Dark Prairies

Crime S An Ugly Constant In The Big City L.A Chicago New York But When A Savage Murder Brutalizes A Small Town And Neighbor Turns On Neighbor, A Tough As Nails Cop Is Essential To Restoring Order Blood Land Is A Gritty, Emotional Saga Set In The Wyoming Badlands With Both Greed And Vengeance At Its Core.When Billions Of Dollars In Natural Gas Rights Hang In The Balance And The Town S Top Law Officer S Wife Is Slain By Her Own Blood, A Reluctant Hero Is Forced To Battle His Own Demons And Ultimately Choose Between Justice, Revenge, And Duty.In The Tradition Of Dennis Lehane, Tony Hillerman And James Lee Burke, Guthrie S Sparse, Haunting Storytelling Compliments His Talent For Creating Richly Drawn, Unflinching Law Officers With Human Frailties And A Sense Of Justice.Dark Prairies

Black Beast is the first in the series of Detective Bobby Mac Thriller books featuring Denver detective Bobby Mac.

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  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Dark Prairies
  • R.S. Guthrie
  • English
  • 15 July 2018
  • 9780983511267

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    One murder will rock a small town to its very foundations when deeply rooted lies and unlimited greed prove that crimes of the most vicious nature don t only happen in the big cities One tough as nails sheriff will face than the demons in his town as his past rears its ugly head and his estranged daughter comes back into his life.Imagine having to hunt down the killer of your own wife Imagine it being her own blood who murdered her Sheriff James Pruett will have to decide between justice, vengeance and his duty to the law as he uncovers the skeletons in the closets of the town he once thought of as peaceful and quiet BLOOD LAND by R S Guthrie reads like a modern day Wild West tale, raw, unruly and untamed Characters that jump off the pages with a sense of personality, small town minds and small town ways take front seat in a gritty tale...

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    Please note Reposting review to remove title reference, as the author is changing the title of this book Author is also making this the beginning of a series, so will look forward to the next book in this series of thrillers.Book Info Genre Dark Western Crime fiction Reading Level AdultDisclosure The author was kind enough to send me a copy because I couldn t afford it and wanted to read it The least I can do in response is to provide an honest review.Synopsis In the taming of the West, the prairies, they bled There was war between the white man and the Native American, the outlaw against the honorable, the harsh elements against anything that crawled or thirsted yet as scurrilous and unforgiving as bloodletting always is, much still represented a kind of progress toward the future Not always fair not always judicious not always kind.But it is 2012, and though we call ourselves civilized, little has changed The greedy still steal the land, the rich still get richer, murder still happens This book is set in the p...

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    Blood Land is that rarest of beasts, a novel that works at a number of levels The characters are richly drawn, the plot compelling, the atmosphere palpable, the writing remarkable for its depth and lucidity, as well as the maturity of the choices the author makes the restraint and the plain old good taste There is a marvelous economy to the prose and yet it has tremendous impact I kept thinking as I read that this is how it should be done As an author myself, I am hyper critical of grammar and editing issues, and I m happy to say Blood Land has none of the usual that afflict a regrettably large number of indie novels I was asked today for some recommended reading by a fan, and I recommended Blood Land without hesitation That pretty much ...

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    My wife found Blood Land for me to read and I admit that I didn t approach it with much enthusiasm It didn t fall within the parameters of my reading tastes I WAS WRONG I can t wait to read the next book in the series, Money Land This book is a keeper, never to be removed from my Kindle Guthrie is an author to follow He writes with passion and great finesse in this gritty and emotional saga His characters are believably authentic and his descriptions put you in the plot and situation This is a story ofgreed and vengeance set in the Wyoming badlands The main characte...

