The Thorn Birds

.The Thorn Birds

Colleen Margaretta McCullough was an Australian author known for her novels, her most well known being The Thorn Birds and Tim.Raised by her mother in Wellington and then Sydney, McCullough began writing stories at age 5 She flourished at Catholic schools and earned a physiology degree from the University of New South Wales in 1963 Planning become a doctor, she found that she had a violent aller

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    There could be thirteen million things to write about this book but since I m retired..only writing abbreviated reviews I ll try to make this short This novel must have been one of the most scandalous talked about novels to hit the book shelves back in 1977 And. it was a FINE read these past few days By FINE , I mean a VERY ADDICTIVE compelling engrossing WONDERFUL epic that stretches our hearts beyond the Outback regions of Australia TidbitsThe relationship between Father Ralph de Bricassart and Meggie Cleary calls for a lengthy book club discussion in itself Father Ralph says I ve known Meggie since she was ten years old, only days off the boat from New Zealand You might in truth say I ve known Meggie through flood and fire and emotional famine, and through death, and life All that we have to bear Meggie is the mirror in which I m forced to view my mortality.A theme that never got off the ground Early in this novel, when Meggie was a small child in school with the nuns she became friends with a little black girl Racial tensions between the families grew out of injustice when Meggie had lice in her hair We soon move into part II ...

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    I would give this all the stars in the sky if I could This was simply the best book I ve ever read..

    This might sound strange, but I crave a book that is going to ruin me for all other novels to come And this was it Something in my greedy little reader paws, wants a book that is going to destroy me Wreak havoc upon me Do you know what I am talking about Well, maybe you don t Hmph.This story lifted my heart and made my soul come alive I felt as if the characters ingratiated themselves to such an extent in my very being, that I had sensations of them dancing upon my soul With that being said, there is something that you must know and accept before beginning this novel These events would never, could never, happen in real life Therefore, just go with it Enjoy the story Suspend belief Do whatever you need to do. because once you do, you will have a reading experience unlike any you ve ever had before This is a story you will never forget It s memories will be permanently imprinted on my heart forever. So. what are you waiting for Why are you still reading this r...

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    This beaut of a soap opera has been around for decades for excellent reason Epics have been forgotten readily current authors satisfy readers or do not, as the case may be with smaller stories smaller lives.McCullough has the tenacity to include three generations in this sprawling saga, and as family portraits usually tell of differences between the generations PLUS the ties that bind them together to a home, this one exactly does that in an extremely entertaining fashion.Fee marries her second choice, not the man of her dreams, and becomes pregnant with or less the number of digits one has in both hands she lives a quiet ironically isolationist existence Her daughter Meggie, the protagonist until her daughter takes the helm, also suffers her mother s character flaws fate plus genes a maudling story make Her priest Ralph, in what is the central love story, chooses God over his heart The same is not repeated but is indeed echoed in the last generation as Justine, who finally breaks the curse, leaves the warmth and monotony of her family in Drogheda to actually take flight follow her instincts which had failed the Cleary women in the past.There are only 19 chapters in this massive chronology and many events occur, mostly random and sometimes poetic, but they never fail to surprise There are so many characters, all of them, you f...

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    I ve wanted to read this book for years, but I m glad I waited till I was at a stage in my life when I might appreciate it the most though it wasn t deliberate I didn t know anything about the story before I started except that it s a classic Australian novel, epic in scope, and was made into a mini series or something starring Rachel Ward years ago I like not knowing much about books before I read them, though it leaves you wide open for the story to be told, and absorbed.This is indeed an epic book It spans three generations of the Cleary family, focusing mostly on Meggie Starting in New Zealand on the day of her fourth birthday, The Thorn Birds follows the large family of Paddy and Fee and their children Frank, Bob, Jack, Hughie, Stuart, Meggie and baby Hal as they sail to Australia at the invitation of Paddy s wealthy land owning sister Mary, who intends him to inherit the vast estate of Drogheda in northwest NSW Even by Australian standards, it s a big farm 250,000 acres, 80 miles across at its widest point, home to over 100,000 merino sheep.The Clearys, who had been poor farmhands in NZ, fall in love with Drogheda and learn the ways of the land, the climate, the weather, the animals, pretty quickly The bo...

