The Judas Strain

Una Giovane Donna Irrompe Nella Casa Di Grayson Pierce, Agente Della Sigma, E Sviene Tra Le Sue Braccia Sconcertato, Lui La Riconosce All Istante Seichan, Membro Di Una Potente Organizzazione Terroristica La Donna Gravemente Ferita E Ha Con S Un Piccolo Oggetto Un Obelisco Di Pietra Su Cui Sono Incisi Simboli Di Una Lingua Antichissima, Addirittura Antecedente Ai Geroglifici Cosa Significano Quei Segni E Chi Vuole Uccidere Seichan In Un Isola Dell Arcipelago Indonesiano, Si Diffonde Un Epidemia Devastante, Che Costringe Le Autorit A Requisire Una Lussuosa Nave Da Crociera, In Modo Da Isolare Le Persone Contagiate Da Un Virus Letale E Sconosciuto Tuttavia, Soltanto Poche Ore Dopo, Alcuni Pirati Abbordano La Nave E, Ignorando Il Ricchissimo Bottino, Concentrano Invece La Loro Attenzione Sugli Individui Infetti E Sugli Scienziati Che Stanno Investigando Sull Accaduto Perch Quell Epidemia Cos Importante E In Quale Modo Legata All Enigmatico Obelisco E Al Misterioso Viaggio Di Ritorno Di Marco Polo Dalla Cina, Mai Raccontato Nel Milione Da Washington Al Sud Est Asiatico, Dal Vaticano A Istanbul, Gli Agenti Della Sigma Sono Gli Unici A Poter Scongiurare Una Minaccia Che La Storia Sembrava Aver Cancellato Per Sempre Ma Non Potranno Fidarsi Di Nessuno, Perch Chiunque, Amico O Nemico, Potrebbe Avere In S Il Marchio Di GiudaThe Judas Strain

James Rollins is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of international thrillers, translated into than forty languages, with than 20 million copies sold The New York Times says, Rollins is what you might wind up with if you tossed Michael Crichton and Dan Brown into a particle accelerator together, and NPR calls his work Adventurous and enormously engrossing Rollins unveils uns

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  • Paperback
  • 496 pages
  • The Judas Strain
  • James Rollins
  • Italian
  • 07 July 2018
  • 9788850222230

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    The Sigma Force is back in action see Map of Bones A deadly microbe has turned parts of the ocean into a toxic, flesh eating monster What the hell is going on Gray Pierce and the other fun folks of the Sigma Force team up with the evil Seichan to try to keep their nemesis, the Guild, from using this biological threat as a new form of bio weapon The action takes place with Grey and Seichan in one group and Lisa Cummings and Monk in the other, focused in the Indonesian Islands, where this threat to humanity has its origins James Rollins image from World NewsThe formula for action adventure these days seems to require some puzzle solving regarding ancient writings or artifacts, and a mystery that has been hidden through history In this book, the mystery is what happened to Marco Polo during his return trip from China, that caused him to lose most of his expedition, a secret that is intimately linked to the bio hazard of today It entails having to figure out a secret code on an obelisk that has been stolen from the Vatican, and it goes from there The organizations manage to effect whatever actions they need done with minimal dealings with the real world, but hey, this is pure...

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    AN ANCIENT, PANDEMIC CAUSING, VIRUS whose origin and cure is linked to the ANGKOR WAT and the mysterious return voyage of MARCO POLO from the court of KUBLAI KHANyep, it looks like another job for SIGMA FORCE.The SIGMA Force is one of the truly delicious concepts to be introduced into the popcorn eating, page turning, actiony, spy guy, thrill o rama genre PhD toting scientific brainiacs with Navy Seal kill skills and James Bond spy craft minus babes and booze damn SIGMA is a covert ops team working under the auspices of the DOD as an agency of DARPA Defense Advance Research Projects Agency SIGMA is charged with tracking down and neutralizing threats in the form of advanced technology, whether biological, chemical or mechanical The threats are always large, the explosions are always loud and the pace with a few exceptions I mention in my gripes is always on turbo Now, in a less capable story teller s hands, this Michael Bay summer blockbuster sounding novel could get out of control quickly and begin to reek of cheese Fear not because James Rollins is a very capable story teller and maintains very good command of his plot His novels are very well researched and incorporate fascinating real life historical events and mysteries, which he then extrapolates ...

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    I m a little bit embarrassed to give this book a 4, but there you go It s a guilty pleasure, I guess, because the book is kind of ridiculous in a testosterone fueled Indiana Jones meets Mission Impossible kind of way If this tells you anything, I nearly downgraded it to a 3 because of the cannibals Yes, cannibals I was about 60 pages into the book before I realized that it was part of a series Some of you know that reading a series out of order is one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES EVER, so I think it represents a therapeutic breakthrough that I kept reading Really, it s just the book was borrowed, and I didn t want to keep it for an unusually long time while I tracked down and read all of the books that came before it Very basic plot summary Secret military ish agency must stop end of the world by figuring out the connection between Marco Polo and a strange...