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    Blood Land is much than an amazing and richly crafted story it is an extremely picturesque, thoughtful and moving experience R S Guthrie has masterfully woven together a story of intrigue, family, redemption, greed and murder in the small ranching town of Wind River, Wyoming.Sheriff James Pruitt is called to a shooting only to discover that his wife Bethy has been murdered at her parent s family home Being told that the shooter is his wife s brother Ty McIntyre, he tracks him down at a local seedy bar where he contemplates revenge Pruitt struggles to gain his composure and he arrests Ty for the murder Ty confesses that he is the killer but things are not as straight forward as they seem and Pruitt is determined to investigate and uncover the truth and face his own demons as well.Pruitt is a character that makes you feel as though you really know him and can feel the emotional upheaval that he struggles with He is a character that you have great empathy for as you learn about his service in Vietnam, his marriage to Bethy, his relationship with his daughter, his battle with alcoholism and his internal struggles with himself The portrayal of this character is written with great emotion and realism ...

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    I have been really looking forward to reading this book for a long time now When I was sent a professional ARC copy of this book by the author, I was most happy I was asked to give my most honest review of the book, so here I go After having read R.S Guthrie s two other books, I thought that he couldn t write a better book, since those two books were amazing I was wrong This book is a masterpiece Really Trust my words I have read lots of books along my life, so I know when a book is a winner And this book IS a winner This book has been a delightful surprise, since it is different to the rest of books already published by this author A thriller like no other, based on a small town in Wyoming It is a book that will keep you turning the pages till you reach the end I read it in one seating, I simply couldn t stop reading I needed to know what was going to happen next, and then next, and then there was something else that hooked me even That s when you can say that a book is a GOOD book.Sheriff Pruett thinks that he cannot live in a quieter and peaceful town in Wyoming, but a terrible event will prove him that life is not that easy Trying to solve a murder case while fighting his inner demons at the same time, Sheriff Pruett will uncover a tangle of secrets and terrible things from the past, things that will shake ...

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    I couldn t wait to read the latest book by R.S Guthrie, having devoured his previous books One thing that is unique to Guthrie s fiction is that the story is partly the place itself, the geography and the topography of it the canyons, the wind, the mountains, the forests Blood Land is no exception The town of Wind River, where these events unfold, is every bit as important an element in the story as Sheriff Pruett himself And not only because people s daily work and their lives are dominated by the lay of the land, and by the work they have to do to tame it But also because this mystery revolves around a last will and testament, and the astronomical value of the rights of the black gold and the natural gas that lie untapped just beneath the surface, like the blood flowing in people s veins.Pruett is drawn as likeable as an old divorced alcoholic chief law enforcement officer can be drawn You come down on his side, right from the beginning Mistakes made, his wife left His daughter abandoned him Alone, he presides over the town of Wind River for years and years, till the evil finds him And the evil is both public and personal, and only Pruett can get to the bottom of it.Blood Land has a courtroom battle at the center of it, but also a family feud involving ranchers and the all powerful BLM Bureau of Land Management Think of blood feuds It s a little like Grisham s A Time to Kill meeting Stephen...

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    Published 06 07 2012Author R.S GuthrieRecommended for fans of crime novelsEdition KindleI found this on the Kindle Store for free and so I thought that I would give it a try.I really did enjoy reading this book,it was expertly written with great description and a storyline that kept your attention throughtout the whole book I think people who enjoy crime novels will absolutely love this book like I did, and you will probably have a new favourite author This book contains a very compelling storyline, the characters are very well detailed and add a good depth to the book There is some quite dark places in this book and dark subject matters that perhaps might make you want to put the book down but if you continue on with it you will keep enjoying the book Through the writing style of the author you can feel just how mu...

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    I was so looking forward to the release of this novel I could not wait to buy it and have it downloaded onto my kindle I was not disappointed at all Once again the talent of R.S Guthrie shines through in this fabulous novel Sheriff Pruett is devastated at the murder of his beloved wife and takes us on an incredible journey of betrayal and corruption This is a modern day western one that will have you eagerly turning the next page to see what is going to happen next Beautifully...

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    Fine writing, decent plot, likeable characters Well, except for the McIntyres, who were racist and old school mean And there were a whole passel of them, too They figure predominantly in the storyline which also features Sheriff James Pruett His peaceful Wyoming town is turning into a killing zone, with mineral rights at the root of the problem...

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