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PDF Exit Wounds By J.A Jance Thomashillier.co.uk The Heat Is Killer In Cochise County, Arizona And In The Suffocating Stillness Of An Airless Trailer, A Woman Is Lying Dead, A Bullet Hole In Her Chest Who Would Murder A Harmless Loner And Why Did The Killer Use An Eighty Five Year Old Bullet, Fired From The Same Weapon That Slaughtered Two Other Women The Slayings Are As Oppressive As The Blistering Heat For Sheriff Joanna Brady, Who Must Shoulder The Double Burden Of A Brutal Reelection Campaign And Major Developments On The Home Front Joanna Must Now Deal With The Terrifying Reality That Now Threatens Everyone In Her Jurisdiction A Serial Killer Is In Their Midst.As Personal And Professional Pressure Mounts, Sheriff Brady Must Pursue A Sadistic Murderer Into The Shadows Of The Past To Get To The Roots Of A Monstrous Obsessionand Expose The Permanent Wounds Of A Crime Far Worse Than Homicide.__________10 Hours 27 MinutesExit Wounds

J.P Beaumont

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  • Audiobook
  • 10 pages
  • Exit Wounds
  • J.A. Jance
  • English
  • 26 July 2017
  • 9780792743903

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    Right on the cover, this book says it is a Novel of Suspense and Mystery The only mystery I uncovered is the mystery of why this book was ever published The book starts off good for a suspense story A murder But the Sheriff doesn t get her first clue in the case until page 260 The whole rest of the time she s involved in a bunch o...

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    Very well written mystery It deals with some painful topics to read about animal hoarding and how often times the person who takes too many strays in has deep emotional problems stemming from an abused past.

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    Really good story, as always However, I did find an annoying error, which I hope was corrected in publications which followed the one I read More than once..I believe a total of three times, if not fourthe county in Arizona was misspelled It s Mohave County It ...

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    Sheriff Joanna Brady juggles crime family in fine yarnWe ll admit we re big fans of JA Jance, having read every novel she s written, some two dozen to date This tenth book or so, depending if you count Partner in Crime featuring both her fictional stars in the Sheriff Brady series sees Joanna incredibly busy with an unfortunate murder of a lonely poor woman surrounded by 17 dogs a horrific car crash filled with 20 some illegal aliens and family issues in abundance including morning sickness Deaths of two reporters, a bigamist cult, and a dysfunctional family filled with incest only add to the headaches and heartaches Joanna tends to be a workaholic anyway, personally doing much of her detective s leg work or attending trouble calls at all hours of the day and night If you re wanting to read about a highly competent, driven law enforcement officer, you need to look no further Indeed author Jance not only develops her plot carefully, with plenty of character work to get you hooked on the people involved as is our leading lady , but also spins the story with enough complexity to keep you guessing til the end.An ulterior motive with this book is to describe a mental illness called hoarding , in which usually an unbalanced loner starts accumulating far animals than they can begin to feed or care for properly Using the ploy ...

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    Exit Wounds, by J.A Jance, is my second Joanna Brady mystery This review is based on the audio version The reader, Debra Monk, was a little annoying Everything she said was pretty monotone.This story started off really well, and caught my interest immediately Carol Mossman, a loner, is found shot to death in her mobile home Carol s seventeen dogs, were trapped inside her mobile home, and all except a puppy are found dead from the Arizona heat.What follows after this was several subplots Joanna s unexpected pregnancy, every minute detail about her home life and her job, and another subplot about illegal immigrants None of thes...

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    The prologue was a good opener and no hints given at all as to who or why for several chapters.Joanna is the headstrong and focused lady sheriff of a southern Arizona town She investigates three murders performed on the same day I was mislead by events until the ah hah revelation surfaced than three quarters into the book There was one major plot with one aside plot that ended with vague assumptions All in all, the major storyline was solidly fin...

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    Office politics, a nasty murder, a hoarder and a cult An entertaining read, unless you have issues with mistreated animals.

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    Another great J A Jance booking featuring Detective Joanna Brady I ve yet to read one of these books about Detective Brady that I haven t enjoyed This one starts off with a huge why would someone murder a poor loner of a woman that does her best to care for stray dogs The twisted tale begins with the slug...

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    The story told here is ultimately a very sad story, one of incest and how it affects families and children And how certain cults can be used to cover it up and to even encourage it While it is sad, I m afraid it is not all that uncommon It s just covered up and not talked a lot abo...

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    Book on TapeWomen was shot through her door with all her dogs in her house They died along with her She was ready to tell her secret Good Sheriff Brady book.

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