Whiskey Rebellion (An Addison Holmes Mystery #1)

My Name Is Addison Holmes, And I Teach History At James Madison High School In Whiskey Bayou, Georgia You Might Be Under The Assumption That My Life Went To The Dogs When My Fianc Left Me At The Altar For The Home Economics Teacher, Or When I Got Notice That My Apartment Building Was Going To Be Condemned, Or Even When I Was Desperate Enough To Strip To My Unmentionables To Earn Some Extra Cash So I Could Buy A House The Truth Is That I M Pretty Much Used To Disasters Following Me Around On A Daily Basis, But I Could Have Gone Without Finding My Principal Dead In The Parking Lot Of A Seedy Gentlemen S Club.After The Initial Shock Of Finding My First Dead Body, Which Included Throwing Back Shots Of Jack Daniels Like It Was Water, I Decided To Take Stock Of My Life I Was In A Desperate Situation And If The School Board Ever Found Out I D Been A Stripper, Even A Bad Stripper, I D Be Jobless As Well As Fianc Less And Homeless Fortunately, I Had A Friend Who Felt Sorry Enough For Me To Give Me A Job Doing Some Surveillance Work At Her Detective Agency And It Didn T Bother Me One Bit That It Was The Equivalent Of A Pity Fuck Money Is Money, And I Was About To Be Homeless Not To Mention The Fact That I Was Now Able To Stick My Nose Into Other People S Business For A Good Cause, Find A Murderer And Pick Up Helpful Tips From An Incredibly Attractive Detective.Come Check Out My Story And Be Thankful Your Life Is Relatively Normal.Whiskey Rebellion (An Addison Holmes Mystery #1)

Liliana Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system She molded America s youth, busted kids for smoking pot in the restrooms, and broke up illicit affairs behind the stage on a regular basis Liliana s Addison Holmes Mystery Series, about a small town teacher who gets into a whole lot of trouble, is somewhat autobiographical, but she won t confess to which parts.Liliana

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  • Whiskey Rebellion (An Addison Holmes Mystery #1)
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  • 08 November 2018

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    Two chapters in, I was all set to declare Liliana Hart the next Janet Evanovich By the end of the novel, not so much.Addison Holmes is a very funny protagonist, and I wish her well as Hart develops her over the next several novels in the series.But this book just has too many problems Let s start with editing Whoever edited this novel was not paying attention One chapter has a dialogue segment in which Addison is coerced by her friend Kate to go out on a blind date By the next chapter, that plot device has completely disappeared, never to be seen again Later, Addison s friend Detective Nick Dempsey orders her to stay with her friend Kate to keep her safe Next morning she wakes up in her own condo No explanation of what happened.The humor contains way too many pratfalls Addison may be a clutz, but she s not the Three Stooges No one could be that much of a physical bumbler and still be alive.The supporting characters have disjointed personalities One minute they behave one way, the next minute they behave in an entirely different manner It s disorienting for the reader.Finally, the ending Now, I m the first person to be willing to suspend my disbelief to enjoy a surprise ending, but this one is so implausible that even I found it too absurd to take seriously.Ms Hart, I am truly sorry to be so negative If it wasn t for the bad editing, I probably wouldn t have looked so hard for other flaws But there it is, and I have to be hon...

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    3.5 Stars This was a cute light funny read with a touch of sexy Yes, there were Stephanie Plum hijinks, but I still liked Addison The story was a bit slow startingthe curse of most first books of a series Things got going around the 45% mark Addison and Nick the hot cop have great banter There were some really funny parts, too, and Addison s mom is a hoot I did think the ending was a bit rushed This was an ...

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    OhI was unconscious and you took off all my clothes giggle giggle giggleErr.nonot funny Kind of rapey I might have liked this book if Addison wasn t such an idiot and her love interest wasn t so creepy.

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    This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date May 30, 2011 Available Now Publisher Self PublishedImprint N AAuthor s Website Source for This Book Gift from the authorPart of a Series Yes, Book 1, Addison Holmes seriesSeries Best Read In Order N ASteam Level SteamyOkay, this book is hysterical It s a true comedy of errors Poor Addison is a high school history teacher with an incredibly awesome and expensive car, a penchant for ice cream, and a horrible run of bad luck Having been left at the altar by her scumbag fiance, who was of course busted banging her bimbo arch nemesis also the home economics teacher from the same school she teaches at , and living in an apartment about to be condemned, she doesn t currently have the funds to buy the adorable house of her dreams Having made a bargain with the local sleezebag banker to have the money to him in 60 days, she s desperate for money.Enter her ill fated and incredibly short lived career as a stripper Not only does she have absolutely zero talent for stripping, but she spies her Assistant Prin...

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    A Mediocre BookThis is such a shame, because there was no reason for this book to be so mediocre I liked the character she reminds me of someone I know and I felt the plot was a good one She starts of as an inexperienced and none too impressive stripper, so there s comedy there right from the start However, despite the fact that I consider myself to be a man of the world I had no idea what a bustier was or indeed pasties I assumed pasties was a euphemism for her pale boobs but they re apparently decorative coverings for a stripper s nipples so she s not exactly much of a stripper.A bustier by the way is a close fitting strapless top worn by women in 1970 s.And this is what spoiled the book for me, in that the author uses ridiculous fillers to bulk it out instead of cracking on with the storyline We learn that large women shouldn t wear horizontal stripes, that Rose Marie has permed blonde hair, that Addison is wearing a short black skirt, a George Michael tank top that says FAITH in hot pink glitter, a pair of flip flops and an oversized straw hat and that Kate s wearing a pinstripe suit and sensible flat shoes We then learn that Addison has a 1950 s wool day dress with a flared skirt and a thin black belt in her closet WOW How fascinatin...

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    This was a kobo freebie Addison is very Stephanie Plum like right down to being the accident magnet, cop boyfriend and small town Takes a second job as a PI too Not a bad read, different enough from Plum to keep me interested Can t wait to see if Ranger shows up in Book 2 lol

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    Two haiku review Teacher needs moneyTries stripping then detectingFinds body, meets copFunny but crazyNot at all believableKnock off of Steph Plum

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    True story I was looking for an ebook on and I passed this by twice, thinking it probably wasn t my thing Then I accidentally tapped the screen and downloaded it My first thought was no, no, no My second thought was eh, whatever I ve got it now, may as well try it Best Happy Accident Ever.I love this book There s nothing I don t like about this book Okay, maybe I don t like that books 2 and 3 aren t also free ebooks on at the moment but I love 1 so much that I just might be willing to cough up the cash for the other two I probably will.I didn t expect to laugh so hard over a book that involved the murders of three people I probably looked, and sounded, silly sitting around or lying in my bed laughing out loud not just little snickers and giggles, mind you while I read Addison Holmes is hysterical, intriguing, and real She s every girl If I were a high school history teacher, I can see myself doin...

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    Review by Ursula An entertaining, fun read Addison has a knack for getting into trouble She has horrible luck and it s only going to get worse The story was well told from a first person point of view and moved the action on at a steady pace Addison s mom, best friend and co worker are the perfect addition to the story They make the story interesting and provide relief from Addison s horrible mishaps that seem to happen at an unnatural pace.Nick, the cop working on the murder case that Addison first reported when she tripped over the body, was a likeable character and you enjoyed the scenes he was in He is a good cop, very capable and determined because of that, this is where the only problem I have with the story comes up The police are on the case, and an accident prone, bad luck, unexperienced high school teacher feels she needs to embroil herself in the investigation With mul...

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