The Mexican Revolution: A People's History

First Published In Spanish In 1971, The Mexican Revolution Has Been Praised By Mexico S Nobel Prize Winning Author Octavio Paz As A Notable Contribution To History And Is Widely Recognized As A Seminal Account Of The Mexican Revolution Written During The Author S Time As A Political Prisoner In The Famous Penitentiary Of Lecumberri In Mexico, It Sold Thousands Of Copies In Its First Edition, Becoming Widely Accepted As The Official Textbook By History Faculties In Mexico Despite Gilly S Continued Incarceration It Has Gone Through Than Thirty Editions In Mexico And Been Translated Into French And Greek.This Comprehensively Revised And Updated Edition Of The Original Text Is Now Available With A Foreword By Latin American History Scholar Friedrich Katz And A New Preface By The Author A True People S History, The Mexican Revolution Is A Stirring, Bottom Up Account Of An Event Whose Reverberations Are Still Felt Throughout Latin America And The Rest Of The World.The Mexican Revolution: A People's History

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Mexican Revolution: A People's History book, this is one of the most wanted Adolfo Gilly author readers around the world.

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  • The Mexican Revolution: A People's History
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  • 14 January 2019
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10 thoughts on “The Mexican Revolution: A People's History

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    What ultimately made me give this book four stars rather than three I debated between the two is looking back on it in retrospect, how passionate it is The author wrote this book as a political prisoner in a Mexico City jail during the 1960s, and the passion in which he described and analyzed the first great Revolution of the twentieth century sears through nearly every page The excellent introduction to the book by Friedrich Katz points to the fact that this book gave a generation that was disillusioned with the idea of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 1920 thanks to the oppressive, corrupt P.R.I political party that was running Mexico at the time this book was authored a reintroduction to the true principles of the Revolution, and re ignited their hopes in restoring what was seemingly lost in the decades the Revolution ended.That said, this is a very academic book It contains lots facts and analysis, and therefore, can be a bit dry at times However, the author does a great job of breaking down the complicated political scene that was going on alongside the armed struggles of the peasants against the ruling pro capitalist bourgeoisie Also, its a Marxist analysis, so those looking for a well rounded approach may want to look elsewhere However, I feel like this book gave me a very strong foundation in my understanding of this Movement, whose echoes reverberated throughout Latin America and the World in the 20th century, and continue to do so today Its passion...

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    The thing about Communism is that it lost which, counter to both Marxist theory itself and later self serving capitalist critiques, doesn t prove anything, because there s no inevitable march of history, no absolute law to anything, sometimes dice just roll a certain way but it does make reading communist histories feel like picking through the sacred texts of some decayed and largely forgotten religious order Maybe it always kind of felt like that Certainly, a great deal of the intellectual force of Communism apart from just generally being right about a lot of things was that it relied upon a vocabulary and a general framework which only true believers would bother to learn, the use of which served and still serves to off foot an opponent This, naturally, led to the development of a style of leftist writing which is academic at its worst verbose, needlessly dry and dogmatic Is there such a thing as a first rate communist historian That s a serious question, please answer in the comments Anyway that rant aside it s been so long since I read anything about the Mexican Revolution that I was basically coming in blind, and it is a pretty fascinating bit of human history, and so I didn t mind this, but even when I found myself in intellectual sympathy with Gilly I was also somewhat bored Like, ye...

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    This guy actually wrote this book while in prison for his political activities, which I think is a neat little fact A marxist analysis, so of course there are some dubious conjectures which turn all peasant stru...

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    A marxist look at the Mexican revolution Good on so mayn levels For one, it helped me understand how capitalism is formed out of an agrarian feudal society Also, it is a good look at he competing forces, interests, parties,...

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    A pretty straightforward telling of the Mexican revolution by an author on the far left of center The facts are laid out in a very readable manner, and he does a pretty good job of not letting his politics skew his writing.

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    i am really enjoying this book appears to be a classic on the history of the mexican revolution as i had family members involved in that rebellion i am personally hooked.

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    The book was well written with tons of information Which was a little bit too dense at times for me as I had no prior knowledge of the revolution At times got very deep into the political intricacies and was hard to keep up, as I was just reading for leisure Very impressive story of what Villa an...

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    Incre ble investigaci n Adolfo Gilly indaga m s all de la historia oficial mexicana y detalla, a precisi n, los movimientos pol ticos y sociales de la revoluci n mexicana Una obra que requiere, a mi parecer, de un conocimiento previo de la historiograf a mexicana, si bien, el autor es muy preciso al momento de dar detalles de los hechos, la obra no est hec...

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    Una exhaustiva revisi n de la revoluci n mejicana de 1910 20, desde una perspectiva marxista Muy interesante.

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    Great for history buffs, but not a pop read Helped me with my research though.

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