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    James Rollins novels generally remind me of some weird combination of Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, and Tom Clancy none of whom are among my favorite authors Rollins is, though I love the combination of myth legend, science, and intrigue The Judas Strain starts with a viral outbreak, follows Marco Polo to Cambodia via an ancient manuscript , and has the SIGMA team tracking terrorists on three continents If that sounds far fetched, it s only because you haven t read it Rollins nearly al...

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    Marco Polo s 2 year journey in 1292 from China is described in this novel It is mysteriously eerie and puzzling but also intriguing and compelling He starts out with 14 ships and over 600 warriors, only to be wiped out by a mysterious plague that wipes out all but 18 men including himself, and a betrothed princess bound for Persia There is talk of angels and a map , cannibals and pirates This secret must be kept hidden at all costs but what is it Christmas Island centuries laterA husband and wife, leisurely enjoying a day diving along the coast of Christmas Island becomes overcome by a phenomenon that quickly engulfs the water A neon green algae glowing substance has suddenly surrounded their yacht As the wife boards the boat, she is immediately covered in a blister like rash that confounds them Soon they realize the sea creatures are floating, dead Dolphins, fish, and sea turtles DON T GO IN THE WATER SIGMA force is back and it is up to Dr Lisa Cummings and Painter Crowe to save the world from a pandemic This virus isn t just any virus Marco Polo s mysterio...

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    I truly hate being in this position A friend here on Goodreads with whom I usually agree recommended that I try Rollins Now admittedly this is not the first in the series and I don t often start a series in the middle, but I was looking for an audio that I could listen to as I was busy with mindless tasks I m straining not to make a joke here I wish I could say I liked this book, I wanted to, but I just don t didn t I was relieved to reach the end To give credit where credits duethe reader had his problems also At one point he read MI6 as M16 and he read the word archangel as arch angel as in arch villain There were other miss pronunciations that bugged me.Still, the book itself get s it share of the credit We take a bit of historical fact and a smidgen of science and then we use it as a spring board here to launch off into total absurdity, at least that s how it hit me I m a big fantasy fan and I m a big action fan so you d think suspension of disbelief wouldn t be a problem for me, and it usually isn t But there were things here on multiple levels that kept gnawing at me From the protagonist s inability to get his parents including his Alzheimer s suffering father to simply stay behind, or go somewhere, anywhere but with him isn t there an aunt Marthaor something to the cliches we keep stumbling over I just didn t care for it.Sort of major spoiler below view spoiler See, there s this super secret society that s super, secret.not super secret Maybe I shoul...

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    This is the third book in the Sigma Force series that I ve read and absolutely loved James Rollins writing is historically accurate and amazingly detailed It s one of those books that draws you in from the first horrific chapter and keeps you turning pages as fast as your fingers and eyes allow Of course there are multiple things going on a historical trail and a scientific trail which ultimately converges with dire consequences I particularly liked the inclusion of Kowalski, an ex military man who is now doing security for Sigma Force He is included on the mission to provide muscle not brains but his one liners are spot on and hilarious He provided a much needed dose of comic relief.Sigma has one major enemy in the war against terrorismThe Guild, they are a badass outfit that is usually one step ahead of Sigma but Sigma always wins the race Guild agent Seichan, shot in the gut, ends up crashing her motorcycle in Commander Gray Pierce s driveway Seichan and Gray have a past and it s not a friendly one The historical trail involves Gray, Seichan, a Catholic priest and Kowalski reversing Marco Polo s historic journey from China and discovering the cure for a nasty bacteria that is currently killing people off the coast of Australia but which could eventually decimate the entire human population Bad guy on this leg Amen Nasser Guild operative who immediately kidnaps Gray s parents to get the upper hand The scientific trail involves Sigma operatives Lis...

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    After finishing The Judas Strain, I remain a HUGE James Rollins fan I think Map of Bones and Sandstorm are my favorite books in the Sigma Force series, but really, they are all superb adventures, and The Judas Strain is no exception.After reading 4 books in the series, I m completely invested in these characters I have images of them in my head I know and love or hate their personalities I root for their success and worry at their failures and ultimately, I want them to save the world I think that s something special about a series of books as opposed to a stand alone novel, you really become attached to the people you re reading about.The Judas Strain has so much going on pandemics, cannibalism, cruise ship hijacking, Marco Polo and lots It spans the globe from Washington DC to Christmas Island, The Vatican, Istanbul and finally the ancient city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.Do yourself and favor and Google the locati...

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