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This Is The Ideal Introduction To Counter Tourism The Subtitle 50 Odd Things To Do In A Heritage Site And Other Places Tells You What You Need To Know Take It With You Next Time You Visit A Historic Heritage Site Its 50 Tactics Are Designed To Transform The Way You Look At These Places And To Get You Thinking About The Way The Industry Packages Heritage It S Also A Nice Present For Parents, Grandparents And Other Reluctant Tourists.Counter Tourism

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  • 12 September 2018

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    Crab Man alia Phil SmithCounter Tourism The Handbook 2012 Triarchy Press Includes around 200 colour photographs and images.Economical Edition thinner paper, slightly spidery print , Paperback 17.50 ISBN 978 1 908009 87 6Lovely Edition art paper, no spideriness , Paperback 32 ISBN 978 1 908009 86 9The whole radical philosophy underpinning Crab Man s approach to heritageWith hundreds of tactics and images, philosophical diversions and asides, the Handbook is for anyone who wants to explore the ideas of counter tourism in depth.Part 2 of the Handbook has ideas on how to extend the tactics into interventions that can be planned and performed in heritage sites And Part 3 goes on to suggest open infiltrations that can be used by artists, performers, radical tourists and even heritage site managers themselves to reinvent their own sites Alongside this there s a photo essay on using the tactics, and a full bibliography.The Handbook is a bridge betw...

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