But Is Also Brilliantly Informed By Access To Key Figures In The White House, The Military, The State And Defense Departments, The Intelligence Community, And, Most Strikingly, By Extensive Interviews With Both Sunni And Shiite Leaders, Key Kurdish Politicians, Tribal Sheikhs, Former Insurgents, Sadrists, And Senior Iraqi Military Officers, Whose Insights About Critical Turning Points And Previously Unknown Decisions Made During The War Have Heretofore Been Conspicuously Missing From The Media S Coverage Of It The Endgame Is Riveting As A Blow By Blow Chronicle Of The Fighting It Is Also Relentlessly Revealing, As It Deftly Pieces Together The Puzzle Of The Prosecution Of American, Iraqi, And Iranian Objectives, And The Diplomatic Intrigue And Political Struggle Within Iraq Since The American Invasion.The Endgame

MICHAEL R GORDON is the chief military correspondent for The New York Times, where he has worked since 1985 He is the coauthor, with Bernard E Trainor, of The Generals War and Cobra II.

[Ebook] ↠ The Endgame  Author Michael R. Gordon –
  • Hardcover
  • 440 pages
  • The Endgame
  • Michael R. Gordon
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9781843547808

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    There is a Japanese proverb which goes Vision without action is a daydream but action without vision is a nightmare It serves, so far as I am concerned, as the prefect epitaph for the Second Iraq War I cannot conceive of any action in either American or British history abysmal than the 2003 invasion of Iraq It was a monumental error of judgement, the consequences of which are likely to remain with us for generations to come.Simon Heffer and Charles Moore, two of my favourite press columnists, have expressed some admiration in the past for Tony Blair, the former Labour prime minister who took this country into one gung ho war after another, the prime minister who took us into Iraq It perplexes me that anyone can have a good word for Blair it perplexes me why people are not angrier over the damage he and Gordon Brown, his Chancellor and successor, did to the strategic and political interests of this country Quite apart from their other sins, Blair and Brown, the two Bs, bear joint responsibility for possibly the worst military humiliation in British history I ll elaborate on this point a bit later.Iraq, of course was essentially the third B s war, the B in...

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    Full discloure I was interviewed by Mr Gordon and Mr Morgan for this book This book is at it s best describing the events surrounding the surge and most insightful, from my standpoint, describing the Iraqi political manuevering that went on throughout the period and the innovative approach taken by many US units in finding a way to succeed As one of those on the ground, this book helps piece together the various Iraqi political issues we dealt with at the ground level into a cohesive narrative From my vantage, the role that Iraqi units played in the success of the surge period 2006 2007 is not fully represented our estimate was that their involvement in the awakening or volunteer movement ensured it would outlast any US troop rotation and give it its best chance for success Other units had different experiences some negative and many of these ...

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    You ve got to get better at looking around corners SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld, to General George Casey, regarding the latter s request to extend the already redeploying 172nd Stryker Brigade to a 16 month tour in 2006This quote could serve as a metaphor for the entire war.

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    Gordon and Trainor have done it again When I heard this book was coming out, having devoured the previous installment on the Iraq War, Cobra II, I knew I had to read this one as well I was not disappointed They cover 2003 2012, and I almost felt myself having flashbacks to al Anbar province when they talked about 2005 06 in places like Ramadi a...

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    A fantastic book on Iraq that sets out the key events following the 2003 invasion until relatively recently Extremely well reported, to the point that even the footnotes are fascinating.

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    Valuable in many ways but too dang long Sometimes this one felt like every New York Times article about Iraq from 2003 2012 just stapled together into a book Obviously that s a little uncharitable there are lot of really great chapters in here, especially around the 2006 2008 period, which is the book s focus It is genuinely panoramic, other than that it kinda leaves out Bush and Cabinet level decision making One other problem I had was that it didn t really have an argument and rarely zoomed out to assess the broader significance of what was going on The number of names put forward in this book is absolutely dizzying writers on Iraq like Packer ad Ricks do a better job of guiding you through with a smaller cast of characters Chapter titles with dates and places would have helped a lot I might be applying the standards of academic history to journalistic history here, but ...

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    Saying that I liked this one misses a bit of nuance to the whole Iraq USA story, with some good reason This is a bit like cleanup history for the Obama administration had it not been for the minor hiccup of having had to rethink the withdrawal scenario they came up with The Endgame story ends in 2011, being copyrighted in 2012 Oops, things in Iraq weren t quite over yet I suppose Gordon and Trainor ought to be entitled to a do over 2nd edition at some point that encapsulates the whole junior varsity, ISIL, period Granted, life continues as history is being written, and one never quite knows how to capture the slice that interests one Naming the final combat death in Iraq a...

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    Ends at a very unfortunate spot, such that it feels incomplete ISIS isn t covered at all Learned a lot like that Iran Al Quds was meddling the entire time, the British we re worse than useless, and Maliki was ridiculously bad for the country but it was often hard to keep events in context.

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    Do not try to do too much with your own hands Better the Arabs do it tolerably than that you do it perfectly It is their war, and you are to help them, not win it for them T.E LawrenceTitle notwithstanding, The End Game starts from the beginning The early stuff has been covered elsewhere before, but is appreciated nonetheless In particular, The End Game is focused on the colonels and generals, rather than, as most of the books on the subject I ve read, the highest military brass and civilian leadership.We get the disaster of Bremer he basically scuttled the entire Iraqi infrastructure, but never seriously invested in replacing it In fact, the entire early war effort is a tragedy of errors Casey was another disaster He completely focused on a drawdown, when and evidence was pointing to its futility and the potential of counterinsurgency a counterinsurgency strategy under the guise of an ink blot strategy was put forward as many as 16 months before the surge Gordon and Trainor make a convincing case that our strategy was a failure even before Samarra blew the powder keg.We faced two serious problems Suuni insurgent attacks led to Shiite Iraqis terrorizing Sunni Iraqis, often using the arm of the state That...

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    An impressive history that covers the invasion of Iraq through the final withdrawal of the US military in 2011 and some of the immediate aftermath Gordon and Trainor the invasion, insurgency, surge, and drawdown in great historical detail Their effort largely focuses on the head of state and general officer level, with only a few forays into company level anecdotes What this history does best is identify the opportunities seized and missed during the years the US government occupied Iraq Context of the US war in Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, as well as the make up of the US forces in Iraq is largely missing The resource competition and focus of the Afghanistan theater is rarely mentioned nor is the larger international terrorism storyline that plays a significant role in Iraq s descent into chaos in 2005 2007 The US military also entered the war having attempted to modularize for a traditional near peer fight, but found its...

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