In A Contemporary Fairytale As Irresistible As Catnip, One Girl Discovers That Some Magic Cuts Deep Emma S Sister Is Missing Her Parents Have Spent All Their Savings On The Search And Now The Family Has No Choice But To Live In A Ramshackle Trailer Park On The Edge Of The Forest, Next Door To Down And Out Harpies, Hags, And Trolls Emma Wonders If She Ll Ever See Helena, And If She Ll Ever Feel Happy, Again.Then She Makes A Friend A Smooth Talking, Dirty Furred Cat Named Jack He S Got A Razor Sharp Plan To Rescue Emma S Sister He Just Wants One Small Favor In ReturnClaws

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Claws book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Grinti author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • Claws
  • Mike Grinti
  • English
  • 06 February 2017

10 thoughts on “Claws

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    4.5When I borrowed this book from a library looking for an easy quick read I didn t expect that I will be hooked What a pleasant surprise Set in a world that is very familiar to ours, think of Alternative Universe with one major difference magic and magical creatures and magical persons are real and live with humans Emma s world is a bit too much similar with ours and that the main reason why I can t give 5 stars I will explain why In a world where magical creatures are real and live with humans, I just can t believe that this world will have the same history progress as ours To me it seems very unlikely that in Emma s world would exist Gregorian Christian calendar or that crags that how magical creatures are called would allow human made laws interfere with their activities But that the only complain from me Emma s likeable heroine She s clever, brave and loyal Jack is awesome, really loved him Story is well written, interesting, imaginative and well told If there will be of Emma s and Jack adventures I would gladly read t...

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    While in October, I am usually in the mood to only read scary supernatural books This year, I decided to start with Claws I ve had it on my TBR for several years now, and I ve been wanting to read it but I haven t had time After reading it, I thought it was an okay book.My problem with the book that made it just okay to read was that the beginning was so slow It didn t capture my interest at all at first It took about seventy or so pages to get to the point where I didn t want to constantly put the book down It made for a very truing experience It made me want to DNF the book so badly That being said, I m glad I decided to try to finish Claws after all Once I pushed past the seventy page mark, I couldn t stop reading I finished the rest of the book in one day because I couldn t put it down From the pint where the group met the ratters onward, the book captivated me with it s magical plot and wouldn t l...

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    I think this book was very intriguing and I only rated this book 4 stars is because I didn t like when Emma figured out fairies were disgusting little creatures

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    This is one of those surprising books that didn t go quite as I expected Most middle grade fantasy fic I m familiar with tends to take place in a purely fantasy world often with castles and pseudo medieval settings for instance The Star Shard or it takes place in a modern world where fantasy is unexpected but shows up like Cold Cereal But rarely have I seen this contemporary urban fantasy setting that is fairly common in adult fiction in stories for kids.Emma and her parents have just moved away from her friends and her old life, coming to live in a trailer park that houses Crags all sorts of odd mythological creatures who live in and around humanity, even in this modern age Recently Emma s sister has disappeared and her father is caught up in a desperate search to find her Emma wants to help too and when a talking cat named Jack offers to help her find her sister she finds it s an offer she can t refuse Even if Jack s offer comes with some strings, than a little danger, and whole lot of trouble In the tradition of many adult urban fantasies where email and government regulations fit side by side with talking animals, fairies and legendary creatures, the authors have done some stellar world building Emma is a likable heroine who comes across as real, able to act and...

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    In order to find her missing sister, Emma must trust Jack, a one eyed, magic less cat and become leader of the forest cats On top of this she must deal with her newly judgmental friend and school bullies.I ve been wanting to read this book for months My library didn t have it so I just bought it on my nook Then I could never find time to read it Finally, I had an excuse So today, I sat down, powered up my nook, and I read this book Now this was a very good book It was beautifully written, it had wonderful characters, except of course, Helena She was one of the dumbest and most irresponsible character I have ever run into in a book If she had been in this book for than four chapters my rating would have dropped You shouldn t give up being a human so you can spend the rest of your life with an ugly, no eyed fairy, meanwhile, leaving your family sobbing in tears It doesn t work that way these days Now Emma, she was a wonderful ch...

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    I really enjoyed this book I loved the action, and the world a lot I thought it was cool that people new about the enchanted creatures I did miss the humor and romance in this book I feel like it was lacking those two things a lot I did enjoy Emma s character and how she ...

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    I LOVED this book Truly It is fantasy, but I didn t get lost The characters were truly charming and I am totally going to marry Jack I mean it Hands off He is my man I can t wait for the next one

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    Emma, a young girl, occupies a world very much like our own except that creatures of mythology exist as second class citizens, lumped together by the slang term Crag Emma s family has been in upheaval since her older sister went missing her father sacrificed his career as a chef to pursue any possible leads into Helena s disappearance.The family has moved to a trailer park inhabited by various enchanted creatures, and shortly after their arrival...

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    I really Liked this book, It is a little cheesy but the world is incredible If you are in a book slump, this will help

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    I loved the cover of CLAW, it s simple, it s magical, it says everything of what the book is I especially enjoyed the facts given in every chapter about cats, witches and other supernatural being from CragWiki I enjoyed the diverse cast Emma is clever, likable, real, independent and fearless Jack is funny, charming and a rogue I enjoyed the talking animals how they retain they re behaviors while being magical the descriptions of each of them, which I found fascinating.At first, you ll think this is just a simple fantasy, mystery, but later on, there re a lot of themes, that adults would greatly enjoy.The book is very fast paced, there s no boring chapter The characters are kept to minimal The plot is wonderfully weaved that you get to understand it at the end but not overly neat CLAWS is lively, fun, short and sweet An original fantasy, light read about magic, cats, fae, harpys, elves, family, friendship It all wraps in the end, but...

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