For Anyone Who S Ever Been A Tourist, Counter Tourism Is An Invitation To Completely Transform Our Experience Of The Heritage Tourism Industry And Its Many Sites Castles, National Trust Properties, Etc It Provides A Set Of Powerful Lenses, Designed To Bend A Whole World Of Conventional Tourism Into A Spiral Of New Perspectives And Experiences Beneath Those Simple Sounding Stories In The Visitor Guide And Behind The Locked Gates Marked PRIVATE In Heritage Sites, There Lies A Multitude Of Inconvenient Stories, Hilarities, Wonders, Absurdities, Extremes And Entertaining Outrages When Counter Tourism Opens The Doors, Tourism Becomes A Funny, Shocking, Revealing, Subversive And Life Changing Experience Rather Than A Deferential Procession Through The Unrevealing Stately Homes Of Heritage Plc Counter Tourism Upsets The Sanitising Efforts Of The Heritage Industry Counter Tourism Is Also A Journey Of Mini Pilgrimages, Challenges And Pleasures It Celebrates The Multiplicities Of Meanings In Every Heritage Venue And Upsets All The Heritage Industry S Attempts At Meaning Control And Homogenisation With Hundreds Tactics And Images, Philosophical Diversions And Asides, The Handbook Is For Anyone Who Wants To Explore The Ideas Of Counter Tourism In Depth Part 2 Of The Handbook Has Ideas On How To Extend The Tactics Described In Part 1 Into Interventions That Can Be Planned And Performed In Heritage Sites And Part 3 Goes On To Suggest Open Infiltrations That Can Be Used By Artists, Performers, Radical Tourists And Even Heritage Site Managers Themselves To Reinvent Their Own Sites Alongside This There S A Photo Essay On Using The Tactics, And A Full Bibliography.Counter-Tourism

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  • Counter-Tourism
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  • 03 April 2017
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    From an early age I ve always been vaguely suspicious of information provided at heritage sights Somehow they seemed a little too clean cut It s said that history is written by the winning side and like the arch artifice of television editing, a heritage centre or sight can tell you anything it likes This is true in particular if those who run it have some sort of axe to grind or money to be spun.But now the tourist strikes back Counter Tourism The Handbook penned by Phil Smith AKA Crab Man is a mine of alternative ways of circumnavigating the heritage industry s prescribed narratives and looking at building, spaces and areas themselves in a new light of your own creation.Crab Man himself worked in the industry for a number of years so he is in a pole position to give incites into the strange way it works One of the most outrageous things he encountered was when he was involved in a WW2 display and was asked not to mention Nazis or Jews in case it upset or insulted anyone That strikes me as being rather like the National Marine A...

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