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    The thorn birds, Colleen McCulloughThe Thorn Birds is a 1977 best selling novel by the Australian author Colleen McCullough Set primarily on Drogheda a fictional sheep station in the Australian Outback named after Drogheda, Ireland the story focuses on the Cleary family and spans the years 1915 to 1969 The novel is the best selling book in Australian history, and has sold over 33 million copies worldwide Meghann Meggie Cleary, a four year old girl living in New Zealand in the early twentieth century, is the only daughter of Paddy, an Irish farm labourer and Fee, his harassed but aristocratic wife Meggie is a beautiful child with curly red gold hair but receives little coddling and must struggle to hold her own Her favourite brother is the eldest, Frank, a rebellious young man who is unwillingly preparing himself for the blacksmith s trade He is muc...

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    Oh my fucking God This book I was standing in the kitchen this morning angrily chopping veg and I couldn t work out why, then I realised, it was this book just making me irrationally angry, when I wasn t even reading it Tragedies within the first 50 pages, let s list them.1 She gets a lovely doll 1.5 Doll is trashed.2 She gets sent to school at last 2.5 School is terrible she s beaten every day.3 It s ok she makes an awesome friend 3.5 Friend hates her, fuck you, nits.4 She realllly wants a blue teaset.4.5 Family gets themselves into debt buying it, she no longer wants it and it brings her no joy.5 I m allowed to go to Church with the others 5.5 Fuck Church is boring I will never achieve spiritual fulfillment.6 My parents don t love me but my brother does 36.5 My brother has tried to run off to War and is now irreparably broken.That was basically the whole book, over and over again There was some shit about how priests should be allowed to marry because what is God if not Love and some other stuff about being married to the land and where babies come from but it was mainly a series of setting up good things and then knocking them over again like a game of tragic bowling.At one point they meet the priest, he is like fuck your hair is sexy darlin ignoring the fact she is Nine He lusts after her for the rest of the book but he is Married to God and the author takes pains to mention how he can never get i...

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    In a down reading year, an epic family saga was just what I needed to push away the reading doldrums Normally, a five star read would merit a long review depicting characters, place, time, and the author s luscious prose The Thorn Birds had all of this and was hauntingly beautiful Yet, despite the story of the Cleary family and their parish priest being a much needed tonic for me, I am omitting my long review for now That is because The Thorn Birds is our quarterly long read in the group Retro Chapter Chicks here on goodreads My fellow chicks are reading this book over the course of three months and I do not want to inadvertently give anything away here The story of Meggie and Ralph was so captivating however, that I read their saga in three days rather than months It was that good, and the bonus is that I have still have three months of group discussions to immerse myself in their stor...

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    Find all of my reviews at The Thorn Birds is one of those books that might be as great as I remember or it might have been a real turd However, it consistently pops up on my feed due to other friends reading it and I felt it was high time to explain my 5 Star rating and Tadiana s review of a different book added some inspiration Here s the deal This was the first book I ever stole from my mother It was right after the miniseries came out, I was like 8 years old and I sneaky read this sumbitch like nobody s business Holy inappropriateness Batman As a terrible good Catholic, I spent the remainder of my formative years reading and re reading this book, attending mass, and fantasizing the entire time that I would end up as a Meggie to our young priest, Father Ralph Rick In all actuality, Father Rick was probably interested in one of the altar boys being hi...

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    Magn fico Y me quedo corta cort sima Tanto que he estado a punto de otorgarle mis segundas 6 estrellas del a o Hace a os vi por la tele la serie que se hizo de esta novela, pero no hay punto de comparaci n es imposible En la nove...

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    I think I read this for the first time in 4th grade I hid it in my room for a month b c this is sooo not a book for a 10 year old My father is an ex Catholic priest who left the church for my mother so when the mini series came out, the world stopped in my house for an entire week It s an epic saga about an Irish farming family who relocated to Australia to help work at an ailing aunt s ranch The book spans some 40 years of hardships they encounter The only daughter, Meggie, ...

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