A Deadly Stitch (Creative Woman Mysteries, #2)

After Purls Of Hope Member Melanie S Ex Husband Is Found Buried In The Flower Bed Outside The Craft Store With One Of Her Knitting Needles In His Neck, She S Named As The Number One Suspect In His Murder.She Certainly Had The Motive He D Left Her A Year Earlier, After Learning She Had Breast Cancer And It S No Secret They Hadn T Been On Good Terms Since.Shannon And The Purls Know Someone Is Setting Melanie Up But Who Would Do Such A Thing And Can Shannon Track Down The Real Killer Before He Strikes AgainA Deadly Stitch (Creative Woman Mysteries, #2)

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • A Deadly Stitch (Creative Woman Mysteries, #2)
  • Susan Sleeman
  • English
  • 14 May 2018

10 thoughts on “A Deadly Stitch (Creative Woman Mysteries, #2)

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    When they find a body during the groundbreaking ceremony of a new charity coffee shop with a knitting needle in his back, our local busybody begins to investigate Her supercop boyfriend doesn t like it, but he can t catch a cold Her kids are in college, and she s having difficulties with that, as ...

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    A very fun and engaging whodunit.

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    This is a delightful cozy mystery The mystery is a stand alone story But Shannon s personal life is moving along and things in the first book are referenced.I absolutely love the main character in this series Shannon McClain is the devoted friend that everyone needs to have at least one of Even though she is dealing with her own personal struggles when her friend Melanie needs her she focuses on helping in any way she can I thoroughly enjoy the fact that her love of watching mysteries and crime shows on TV has made her the group expert for solving crimes for her friends.Michael Stone is a nice person for her to have step up and help her out I was very amused by the fact that all of Shannon s friends keep trying to make him a romantic interest for her It will be very interesting to see how their relationship develops over the course of the series.The mystery itself is wonderful There are enough suspects that show up over the course of the book to kee...

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    This book lacked a lot compared to 1

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    In this story, part of the Creative Woman Mysteries, the prime suspect is the ex wife of a murdered man Why Because it seems he was killed with one of her knitting needles, and he was tied up with her yarn, and his body was buried right next to the shop where the knitting ladies gathered for their weekly mee...

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    This was a borderline good book Shannon McClain is renovating her craft market to make room for an espresso bar When the groundbreaking ceremony digs up the body of her friend Melanie s ex husband, Shannon feels that she must help her clear her name as the prime suspect Edward had left Melanie as soon as she was diagnosed with breast cancer Shannon begins to look into the crime and keeps digging to find answers to keep Melanie from being arrested I liked this book until almost ...

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    2 in the Creative Woman Mysteries by the same publisher as Annie s Attic Mysteries Shannon wants to help her friend and fellow member of the Purls of Hope knitting circle, Melanie Melanie is being framed for her ex husband the husband that divorced her when she was diagnose...

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    The second in Annie s Attic s Creative Woman Mystery series This one involves a murder mystery when the ex husband of one of Shannon s friends is killed, and Melanie, the friend, becomes the police s prime suspect To me, this b...

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