The Wakeful World

Over The Past Few Hundred Years, Animism Has Been Dismissed As A Primitive, Naive And Irrational Perspective, Irrelevant Within The Civilised West In The Wakeful World, Emma Restall Orr Argues That This Is Based On The Misrepresentation, Drawn In Crayon, That Each Tree And Stone Has Its Own Christian Like Immortal Soul Taking The Reader On A Philosophical Adventure, Restall Orr Explores The Heritage Of Western Thought With Precision, Enthusiasm And Sensitivity, Considering How Soul, Spirit, Mind And Consciousness Have Been Understood Through Millennia Challenging The Prevailing Worldviews Of Materialism And Dualism, She Presents Animism As A Radically Different, Yet Mature And Coherent Philosophy Providing Deep Green Ethics With A Wholly Rational Metaphysical Foundation, The Wakeful World Is A Compelling View Of The Nature Of Existence And The Experience Of Reality, Giving Solid Ground For The Now Necessary Journey To A Sustainable World.The Wakeful World

from Wikipedia Emma Restall Orr is a British neo druid, animist, priest, poet and author She worked for the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids in the early 1990s, becoming an Ovate tutor In 1993 she became joint chief of the British Druid Order BDO staying until 2002 Together with the Order founder Philip Shallcrass, she developed the BDO into one of the largest and most influential of its

➾ The Wakeful World  Free ➵ Author Emma Restall Orr –
  • Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • The Wakeful World
  • Emma Restall Orr
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9781780994079

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    Restall Orr has written a very comprehensive look at Animism with this particular book To be completely honest, much of the vocabulary left me scratching my head and lunging for my dictionary While not a sure fire recipe for readability with me, this was not a bad thing for me I enjoy books that allow me to stretch my own home recipe for words and knowledge However, there were a few other factors that also brought me to my knees in terms of erudition The first six chapters of the book lean heavily in knowledge fields I have very little desire to delve deeply into Thus my depth of understanding was limited in terms of conceptual information, as well as a feeling for the raison d etre of the severe quotations utilized to illustrate points Psychology and Philosophy are simple two areas of the scholastic environment that interest me very little.Leaving that aside, once Restall Orr starts to get into the meat of the idea of Animism in the final three chapters I began to see the lights of brilliance on the subject To borrow two quotes from the book So, in his practice of learning and reverence, the animist will acknowledge the spirits of a place, the spirits of a river, of fire and storm, the spirits of a tribe, of motherhood, of the dead, the spirits of a gathering, of an event in time, and so on In doing so he is reaching to perceive those fleeting patterns that,...

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    In its own quiet way, this is a bit of a game changer It certainly came along at the right moment I wrote about both moment and book here

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    This book is really important Orr has done a big service of writing in detail the Western animist worldview and it with philosophical precedents or schools of thought that led to it There s a good deal of philosophical history of ontology and history of words related to the subject, such as soul, spirit, self, nature , consciousness You need a clear mind to read it, and follow her path of reasoning.She points out well the problems of materialism, and the problem of linking the mind and matter.I think I need to return to this book again If I understand, does it mean that I accept her vi...

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    This book can be a hard slog in the sense that it deals with the subject of animism in an academic format If you are looking for a book about animism written for a popular audience, this is not it However, if you are looking for a deep dive into the the logy of animism in the context of modern Western society with references to British and European the logis...

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    This book is an explanation of an animist understanding of the world for a society uncomfortable with and confused by such worldviews It is also an excellent work of philosophy, comparing the perspectives of centuries worth of thinkers on w...

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    Caveat I gave up on this two thirds of the way through I quite like the idea of panpsychism it s always attractive when there s a troublesome shiftable boundary between two things and someone comes along and says, We don t need to draw this boundary Maybe a jaffa cake can be a cake and a biscuit at the same time But when the boundary is between things with minds and things without minds, you need to explain things exceptionally well and exceptionally carefully And sadly the language in this book is clunky It s a real shame as Orr recognises the im...

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    Taken from the Forward to The Wakeful World I think the quote illustrates something of the shift here from previous books the tone is very different I thought from much of Emma Restall Orr s previous writing there are academic tones in the mix, and there s less of the experiential material ...

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    Emma Restall Orr explores the subject of Animism using examples from Western Culture that we can all relate to Restall Orr takes us on a romp through history to look at the opinions of great philosophers such as Socrates ...

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