Ever My Merlin (My Merlin, #3)

He Was The Right One, The Fated One, But Was He Right For Her The End Of The World The Day Of Reckoning The Final Battle.In The Last Chapter Of The My Merlin Series, It Is A Time Of Great Strife For Arriane Aka Ryan And Merlin Aka Matt As They Struggle To Stem The Flood Of Destruction Unleashed Upon The World Their Only Hope Rests In The One Object That Can Restore Their Greatest Ally The Healing Cup With Every Scrap Of Life Hanging In The Balance, Ryan Must Convince Both Friends And Enemies That The Key To Survival Rests In The Plans Of A Sword Toting Girl Of Only Eighteen She Must Reconcile A Fifteen Hundred Year Rivalry Between Two Brothers, And Be Ruthless Enough To Break A Heart And A Life In The Process And At Some Point, She Really Needs To Get Herself To Prom.Ever My Merlin (My Merlin, #3)

My Merlin Series

[Ebook] Ever My Merlin (My Merlin, #3)  By Priya Ardis – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 410 pages
  • Ever My Merlin (My Merlin, #3)
  • Priya Ardis
  • English
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9780984833955

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    This is one of those books that when I encounter in my calibre library makes me think What the hell I was thinking Merlin comes to America and goes to high school making himself know as Matt stop and consider this for a moment.Merlin, High school,Matt.The post twilight was a rough period, because only in the post twiligh era someone could think that sending Merlin That Merlin to high school could be a good idea.Nobody wants to go to high school.If I were an ancient creature and I had to go back to high school again to save the world I would let the world go to hell probably Sorry mate, but no Anyway if I were Morgana, I wouln t allow anyone to call me Maggie.No way.The level of trashiness of this serie is unbelivable, the plot only makes me want to put my hands throgh my hair.But for some reason I ve read it and despite its incredible trashiness, I sort of liked it.It still makes me laught that view spoiler ...

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    I don t even have the strength to organize my thoughts into words after reading this book I have never been so completely disgusted and fed up with a heroine since twilight Talk about never sticking to her beliefs I ve lost count of how many times she decided to not be a COMPLETE fool but her backbone just flew out the window where Vane was concerned Seriously I have no problem with Vane or Matt because they were both true to their character to the very end Even though I was on Team Matt or whatever, I was so glad they didn t end up together Talk about being better off.Ryan, Ryan Reading this in your point of view made me want to blow my brains out was a really trying task, I give you that Not to mention the fact that you traded Matt s magic without even thinking about what that means for Matt That mess could be overlooked if you even stopped to apologize just once and acknowledge the fact that being magical is like a part of Merlin So she basically ripped out a part of him and didn t even care Then she had the nerve to say if Matt really loved her he would have forgiven her when she practically already chose Vane Sometimes I think Ryan is a humongous masochist because I seem to remember Vane being quite abusive in past books So basically she s not only ridiculously dumb but also potentially harmful to herself Then on...

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    I honestly can t say how much I love this book I don t think I ve ever been satisfied with a series conclusion then I have with this book It left just enough enough to the imagination I hate books where I m left asking Why d this or that happen Where did this character go and so on and so forth Thank God this didn t happen in the book So I ll say it again, I LOVE THIS BOOK And I m gonna try my best not to give anything away Ryan is one of my favorite heroines ever I love that even though she loves both Vane and Matt, she doesn t let them hold her hand and lead her through it She is even kick but in this book then she was in the last two, and it was awesome I still want Grey to be my brother No matter what happened Ryan and the reader knew they could depend on Grey And Matt and Vane didn t disappoint They are still the boys that any I couldn t decide if I can t stand them or if I loved them Vane was still cocky and well himself Really the only way to describe Vane is Vane He was a truly original character I don t think I ve ever read a male lead like him before.I loved and I hated hi, and that made me love him even Did I not make sense Read this series and you ll understand And...

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    Gosh what a disappointment this series turned out to be It started so well, but the last two books in the series got way too complicated and complex in the plot The author started to bring in all sorts of Greek mythology and Indian legends with the Camelot mythology It just got to be too much and a little ridiculous I still don t really understand how it all came together, because it was so all over the place I never liked Vane s character, and his relationship with Ryan is a true sign of an abusive controlling relationship First she loves him, then she doesn t because he back stabs her for her own good , then she decides to sleep with him WHAT Merlin s character, who started off as a really strong character, became obnoxious and rude to Ryan for no reason especially during their trip in Sri Lanka Trust me, if you love the girl, you make sure to stop for food And she chose the wrong wizard.I had a hard time getting through the last...

