Weather as a Force Multiplier

In 2025 US Aerospace Forces Can Own The Weather By Capitalizing On Emerging Technologies And Focusing Development Of Those Technologies To Warfighting Applications Such A Capability Offers The Warfighter Tools To Shape The Battlespace In Ways Never Before Possible It Provides Opportunities To Impact Operations Across The Full Spectrum Of Conflict And Is Pertinent To All Possible Futures The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Outline A Strategy For The Use Of A Future Weather Modification System To Achieve Military Objectives Rather Than To Provide A Detailed Technical Road Map.A High Risk High Reward Endeavor, Weather Modification Offers A Dilemma Not Unlike The Splitting Of The Atom While Some Segments Of Society Will Always Be Reluctant To Examine Controversial Issues Such As Weather Modification, The Tremendous Military Capabilities That Could Result From This Field Are Ignored At Our Own Peril From Enhancing Friendly Operations Or Disrupting Those Of The Enemy Via Small Scale Tailoring Of Natural Weather Patterns, To Complete Dominance Of Global Communications And Counter Space Control, Weather Modification Offers The Warfighter A Wide Range Of Possible Options To Defeat Or Coerce An Adversary.Technology Advancements In Five Major Areas Are Necessary For An Integrated Weather Modification Capability 1 Advanced Nonlinear Modeling Techniques, 2 Computational Capability, 3 Information Gathering And Transmission, 4 A Global Sensor Array, And 5 Weather Intervention Techniques Some Intervention Tools Exist Today And Others May Be Developed And Refined In The Future Current Technologies Which Will Mature Over The Next Thirty Years Will Offer Anyone Who Has The Necessary Resources The Ability To Modify Weather Patterns And Their Corresponding Effects, At Least On The Local Scale Current Demographic, Economic, And Environmental Trends Will Create Global Stresses That Provide The Impetus Necessary For Many Countries Or Groups To Turn This Weather ModificaWeather as a Force Multiplier

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    Wow, very interesting document presented to the USAF in 1996 outlining the prospects of leveraging technology to control the weather, either to bring about poorer conditions for the enemy increasing the size of thunderstorms, cause disturbances in the ionosphere to limit their communications radar, deny concealment from fog, etc or enhance the capabilities options of one s own forces choosing the battlespace environment, remove fog from an airfield, maintain visibility, etc The paper concludes The lessons of history indicate a real weather modification capability will eventually exist despite the risk The drive exists People have always wanted to control the weather and their desire will compel them to collectively and continuously pursue their goal The motivation exists The potential benefits and power are extremely lucrative and alluring for those who have the resources to develop it This combination of drive, motivation, and resources will eventually produce the technology History also teaches that we cannot afford to be without a weather modification capability once the technology is developed and used by others Even if we have no intention of using it, others will To call upon the atomic weapon analogy again, we need to be able to deter or counter their capability with our own Therefore, the weather and int...

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