Face of the Enemy

The Pleasure Of The Kill They Strike Without Warning Out Of The Interstellar Depths, Their Only Communication A Burst Of Static And Then Death They Are Called The Remor, And They Kill For The Pure Joy Of Killing.The Brave Fighting Men And Women Of The Interstellar Defense League Eagerly Take Up The Call To Arms Against The Remor And Their Grinders Monstrous War Machines That Leave A Trail Of Death And Desolation In Their Wake But To Win, The League Warriors Must Get Inside The Machines And The Mind Of Their Foe Who Or What Is This Mysterious Enemy Where Do They Come From And Why Are They Determined To Destroy Humankind Mere Courage Won T Uncover The Remor S Secrets Something Else Is Needed Something That Can Only Be Found In The Untamed Spirit Of A Renegade Who Long Ago Went Native With The Most Primitive Species In The Known UniverseFace of the Enemy

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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Face of the Enemy ✩ Richard  Fawkes – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 544 pages
  • Face of the Enemy
  • Richard Fawkes
  • English
  • 13 May 2018
  • 9780061057953

10 thoughts on “Face of the Enemy

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    This was really good Surprisingly so, in fact.To be quite honest, I picked this book up and read it because it had been sitting at the very bottom of my to read list with such a godawful rating that it might have languished there forever.Instead of a poorly written, poorly plotted, shallow book deserving a 2.82 average rating, instead I found a unique book with interesting, flawed characters in a fast paced space adventure with military overtones It took a bit of a left turn and focused on something I wasn t expecting and ended up focusing on anthropology rather than military threats, but it may end up back there in the second book We ll see.Overall, I m glad I picked it up Suggested for those who like the overarching story lines ...

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    I cannot believe I finished this Wooden characters, bad dialogue, obscure plot I kept hoping it would get better, but alas, it did not.

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    This novel has a sex scene on the second to last page As soon as the author described the heroine backing toward the bed during what is supposed to be the part where things are conclusively wrapped up, I knew I couldn t give this than one star This blunder alone should tell you a little something about the overall quality of the novel, especially its sore lack of tact and pacing There are some interesting ideas here, but most of them are poorly executed The conclusion is fitting, seeing as the reader is left hanging, eyes glazed and floating in zero g Much of my time reading was spent in a false sort of suspense, waiting for something substantial to happen or to have a few details clarified Oftentimes, these important passages where one would expect the author to take particular care are vague and poorly worded The final climax comes far too late and is lackluster enough to spoil any previous moments of enjoyment Many of the characters are as cardboard as they come and it s very easy to tell which ones are the bad guys almost as soon as they re introduced ...

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    Just a random book a picked up No real reason, just something that I had no expectations going in It turned out to be a slow paced tale Over time my tastes and the general public I would hazard to guess expect faster plot deve...

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    Page 112 this book is boring and I still have no idea what it s about Some aliens doing something Some humans doing something else Apparently, the somethings conflict Yawn.

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