Mr. Winkle Goes to War

From The Dust Jacket There Are Many Books About The War, But None Like Mr Winkle Goes To War Out Of Great Tragedy Mankind Distills Great Humor, And Here Theodore Pratt Makes A Bid For This Distinction With A Story That Is Full Of Wise Charm, Deep Understanding, And Chuckling Entertainment Wilbert Winkle, At 44, Runs Up Against The Army When Men Of That Age Were Still Being Drafted He Had Believed Himself A Member In Good Standing Of The Lost Generation Between Rounds Of The World War, Too Young For The First Session And Too Old For The Second To His Considerable Surprise And Perturbation, Mr Winkle, A Mild, Timid Little Man, Myopic, Of No Great Muscularity, And Afraid To Death Of Guns Or Violence Of Any Sort, Finds Himself A Soldier Sent Overseas To Fight.Mr. Winkle Goes to War

Theodore Pratt 1901 1969 was an American writer who is best known for his novels set in Florida He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1901 to Thomas A and Emma Pratt The family later moved to New Rochelle, New York, where Theodore attended high school After completing high school, he attended Colgate University for two years, and then Columbia University for another two years, but did n

➡ Mr. Winkle Goes to War Ebook ➧ Author Theodore Pratt –
  • Hardcover
  • 199 pages
  • Mr. Winkle Goes to War
  • Theodore Pratt
  • English
  • 16 November 2017

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    The reason why I bought this book aside from the fact that it s seventy years old is because I loved the movie, which came out a year after the book In situations like this, it s a crap shoot you either love the book and hate the movie, or love the movie and hate the book To give kudos to the screenwriter, he stayed close enough to the book that I was able to enjoy them both.This takes place during WWII Mr Winkle is an ordinary man in his forties He gives up an unfulfilling job as an accountant to open a little fix it shop, to his wife s displeasure She s so unhappy about his choice that she refuses to allow him to create an access through their backyard to the shop, and Mr Winkle has to go out the front door and walk around the block to get there.To everyone s surprise, it seems Uncle Sam wants him, and his age is no deterrent The shock of this has his wife realizing just what she could lose, and she behaves better toward him He packs up his clothes, including rubbers and I wonder if the author deliberately chose to use that word rather than galoshes, and if his readers in 1943 got it and his medications Mr W has serious dyspepsia, and in fact was counting on...

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    Actually, reading serialized in the Milwaukee Journal.This is a pretty light look at service in WWII, and it lends itself well to serialization Since it s so short, I imagine the minimal suspense comes across better in small doses When Mr Winkle does, finally, make it to war, the act...

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