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    merlin,vane,merlin vane,merlin,vane I CAN NOT DECIDE HELP ME

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    Maybe 2.5 If I m really generous Yeah, I m not a big fan of this one I had to force myself to finish it it really felt like work much than pleasure in the end I have always liked the action adventure mythology in these books, but this one just didn t cut it for me A lot of the plot either confused me or annoyed me Maybe it s because it took me so long to finish the book that I forgot a lot of the details along the way, but I really lost track of what the goal was, why on earth the characters were doing the things they were doing, and what the significance was of the various stones, magical items, etc Irritating I think my big problem with this whole series, and this book in particular, is that I really hated both of the love interests and I had zilch respect for confidence in Ryan by the end because she didn t just ditch these two and find someone better and not pick from the abusive, paternal Vane conveniently there s no mention of the physical abuse from the last book and the supremely self involved, oblivious Matt And, the whole let s reform Vane and rewrite his history to make him sympathetic and change his personality after the fact started taking its toll on me the further I read into the book, too Frankly, I don t recall Vane being THAT into Ryan before he was into himself and ditto with Matt The missed opportunities with Matt for this ent...

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    Ever My Merlin is the third book in the My Merlin Series The end of the world is drawing closer, and the conflict between the two brothers is getting worse, making things even harder While it seems that Vane is lost to being a monster well most of the time , Ryan still isn t ready to give up on him After facing catastrophic events, facing the loss of loved ones, and facing the wrath of not only one, but both brothers, Ryan finds herself on a quest with Matt to find the Healing Cup, which Matt believes is crucial to their plan She also finds herself force into having to finally make a decision as to which brother she will choose, and which one she will let go They difficult question is can she make that choice, and what will be the consequences when she does The third book in the series was great There was quite a bit of focus on mythology, history, and legends, which was interesting The adventure took these characters from one end of the globe to the other The battle intensifies and Ryan finds herself not only in the heat of the battle, but also straddling the line of allegiance between two brothers You can t help but love both of these brothers, and both of these brothers love Ryan, e...

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    Spoilers are written in this review To take a few words from another reviewer that I read The third left a lot to be desired choppy story line, and text that requires further editing Parts of the book were putting me to sleep to be honest I feel like there was so much this series could have done I also feel there should be to the story, maybe a 4th book I just feel kind of incomplete with some of it Also, some of the scenes, some of the things that happened..they seemed almost like they were just thrown in there and it didn t work for me I read this to get closure mostly I loved Vane in the beginning, Matt Merlin was great too, but she kind of got over all the cruel things that he did VERY easily in my opinion I know he had a plan all along and he did it for his brother, but still.Also, I feel that there should be story with the characters What happens now Did they really just go normally on with their lives All the other books got 3 stars from me, but with so many issues with this one, I had to give it a 2 Also, the editing is pretty bad There were repeat...

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    CHEERS for the Author s brilliant imagination A mixture of Greek Myth, Arthurian Legend Astronomy What an amazing concept This novel has taken me to a wonderful adventurean adventure that got me lost from time to time so I had to retrace my steps JEERS for the Author s chosen Heroine For the life of meI couldn t imagine of why Excalibur had chosen Ryan as the sword bearer For all of her talk of she can take care of herself, make her own decisions nobody owns her was all for naught for she continued to endangered everyone around her I am glad her mother was dead for if she survived Ryan will get her killed also I m disappointed with Merlin Matt He continued to share his confidences the Wizards plan with Ryan in exchange Ryan betrays HIM for her blinded love for Vane The title of this book Series are deceiving for it got so little to do with Merlin All of the stolen magic had made Vivane a powerful wizard instead I do believed he will always be seduced...

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    I really enjoyed this series I m glad goodreads introduced me to it I enjoyed that we really got to see into the mystery that is Vane in this book I felt it really explained his motivations and I never thought this would happen but it seems in the end that Vane was actually the bett...

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