The 13 Ghosts of Christmas

Christmas A Season Of Goodwill Given To All Mankind, And Of Snowbound Winter Wonderlands A Time For The Gathering Of Families And Friends To Share In A Bounteous Harvest Of Good Cheer, Of Sparkling Decorations And Roaring Fires Lighting Up The Parlour And Of Glittering Presents Strewn Beneath The Glorious Fir Tree, And Of Excited Children Full Of Boundless Joy In Their Hearts And The Time When The Ghosts Of Those Long Gone, Of The Restless, The Unhappy And The Bitter Are Closest To The Living, Walking Abroad In The Frozen Landscape Outside The Cosy Living Room Window Here Are Thirteen Seasonal Tales Of Those Lonely, Wandering Spirits, Guaranteed To Bring Delicious Thrills To All Aficionados Of The Ghostly And The Supernatural Inside These Pages You Will Find, Amongst Others, Stories Of Eerie Urban Myths, Age Old Rituals, Lost Invaders From History, Haunted Weather Phenomena, Strange Spirits, And Creatures Of Myth And Legend, Told By Some Of The Finest And Most Exciting Writers Working In The Field Today.The 13 Ghosts of Christmas

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    In its short time Spectral Press has become a byword for quality and consistency and it is pleasing to see this continue with 13 Ghosts of Christmas, it s first anthology The book is opened with an informative historical look at Christmas Ghost stories from Johnny Mains and is closed by a heartfelt selection of acknowledgments from Editor Publisher Simon Marshall Jones In between are a wonderful and eclectic selection of creepy winter tales from a mix of newcomers and genre stalwarts.An Odd Number at Table John CostelloA strong opening to the collection is provided by this first published story from John Costello A family Christmas with a very spectral guest is given depth by a superbly realised group of grotesque characters that bought to mind favourable comparisons to the work of Reggie Oliver My personal favourite of the anthology 5 5Concerning Events at Leinster Gardens Jan EdwardsThis story had a strange feeling of time slippage as a fancy dress party goer attends what may be the wrong party I was left slightly perplexed and unsure as to what was happening 3 5Carnacki A Cold Christmas in Chelsea William MeikleThe style of this type of story robbed the tale of any sense of suspense or jeopardy for the main character and by extension the reader too 3 5A Tast...

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    Spectral Press has acquired a dedicated following including yours truly in recent past Last Christmas, it undertook an ambitious project reviving the Christmas annuals, primarily dealing with ghost stories, in Dickensian fashion Although the book a very nice hardcover arrived in the week during which I was trying to decide which resolutions can be allowed to be broken, I read it over 4 nights, sticking to at least one resolution of savouring good things in small sips And now, I would like to share my thoughts about the book.To avoid the structure of formal reviews, I would desist from trying to summarise the stories as well, and would like to mention the contents only Introduction by Johnny Mains1 An Odd Number at Table by John Costello2 Concerning Events at Leinster Gardens by Jan Edwards3 Carnacki A Cold Christmas in Chelsea by William Meikle4 A Taste of Almonds by Raven Dane5 Where the Stones Lie by Richard Farren Barber6 All That is Living by Nicholas Martin7 And May All Your Christmases by Thana Niveau8 Now and Then by Martin Roberts9 December by Paul Finch10 Ritualism by Gary McMahon11 We Are a Shadow by Neil Williams12 The Green Clearing by John Forth13 Lost Soldiers by Adrian Tchaikovsky Publisher s Acknowledgements by Simon Marshall Jones Bonus Whitstable novella by Stephen Volk pre...

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    Christmas a season of goodwill given to all mankind, and of snowbound winter wonderlands a time for the gathering of families and friends to share in a bounteous harvest of good cheer, of sparkling decorations and roaring fires lighting up the parlour and of glittering presents strewn beneath the glorious fir tree, and of excited children full of boundless joy in their hearts And the time when the ghosts of those long gone, of the restless, the unhappy and the bitter are closest to the living, walking abroad in the frozen landscape outside the cosy living room window.Here are thirteen seasonal tales of those lonely, wandering spirits, guaranteed to bring delicious thrills to all aficionados of the ghostly and the supernatural Inside these pages you will find, amongst others, stories of eerie urban myths, age old rituals, lost invaders from history, haunted weather phenomena, strange spirits, and creatures of myth and legend, told by some of the finest and most exciting writers working in the field today So, this Christmas, stoke the fire in ...

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    As with all such short stories collections there are going to be some stories that appeal to the individual reader and those will vary from reader to reader Taste is subjective after all.The Thirteen Ghosts of Christmas is a collection of stories linked by the season of festive cheer, although there might be very little to celebrate for the poor individuals drawn into these thirteen stories.Told in a style that might be considered perfect for a cold winters night, where friends and families could gather around a roaring fire and be regaled with tales that would leave you with a shiver in your blood and a tingle down your spine, making the eggnog a little welcome and maybe making that special someone hold your hand just a little tighter.As a whole these stories succeed wonderfully to that end Not one could be considered the weak link, and they all have original ideas that work wonders If there is any criticism it is a broad one that is no one s fault other than the fact it is Christmas and well it seemed that there were numerous times where it looked as though there was going to be a white Christmas after all ran through all the stories But then a collection by different writers is not something that is going to be easy to stop this happening And in one particular case, And May All Your Christmases by Thana Niveau not only did the story need snow, it might change your mind about going to play in the white stuff the next time it does fall Ch...

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    I know Christmas is behind us, but it s never the wrong time of year to read a ghost story Spectral Press, helmed by Simon Marshall Jones, seems to have a keen eye for short fiction for the UK s wealth of horror authors, so it stands to reason they d be a good place to look for a holiday themed anthology.Thirteen authors each offer up a story that harkens back in some way to those old Christmas chiller tales from yore Some are period pieces while others have a contemporary setting Some have a bit of tongue in cheek humor, while others will reach through your ribcage and snatch your heart out An Odd Number at Table by John Costello is the first story in the book, dealing with a young man meeting his girlfriend s parents for the first time by spending Christmas with them That s unsettling enough in a mundane sort of way, but it s when the man meets Aisla Farrell, the purported cousin of his girlfriend It felt like a vintage bit of illicit intrigue set in 1991 Virginia and whet the appetite for .William Meikle s Carnacki A Cold Christmas in Chelsea took a different tact, opting for a story and style that felt like it was plucked straight from 19th century London Fortunately for me, the story isn t bogged down by let s be honest the purple prose of the era, and focused keenly on the subject mat...

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    The Christmas period has always been heavily associated with the supernatural, although in recent years, the traditional Christmas ghost story seems to have become, if not less popular, then at least less visible The closest thing to a Christmas themed ghost story that we see on our televisions these days tends to be a re run of A Christmas Carol Spectral Press, who have taken the UK horror scene by storm with their excellent chapbooks and novella s, have decided to address this imbalance with their first anthology, The 13 Ghosts of Christmas.And what a collection of stories it is The line up includes a number of well known authors, alongside some newcomers, and while each story has a Christmas theme, their execution is refreshing, original and in some instances, downright creepy.The settings of the stories range from London in the 1800 s, to bleak inner city landscapes in the present day Standout tales include Gary McMahon s wonderfully bleak Ritualism that combines urban squalor, violent teenage gangs, urban legends and pagan ritual, and Than...

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